ODU Connectors:- Defence Industry Supply Chain Challenges – strategy for connectivity solutions


Ensuring supply capability in the defence sector currently requires challenging measures, especially in times of geopolitical uncertainties, diplomatic tensions and increased demand.

One significant aspect that influences manufacturers is dependence on their own sub-suppliers. This requires a strategic diversification of the supplier base in order to strengthen resilience.

The rapid development of new technologies requires continuous adaptation of equipment and systems. The associated shorter development cycles make it necessary to proactively manage supply chains.

Defence companies are now faced with the need to reassess the risk of once established global supply chains compared to regional or even purely national approaches.

ODU’s risk mitigation strategy 

ODU’s connectivity solutions are an integral part of the global military and security industry and as such require an adequate risk strategy. At ODU, this means a strategic focus on minimising risk and ensuring delivery capability. The focus is on the following measures:
■   Vertical integration

Maximum vertical integration allows efficiently produced projects with specific requirements. Around 80% of the manufacturing steps along the production and development process take place in-house. This vertical integration is particularly important for make-or-buy processes in the context of risk mitigation.

■   Ensuring redundant production and delivery capability

ODU implements redundant supply chains and production processes in its own production facilities in Germany, Romania and Mexico. In addition, cooperation models are developed with external partner companies and duplicated production of certain systems is ensured. This fulfils customer requirements for multi-sourcing capability.

■   Proactive supply chain planning

ODU supports customers in the planning and integration of connection solutions into their systems at an early stage in order to procure critical components and provide initial product demands within agreed lead-times. Risk-minimized supply chains, especially for critical components, ensure success.

“This risk mitigation strategy not only ensures the security of supply chains, but also enables a flexible and timely response to changing geopolitical conditions. ODU remains committed to providing high-quality and reliable products for global defence customers.”

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