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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

With an exceptional focus on the needs of our customers, CarlisleIT designs, builds, tests, certifies and
delivers comprehensive, high-performance interconnect solutions created to elevate the performance
of your business

We partner with customers in Aerospace, Military, Space, Test and Measurement, Industrial and
Medical Technology markets, providing virtually limitless solutions including unique cable
configurations, custom high-frequency connectors, complete cable assemblies of any complexity, as
well as specialized complex harnesses, racks and structures.

End-to-end solution is our goal—optimizing the process while speeding quality products to our
customers. Vertical integration allows us to provide interconnect solutions covering every component
of design and production. This allows you to focus on innovating the next breakthrough for your
business. And our ability to create custom solutions means you have a true partner in innovation as
you move your business forward.

Our UK location in Blackburn has built an enviable reputation for offering excellent, cost-effective
solutions to the complex, coaxial interconnection needs of their customers in the Military & Defence,
Aerospace, Test & Measurement, Medical and Industrial markets. CarlisleIT Blackburn is an innovative
global leader in RF connectivity products with an international presence. This facility delivers both
quality and cutting-edge technology in the field of standard and custom RF cable assemblies, RF test
and measurement devices, RF coaxial connectors, automotive products, harnesses, fibre optic
products and custom copper assemblies.

All CarlisleIT’s worldwide manufacturing locations are certified to the latest standards including
AS9100 Rev D, ISO9001, ISO14001 & IPC.

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