What We Do

ITSA’s activities are focused on providing a forum in which its members can discuss and exchange non-competitive information for the benefit and mutual success of its members and the industry.


The ITSA holds several meetings throughout the year where members can meet and network as well as reviewing market trends, key challenges for the industry as a whole and to look at future trends. All topics and data shared in these meetings is completely non confidential.

Guest Speakers

The ITSA welcomes guest speakers to its meetings. It aims to have one or two speakers at each meeting who can discuss subjects relevant to the industry and to give members insight or background knowledge on those issues. Speakers are also welcome from organisations who would like to develop business relationships with member companies, this can range from training providers to potential material or service providers etc. If you are in an organisation that wishes to develop business with ITSA members please contact the Chairman.

Quarterly Statistics

The ITSA quarterly statistics provide reliable and valuable summaries of the interconnect market status. The quarterly output enables members to compare their own performance to that of their peer group. The statistics are only available to full association members.

Annual Market Assessment

The quarterly statistics are also used to help assess the market annually. Members use the market assessment to review their own market development and strategy, and to review the quality of commercially available market reports. The annual market assessment is only available to full association members.

Member Market Reviews

Market conditions and dynamics are extremely important to the membership and the sharing of non-confidential data is an important part of the associations mission. Members consider this to be a very helpful status check on their own company’s experience.

General Discussion

The ITSA provides a formal forum for members to have discussions on matters affecting the industry, such as HR regulation, counterfeit product, training, payment terms, standards, waste material regulation, etc., and to decide any action or position the industry wishes to adopt with regard to that matter.


The ITSA is the perfect forum for members to meet and exchange views on issues surrounding the industry. It is also an ideal opportunity to explore mutual business opportunities on key projects.


The networking, general discussion and market reviews can often lead to collaboration between member companies to their mutual benefit. Any membership collaboration is undertaken whilst in full compliance with any anti competition, data protection, anti-corruption regulations.



Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

With an exceptional focus on the needs of our customers, CarlisleIT designs, builds, tests, certifies and delivers comprehensive, high-performance interconnect solutions created to elevate the performance of your business. We partner with customers in Aerospace, Military, Space, Test and Measurement, Industrial and Medical Technology markets, providing virtually limitless solutions including unique cable configurations, custom high-frequency connectors, complete cable assemblies of any complexity, as well as specialized complex harnesses, racks and structures. End-to-end solution is our goal—optimizing the process while speeding quality products to our customers. Vertical integration allows us to provide interconnect solutions covering every component of design and production. This allows you to focus on innovating the next breakthrough for your business. And our ability to create custom solutions means you have a true partner in innovation as you move your business forward. Our UK location in Blackburn has built an enviable reputation for offering excellent, cost-effective solutions to the complex, coaxial interconnection needs of their customers in the Military & Defence, Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Medical and Industrial markets. CarlisleIT Blackburn is an innovative global leader in RF connectivity products with an international presence. This facility delivers both quality and cutting-edge technology in the field of standard and custom RF cable assemblies, RF test and measurement devices, RF coaxial connectors, automotive products, harnesses, fibre optic products and custom copper assemblies. All CarlisleIT’s worldwide manufacturing locations are certified to the latest standards including AS9100 Rev D, ISO9001, ISO14001 & IPC.
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