Neutrik Group extends CONTRIK Active power distribution range with ‘XO’ designated products for all-weather application environments


The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 27 June 2023. The Neutrik Group has introduced a range of products, from its CONTRIK brand of portable power distribution systems, especially designed for deployment in harsh all-weather application environments.

The range of Xtreme Outdoor (XO) / Active designated products includes Power Container, Power Rack and Power Turtle systems. Designed and precision manufactured, using high quality electrical and electronic components, in the EU, they are intended for mobile entertainment production applications, including video walls, stage lighting and audio installations. The XO designation denotes the extensive environmental protection features, additional to CONTRIK’s usual certification standards, guaranteeing high levels of mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection. These include enhanced protective housings and self-closing caps. Protection up to the IP65 level against particulate and liquid ingression, with CEE / cPot in mated condition. The ‘Active’ label refers to the products featuring active components like circuit breakers.

Power Container Xtreme provides a rugged, reliable and especially powerful distribution solution, ideally suited to the most demanding applications such as video walls. The housing concept is exceptionally well adapted to handling and transportation with integrated handles and connector protection and the ability to easily stack multiple units. Along with NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE1 OUTs, Harting E16 multi-pin OUTs drastically reduce cabling volumes and effort. Onboard power metering and cPot grounding are featured, while separate protection with RCBO circuit breakers on each OUT channel protect against overload, short-circuit and electric shock.

Power Rack Xtreme is a powerful and highly reliable distribution solution ideally suited to integration in outboard electronics and amplifier racks. Circuit protection is provided by individual miniature circuit breaker (MCB)s on each OUT. Variants provide alternative Shuko and powerCON TRUE1 OUT configurations.

Power Turtle Xtreme is an ingenious ultra-compact, lightweight, ultra rugged solution for rapid, mobile applications; including the quick and easy extension of larger power networks. Despite its reduced form factor, a CEE32A connector facilitates high capacity power input and daisy chaining. Separate MCBs provide protection on each of 6x powerCON TRUE1 OUTs. The units are fully lockable and stackable with various versatile mounting options.Employing automated precision manufacturing processes within the EU, together with high-quality components and materials, CONTRIK systems offer unsurpassed levels of quality, safety and reliability, and provide for reductions in cabling costs, complexity and man-hours. CONTRIK’s state-of-the-art multicore solutions further reduce complexity and cable volumes for demanding mobile and outdoor applications; these include pre-assembled multicore cables, Power Containers and Power Racks with multicore outputs, and highly protected multicore Turtles for distribution and daisy chaining.

Carefully designed housing concepts ensure high levels of protection, and ease of handling and transportation. Extensive testing for mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection ensures these systems are designed, constructed and designated to operate fully reliably in ‘Xtreme Outdoor’ conditions. Like all other CONTRIK power distribution systems the XO models feature CONTRIK’s exclusive Easylen® housing material, uniquely providing high levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection, corrosion insensitivity, non-conductivity, and protection from mechanical impact (up to IK 10+).






CONTRIK is a brand of the Neutrik Group and a provider of professional power distribution systems, equipotential bonding systems and premium power cables; designed, engineered, and manufactured in Europe. CONTRIK offers outstanding products; developing innovative and sustainable systems with safety, in all situations, the top priority. CONTRIK products are extremely robust, incomparably reliable, and last a lifetime. Used extensively throughout professional AV and lighting event land touring, and broadcast and film location production sectors, CONTRIK systems also meet the most rigorous requirements in construction and wider industrial engineering applications; wherever power distribution needs to be mobile, robust and fully reliable.