ODU Connectors Ergonomic Connector Handling with ODU-MAC® spindle locking


Sometimes, a good technical solution does not provide the best connector and

this particularly applies with modular rectangular connectors.

Whilst quick and secure locking is essential, the usual lever-locking mechanism employed is clumsy. Fortunately, there is an alternative to hand.

ODU-MAC® spindle locking offers particularly easy ergonomic handling. With minimal effort, connection is by means of a simple rotary movement.

This intuitive secure locking is available in a variety of plastic and metal housings for both the ODU-MAC® Blue-Line and White-Line series.


Spindle locking not only works better, but looks better, helping to maintain the overall appearance and style of your equipment.

You get a long-lasting solution for at least 10.000 locking cycles and, to further extend the service life, the spindle can be replaced in a few simple steps.

Of course, If several identical connectors are used, optional coding is available.

Also, when several connectors are required, such as in a control cabinet, then there is the bonus advantage of a reduced space-envelope, as there is less room needed around the connector for lever-locking.


Ergonomic, intuitive, good-looking and space-saving – all of which make the

ODU-MAC® the best possible rectangular connector for your equipment design.

Learn more about modular connector spindle locking with our video


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