“Swissmetal Industries is back on track”.


SWISSMETAL INDUSTRIES SA Since avoiding receivership during the summer of 2019, André Rezzonico and his management team have managed to get this flagship enterprise back up and running. Despite the impact of COVID-19, Swissmetal Industries, a specialist in copper alloys has regained market share and continues to pursue its quality strategy focused on customer service.

When André Rezzonico and his business partner Pierre Steiger took over the assets (excluding real estate) and activities of the Baoshida Swissmetal Ltd on 1 August 2019, they knew they were embarking on a complicated adventure. It wasn’t easy to regain the trust of customers, but he also knew that despite everything, the quality of the products remained intact and that the customer base counted some leading companies. “As CEO of Lemco Precision SA, I was well-placed to know this, since my company is one of Swissmetal’s major customers”, he emphasizes.

A year and a half after he secured the rescue of the company – renamed Swissmetal Industries Ltd – of which he is Chairman of the Board of Directors, André Rezzonico has no regrets: “My goal of restoring the company’s image remains intact. I am an industrialist at heart, and I love a challenge, but it takes time and, indeed, André has faced many challenges over the past 18 months. Firstly, in the autumn of 2019, with a drop in orders for connector technology. Although a sector marked by cyclical variations, this decline was not expected… “Such a situation is never pleasant when you’re still recovering, but in the end, we managed to hold out”. Aviation business in the doldrums in keeping with the economy, Swissmetal has suffered the consequences of the coronavirus. Not surprisingly, firms in the aviation switch gear industry suffered the most during the year. André Rezzonico expects an improvement in 2021, but it will probably take until 2022 or 2023 for things to return to normal in this sector. André remains upbeat: “You can always find something good in every situation: you have to stay open and listen to the customers, look for solutions, diversify your activities, and become more versatile. You mustn’t be defeatist… on the contrary, you have to go for it!”. In order to get the company back on track.

André restructured Management by appointing a two pronged team consisting of Angelo Di Silvio as Head of Production, and Thomas Chicoine as Head of Sales. “It’s essential for these two areas to work as a team You mustn’t be defeatist… on the contrary, you have to go for it!” ANDRÉ REZZONICO to implement our purchasing, production, and sales strategy. Even though we have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, this strategy, together with our action plan to improve the productivity of our machines and streamline our processes, has helped us to stay on course and even regain market share in 2020 in Switzerland”, for 2021, he expects growth, with developments in France and the United States, in particular: “This year, we are aiming for sales of 40 million €euro”. To regain the aura that Swissmetal once enjoyed, the Chairman of the Board of Directors is banking on a premium positioning in a niche market with high value-added alloys. And to prevail, it is not only necessary to strive for excellence, a successful industrial and commercial strategy is also required. which is indeed the case: “Swissmetal offers a triple-A product range for a base of triple A customers”. Despite the difficulties encountered, André Rezzonico is convinced that Swissmetal is on the right track and predicts sales of 100 million €uro within five years or so.