Cliff Electronics VHDCI Cable has additional Ferrite core shielding


Commonly used Board to Board Very High-Density Cable Interconnect   1 and 2 Metre leads.

Cliff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, offer industry standard VHDCI (very-high-density-cable-interconnect) cables terminated with a 68-pin male at each end and in two standard lengths.







These connecting cables are commonly used for connecting SCSI (Scuzzy) “Small Computer System Interface” peripherals within computer systems.

The relevant VHDCI specification calls for a 68-pin male-to-male SCSI cable and the connectors are small enough that four can fit on a single PCI card plate. Other key specifications include.

Operating current 0.5A maximum per contact.

Operating voltage maximum 30V AC (RMS)/DC.

Enhanced EMC Shield.

EMI protection, ferrite core: Ø17.5mm x 28.5mm x Ø12mm.

Available in standard lengths of 1M and 2m.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, says” These cables continue to be much used in connecting peripherals, our VHDCI cable is a widely used interconnect for both legacy and new equipment requiring parallel data transmission.”

Cliff Electronics can supply jack sockets, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks and leads and waterproof connectors.