Cliff Electronics add USB Variants to Right Angle FeedThrough Connector range


Cliff RAFT connectors reduce depth required behind panels

USB-2, USB-3.1 and USB-C connectivity options

Cliff Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, announce new additions to their Right-Angle FeedThrough (RAFT) connector range. The Cliff RAFT connector range is ideal for connectivity in wall mounted boxes where the depth is not available for rear entry or where cable access is required from the bottom or top. They also reduce the space required for interconnection at the rear of rack panel systems and provide vertical connections for convenient top to bottom wiring.

Leaders in the design and manufacture of FeedThrough connectors, Cliff’s wide range of XLR and DualSLIMS form factor types allows designers to integrate power, audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into industrial, transport, energy storage, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, PoE and industrial applications, instrumentation and control connectivity as well as professional equipment for broadcast (studio and mobile), lighting and audio.

Three new RAFT connectors have been introduced: USB-2, USB-3.1 and USB-C. They are available in two widths to assist with product design:

  • Standard width of the popular XLR connector, 26 x 31mm, with a panel cut out diameter of 24mm.
  • The compact DualSLIMS which have dimensions of 19 × 35.5mm and fit in to a narrow 17.15 × 22.86mm panel cutout.

Other RAFT connector options available in both sizes include CAT5e RJ45, CAT6 RJ45 and HDMI.

Nickel or black metal, and black plastic bodies are available for the DualSLIM version with currently plastic only for the XLR cutout types. Mounting options include front or back panel mounting with 2.5mm plain or 3.2mm countersunk holes or M3 and #4-40 UNC threaded versions.

Cliff can supply standard, off the shelf, connecting cables suitable for use with their new USB RAFT connectors which can be used for internal connectivity, simplifying, and speeding up system assembly and facilitating easy repurposing of equipment.

Cliff’s FeedThrough connector range may be mounted on 19” rack panels with up to 16 standard XLR connectors or 20 of the DualSLIMS. Blank and pre-assembled panels are available direct from Cliff.

Nick Leppard, Technical Sales Manager of Cliff Electronics, says” Our right-angle FeedThrough connector range has been highly successful and the increasing adoption of USB for data and power connectivity means our new USB options will be very useful for our customers.”

Cliff’s right-angled FeedThrough connectors and the rest of their wide range of standard and FeedThrough connectors available from Cliff may be found on their website at and are available from major international distributors.

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