Han® Configurator: New features simplify modifications


Connector can be custom ordered with short delivery times available
For the first time ever, users can now make customised adjustments to the housings of series-produced industrial interfaces by using the Han® Configurator, the HARTING online tool for designing connectors. Cable entries can be modified and identifying letterings can be applied to hoods and housings.
Users can use the Han® Configurator’s new feature to design the position and number of cable entries in line with their own requirements. Even lettering applied to the housing surface can be customised. The Configurator ensures that the interface design meets the respective technical requirements and that the components used are compatible with each other.
As soon as the configuration is completed, a digital record of the solution is ready for download and CAD data and dimensional drawings for the individual part are directly accessible. The online tool helps accelerate design both for the user and for HARTING, meaning new connectors can be manufactured and delivered faster.
“The customising feature in the Han® Configurator means we’re once again expanding the scope for tailor-made products based on the Han® portfolio. Users can use the tool to customise connector components, which allows them to find the optimal connector solution. The tool reduces the effort required to adapt to specific requirements and shortens the path from the drawing board to production,” says Timo Poggemöller, Team Leader Digital Product Service at HARTING Electric.
Features/customer benefits:
– Optimal solutions in combination with Han-Modular®;
– short delivery times for interfaces thanks to fully automated production of the individual connector configuration;
– efficient collaboration via the myHARTING Dashboard with save/sharing capabilities;
– high flexibility in the design process is now expanded to include individual placement of cable exits and laser labelling done directly in the Configurator, meaning no more annoying adhesive labels to stick on;
– direct 3D download option for the interface’s data package.

The Han® Configurator lets users custom design cable entries on connector housings.

HARTING to showcase latest products at Drives & Controls 2020


HARTING Ltd will be demonstrating their innovative connector and Industry 4.0 solutions at the Drives & Controls Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from the 21st to the 23rd April 2020.
On show will be the newest addition to the Han® portfolio, the Han® F+B, a range specially designed for the food and bottling industries, where hygiene and safety are key considerations. All hoods, housings and seals are IP69K rated, so the connections are fully resistant to the water jets used to clean equipment.
They have large nooks and surfaces in accordance with the guidelines of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), which allows cleaning agents to flow unhindered. The range is also Ecolab approved, meaning it is resistant to highly aggressive cleaning agents.
A key trend within industry is that of miniaturisation; as machinery and equipment becomes more compact, so connectors take up more of the available space. HARTING has responded by producing the Han® 1A, a compact interface which requires up to 30% less space than the Han® 3A.
It employs a system of modular inserts, making it an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as control terminals and drives.
HARTING’s miniaturised solutions don’t stop with the 1A; the ix Industrial® is a compact, robust replacement for the RJ45 with a 70% smaller PCB socket. The ix combines both power and data transmission into a single interface and is built to withstand the rigours of tough industrial environments.
HARTING are also at the cutting-edge of new product development and will be discussing the T1 Industrial, an IEC 63171-6 standardised industrial interface for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE). The factory of the future will require high data streams and the T1 Industrial brings Ethernet from the cloud to every sensor, thus enabling Industry 4.0.
Current Industry 4.0 products on display will be led by HARTING’s MICA (Modular Industry Computer Architecture), a compact and rugged industrial computer designed for use in production environments. It allows manufacturers to access information from machines such as energy use and cycle times and combine it with production figures to generate valuable real-time data.
Thanks to its open source software, MICA is extremely versatile and can be used to undertake a variety of projects across a range of markets, including asset management.
Also on show will be a range of robust and versatile UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products. Our portfolio includes special transponders, known as RFID tags, which can be used as smart labels on containers or for identifying tools in stores.
An RFID system can cope with harsh, industrial environments, being able to endure wide temperature variations and high humidity. Transponders can also be securely encrypted and password protected to protect sensitive data.
To learn more about our innovative solutions or to discuss your requirements with one of our product experts, please visit us on stand S320 at the Drives & Controls Exhibition.

Image Caption: With an IP69K rating, the Han® F+B is fully resistant to water jets.









Image Caption: The Han® 1A is a compact and extremely versatile connector solution.







Image Caption: HARTING’s Industry 4.0 products are designed for use in production and manufacturing environments.

binder’s latest M16 X-coded connectors handle up to 10Gbits/s


binder, a market and technology leader in industrial circular connectors, announces an M16 X – coded connector capable of handling the data speeds demanded by today’s sensor-based automated production facilities. Data transmission figures are an impressive 10Gbits/s.

With the benefits of rugged design and excellent environmental resistance, M16 connectors have become widely used for sensors for both indoor and outdoor use where there is a need for a higher pin count than is offered by M8 and M12 connectors.

The binder 415 Series includes a male/female cable connector along with a panel mounted female connector which is designed to be front fastened. When mated, they are rated to IP67.

415 Series connectors have 8 gold (Au) plated contacts rated to 0.5A at 50V AC, 60V DC and can accommodate cables ranging from 5.5 to 9mm diameter.


Cliff’s most popular FeedThrough Connectors and Accessories can now be supplied in a Pre-Assembled Rack Panel


Cliff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment have developed a very wide range of
FeedThrough (FT) and conventional connectors designed to be mounted in the industry standard 24mm-diameter XLR panel cut-out. With over 20 different connector types now available in this standard format, panel design and manufacture is greatly simplified. Cliff’s FeedThrough connector design allows standard, off the shelf, cables to be used for internal connectivity further simplifying assembly.

Cliff’s FeedThrough connector range allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast (studio and mobile), lighting, audio, industrial applications, instrumentation and control connectivity.

To further aid product designers and systems integrators Cliff can now supply 1U x 19” rack panels preassembled with up to 16 connectors to meet the end system’s requirements. Specifying preassembled connector panels assists systems integrators by simplifying and speeding up assembly time while reducing component count and cost. Cliff’s rack panels feature a connector labelling strip located on the front and a cable strain-relief bar is fitted at the rear to secure internal wiring against strain and vibration.

The most popular connectors in Cliff’s FeedThrough range are CAT 5e RJ45, CAT 5e Shielded RJ45, CAT 6 RJ45, CAT 6 Shielded RJ45, HDMI Female – Female, USB 3.0 A-A, USB 2.0 B-A and USB 2.0 A-A. All widely used in data and audio-visual applications.


A range of dust covers are now available to protect unused connectors from the ingress of dust. Push-in types in black or white may be used with RJ45 connectors and gasket style versions in red, black and blue are suitable for the rest of the connector range.

Preassembled rack panels available from Cliff feature 16 of their market leading FeedThrough connectors each and are available with 8 male and 8 female 3-pin front mounted XLR sockets as well as in the following configurations: 50Ω, 75Ω and 75Ω gold insulated BNC, CAT6 RJ45 and CAT6A, HDMI A to HDMI A, USB2 A to USB2 B and USB2 B to USB2 A. Fibre Optic connector types ST / BFOC, LC duplex SM and LC duplex MM. Two other non-Feedthrough versions are mounted with XLR 3DCM and XLR 3DCF connectors.

Cliff rack panels may also be supplied without connectors for end users to mount their own single or mix of connector types. Any connector with the standard 24mm-diameter XLR panel cut-out may be fitted.









John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “As applications for pre-assembled rack panels continue to grow we increase our understanding of the market and can improve our products and customer service. We are seeing increased popularity in certain FeedThrough connector types which helps us tailor our range to best serve our customers. We are always happy to respond to individual customer requirements and our pre-assembled connector rack panels, whether audio, fibre-optic, power or USB, offer systems integrators fast and convenient system assembly.”