ITSA Members quarterly meeting


The Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association held is last meeting for 2019 on the 9th October at Norton Park near Winchester.

The meeting was well attended and we had a full agenda for the day.

An important announcement at the meeting was that ITSA had been invited to join the RoHS Umbrella Industry project where we will be able to contribute to and influence decisions regarding RoSH exemptions which are vital to our industry. For further information please see the press release on our web site News section. Members were also advised that the association was now a registered stakeholder with the Oko Institute which again gives us a voice regarding RoHS exemptions.

Members discussed the current state of the UK interconnect market and without exception it appears that 2019 will be a very challenging year. Both concerns about BREXIT and the general global economy are negatively impacting business across most markets and the inflow of new orders has slowed considerably. It would seem that the European electronics market as a whole has only grown by around 1-2% in the first half of 2019 but interconnect appears to be performing better and the UK would seem to be out performing some other major EU countries, the UK interconnect growth in 2019 is looking to be around 3-5% by year end. Notwithstanding this there is cautious optimism for 2020.

At this meeting members approved a PR/Marketing plan for the association commencing in January 2020 which will further enhance the profile and awareness of the association.

The Chairman reported that there had been an increased interest in membership of the association at both full member and associate member level and he hoped to be able to make some announcements towards the end of 2019.

The meeting closed with members enjoying a networking lunch.

The next planned meeting will be on the 2nd April 2020 and we will be holding this at Hitchin Prior