ILF Ltd was established five years ago in response to changing attitudes of major clients that required a more personal and professional approach and were looking for high performance materials that weren’t readily available in the UK. ILF worked hard to establish links and build relationships with major European manufacturers that had a reputation for high quality and precision but didn’t have a platform in the UK to work from, this hard work started to bear fruit and ILF slowly established themselves as a key partner to many precision engineers who were making some incredibly cutting-edge products.

ILF in 2019 is an organisation that understands the needs of major corporate clients and the essential engineering firms that support them, our range of materials is vast and the alloys we keep are complex and are used in the most critical of applications. ILF is the only stockholder in the UK that keeps stocks of the major “connector alloys” such as C97 and C99 and has established relationships with the manufacturers that can deliver the alloy required on short lead times to the standard that the customer demands.

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