Neutriks latest opticalCON® MTP® systems provide new high speed, higher capacity point-to-point fiber connectivity solutions


New MTP systems enable 16 and 48 data channels on a single cable, with design improvements simultaneously implemented across the opticalCON ADVANCED series.

The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 31 October 2023. NEUTRIK’s opticalCON ADVANCED fiber portfolio has been expanded with the introduction of two MTP® high speed, high capacity connectivity systems; creating a standard solution for point-to-point connections in pro AV and broadcast applications.

The singlemode opticalCON MTP®16, and the multimode opticalCON MTP®48 respectively offer 16 and 48 data channels within a single cable. These systems provide for high-speed, high data capacity, from a high reliability, low maintenance connectivity solution, capable of operating in the most challenging application environments. The additional benefits of rapid deployment and immediate playback, come with up to 24x less cabling requirement and a cost optimization per single fiber / data channel.

The MTP®16 and MTP®48 systems also incorporate several design advances inherent in the NEUTRIK opticalCON DRAGONFLY. These have simultaneously been introduced across the complete opticalCON ADVANCED fiber portfolio, and include a very light-weight, noise preventive, protective cap with the option of colour coding rings. An integrated sealing lip replaces the cap’s previous O-ring, preventing its loss during maintenance. Additionally, the push-pull ring has a new shape that both improves grip and indication of the correct connection, while the ergonomics of the anti-kink boot are improved and the previous opening on the boot is now closed; allowing for even more bending cycles and stability, ultimately providing a longer life-cycle.