Smiths High frequency chip equalizers offer excellent slope linearity


Smiths Interconnect’s new CEX series provides optimized solutions for gain variation over frequency.

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products announced the release of its new CEX Series of High Frequency Surface Mount Chip Equalizers optimized to offer precise compensation for unwanted gain variation over frequency in an RF signal chain.

The CEX Series of High Frequency Surface Mount Chip Equalizers is designed to offer customers a configurable design approach to get the right solution for specific frequency range and slope, fitting a wide range of requirements up to 40 GHz with a maximum slope of 4dB.

“The CEX series of chip equalizers complements our existing line of SMT high frequency board level components pushing the boundaries of size, weight and power with each new design and expanding our offering for Space, Defence and Communication systems”, says Bruce Valentine, VP of Business Development.

CEX Series of high frequency SMT chip equalizers are a totally passive solution with multiple slope and band options allowing RF designers to reach more precise compensation as the Series offers linear gain equalizers with a positive slope. The product’s uniqueness stands out against competitors with its customization capability in terms of both frequency range and slope.

The CEX Series is suitable for multiple markets and applications and offers :

  • Configurable design approach providing optimized solutions for gain variation over frequency.
  • Multiple slope options (1-4 dB) and excellent slope linearity (±0.25 dB or better).
  • Typical Voltage Standing Wave Ratio at 1.5:1 max and low insertion loss at 1 – 1.25 dB max.
  • Frequency offering up to 40 GHz supporting a wide array of markets and applications.
  • Proven thin and thick film process technology providing small size, lightweight and level of power in a cost-effective, easy-to-implement surface mount solution.
  • Electrical and thermal performances tested through simulation analysis and real-life tests to ensure Series qualification.

A set of design guidelines has been developed that can be used to create tailored solutions for specific application needs.