ODU Connectors:- Data Transmission with Fibre-Optics in Surgical Robotic Systems


Innovative surgical robotic systems are revolutionising precision and efficiency.

These sophisticated devices require reliable data transmission at tremendous speed and low latencies – only very special fibre-optic connections meet this high demand.

Challenges for Fiber Optic Data Transmission Connectors

  1. Miniaturization and Space Limitations: Connectors need to be compact enough to fit into tight spaces without restricting the robot’s freedom of movement.
  2. Robustness and resistance: The connectors must be able to withstand the physical stresses, such as vibration or accidental shocks.
  3. Cleaning and sterilization: Connectors must be designed to survive this process without sacrificing performance.
  4. Data integrity: There must be no data loss. The interfaces must ensure data integrity and ensure uninterrupted communication.
  5. EMC and Immunity: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is crucial to avoid interference from nearby electronic devices. Connectors must have immunity to interference while enabling high data rates.

As a leading manufacturer of connectors for medical applications, ODU’s connectors meet the demanding requirements of the MDR and IEC 60-601-1 standard.

ODU’s high-speed fiber optic connectors are perfectly suited for use in surgical robotic systems.They are compact, rugged, easy to sterilize, and offer outstanding data transmission performance, even in EMC-intensive environments.

With the help of our high-performance expanded-beam technology, the highest data rates can be achieved, together with extremely low attenuation rates.

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