Neutrik CONTRIK extends Power Multicore cable series


Portable power distribution specialist introduces new Harting E16 and Socapex 419 compatible Power Multicore and Power Multicore Split cable assemblies.


The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 16 January 2024. The Neutrik Group’s CONTRIK brand has expanded its CKPE series range of power multicore cable assemblies. The Harting E16 and Socapex SL 419 compatible Power Multicore connection cables, and Socapex SL 419 compatible single-phase powerCON TRUE1 Power Multicore Split cable configurations enable the streamlining and increased cost-efficiency of cabling processes.





The rewireable power multicore cable assemblies are specified for use in video wall, lighting and audio applications, in indoor and outdoor event, theatre, and other media production environments. Complementing CONTRIK’s portable power distribution systems, CKPE series Power Multicore and Power Multicore Split cable assemblies are DIN 15765 standard-compliant for mobile event production.

The cables feature improved levels of reliability as a result of an increased PE-conductor cross-section. The improved reliability extends to operation at very low temperatures, with cables operable across a range of -5 °C to +70°C. Reduced weight and increased ease of handling, enable reductions in cabling effort, complexity and cost.

The expanded Power Multicore cable range offers 6 channels and 8 channels Harting E16 connector variants, and a 6 channels LKS 19 (Socapex SL 419 compatible) connector variant, while the Power Multicore Split cable features an LKS 19 male to 6x single-phase powerCON TRUE1 female connectors. The cable assemblies offer high IP protection ratings in mated condition: IP65 in the case of Harting E16 connectors and IP68 in for LKS 19 connector. Featuring high quality TITANEX rubber cable, they are available in various standard lengths from 5 to 40 meters.





CONTRIK power multicore cables optimally complement the brand’s range of professional power distribution systems that offer highest levels of quality, safety and reliability for mobile entertainment production applications. The extensive portfolio of rugged and durable distribution boxes, comprising Power Container, Power Rack and Power Turtle systems, is designed and precision manufactured within the EU, using state-of-the-art production automation and high quality electrical and electronic components. With levels of high mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection, conforming to relevant industry standards, across the product range, an XO designated series of products offers enhanced levels of protection for ‘Xtreme Outdoor’ environment applications; including IP65 protection against particulate and liquid ingression, with CEE / cPot in mated condition. All products feature CONTRIK’s proprietary Easylen® housing material, ensuring the highest levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection, corrosion insensitivity, non-conductivity, and protection from mechanical impact (up to IK 10+).