har-modular®: Modules for power, signals and data – ideally combined


One trillion combinations possible / Order modules as from batch size one

Device development in the industrial arena is advancing in ever shorter cycles. At the same time, devices are becoming more and more compact, presenting challenges for developers looking for the right solution for transmitting data, signals or power. Designed to help the developers’ work, HARTING is offering a solution with har-modular® that is opening up an entirely new scope of flexibility on PCBs.

As a modular principle, in terms of size and architecture, har-modular® is based on the DIN 41612 ledges that have been in use for many decades. Instead of relying on a large number of rigid solutions, har-modular® now provides a modular system of different modules for the transmission of all vital lifelines by way of a convenient online configurator.

As a result, developers can combine and order individual modules for power, signals and data that are customised and fine-tuned to their applications. The various modules enable a trillion possible combinations meeting every conceivable application and can be ordered from batch size one. This means that prototypes can be fitted very quickly, flexibly and cost efficiently, while series production can also be launched. This highly flexible concept is new on the market and underlines HARTING’s desire to lead the way with pioneering and innovative concepts in the development area.

New Disposable receptacle for ODU MEDI-SNAP® Push-Pull connectors – a reliable and economical disposable solution


ODU adds to its medical portfolio with a one-piece disposable clip-in panel receptacle. Suitable for a variety of applications such as catheters, electrosurgical devices, endoscopes or ablation devices, it offers up to 34 PCB or Flex contacts in a space-saving design and can be combined with all ODU MEDI-SNAP® Push-Pull connectors in size 2.





Moulded in disinfectable PSU, this connector provides high levels of user and patient protection, being fully compliant with IEC 60601-1

Nevertheless, it cost-effectively meets the needs of medical device manufacturers for those applications when components must be disposed of after only a few uses, whilst at the same time being capable of  at least 25 mating cycles.

RJ Industrial® MultiFeature saves time and simplifies access to the IIoT


In 2021, HARTING are once again highlighting the right infrastructure for the road to the IIoT, including solutions such as the RJ Industrial® MultiFeature, a significantly improved version of the classic RJ45.

Thanks to a robust metal housing and integrated knives that automatically shorten the strands to the correct length during assembly, handling is greatly simplified. Shorter assembly time saves valuable time in system installation. Consequently, the most frequently deployed data interface has been further optimised for use in industrial environments.

Targeting designers of miniaturised devices, HARTING are showing all the innovations and portfolio extensions revolving around the space-saving ix Industrial® Ethernet interface.

The interface is 70% smaller in size, offering Gbit Ethernet with a more compact footprint while increasing stability at the same time. Standardised in IEC 61076-3-124, ix Industrial® represents the future standard for 8-wire Gbit Ethernet in automation scenarios. Suitable for virtually every application, with a large portfolio of sockets, connectors, and special insert housings.

Harting Faster wall-mounting for connectors


Fully EMC-shielded and highly robust outdoor housings can now be rear-mounted

The metal housings in the Han® EMV and Han® HPR series are now available in versions that enable contact inserts to be mounted from the rear, an option that simplifies the placement of interfaces on switch cabinet walls, increases the installation speed and lowers costs in the long term.

HARTING has produced other connector types that feature a rear-fit mounting option. Over the past two years, the Han-Eco® A and B and the Han® B and Han® M series came out with this ‘rear-fit’ installation option. Now, the option is available for the first time for the Han® EMV and Han® HPR series.


Rear-fit mounting means that contact inserts can be installed in the housing from the rear, which is particularly important for installation in cabinets in combination with prefabricated cable assemblies. Assembling both products is further accelerated by using a mounting frame. Alternatively, the modules can be inserted directly into the housing. All Han® series that feature the Rear-Fit option make it easier to install contact inserts and cut installation times.

The ‘Rear-Fit’ housings are also interoperable with earlier versions that cannot be equipped from the rear, which translates into a cost-effective, step-by-step introduction of the new housings into production.

All-new system solutions for power distribution in rail vehicles


HARTING has designed new interfaces for the power supply of trains that are optimised for a long service life and sustainability. The Han® HPR High Performance Transformer Connector (HPTC) is a transformer interface specially developed for railway customers and outdoor use. The HPTC is pluggable and connects the converter to the transformer. The new interface is available in 400, 850 and 1400 A power classes, while voltages up to 3.6 kV/4.8 kV can be transmitted. An IP degree of protection up to IP69K can also be implemented.

One key advantage of HPTC is durability; previous solutions for transformer connection involved plastic outer casings, which are not tough enough to cope with the demanding and harsh conditions on the roof of rail vehicles. The HPTC offers a completely pluggable solution with a robust housing, based on the proven HARTING High Pressure Railway (HPR) standard. This enables a significantly longer service life.

New housing for jumper cables

The Han® HPR VarioShell was specifically developed for jumper applications. The two-part enclosure achieves protection class IP69K by using a counterpressure frame, in connection with a circumferential internal seal. The enclosure cover is removable, allowing efficient assembly from both inside and outside the carriage. Plug-in connections for wagon transitions on trains are a key feature of the housing and are now easier to access. Time and effort involved in operation, service and maintenance are significantly reduced. In the event of a fault, it is possible to open the housing cover, meaning there is no need to interrupt all connections.

Han® HPR TPL: Simpler power distribution in underfloor areas

To date, power distribution systems in underfloor areas have relied on UIC 552. The different interfaces of these systems each require their own installation technology and must be stocked separately. Thanks to the Han® HPR Train Power Line (TPL) all this now becomes a great deal easier, as there is only one completely pre-assembled Y-distributor as standard interface and single poles for the pluggable connection of the cables. Consequently, the TPL offers a uniform power supply across all wagons. What’s more, it is also significantly lighter than previous solutions, being around 10 kg lighter per wagon.

New: ODU MINI-SNAP® for SPE / Automotive Ethernet


The ODU MINI-SNAP® SPE enables Ethernet connection via a single twisted-pair of copper cables, with voltage supply of terminal devices via PoDL [Power over Data Line].

The simpler design of this new generation of connectors gives both weight and space reductions for designers and developers.

SPE standards:

  • 1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bp)
  • 1000BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3bw)
  • 10BASE-T1 (IEEE 802.3cq)

Maximum bridgeable distances of the standards vary between 15.40 & 1,000 metres.

SPE is being introduced into new automotive designs, replacing CAN and other bus systems. In future, communication, control & security functions will be managed uniformly via Ethernet.

The field of industrial automation is also keen to benefit from this, with SPE allowing the barrier-free connection of devices, sensor & actuator technology and a great deal more.

SPE is available for the ODU MINI-SNAP® series L / K and for the ODU-MAC® series.


  • Limits with unshielded cables according to OPEN ALLIANCE
  • Limits with shielded cables according to IEC 63171-6
  • 1 Gbps up to 15m
  • Up to IP68
  • 5,000 mating cycles
  • Push-Pull locking
  • Cable assembly: various lengths and over-moulded varieties


binder Reliable EMC with 360° shielding: M8 cable connectors for sensitive applications


A new type of M8 circular connector expands the binder portfolio

Industry knowledge and experience in industrial circular connectors are both recognized hallmarks of binder. The company operates in many fields of application thanks to its comprehensive range of products the latest of which is a molded M8 circular connector. Part of the 718 Series, the new connector provides high reliability under advanced requirements – even for customized specifications – with a new type of shielding concept.

The newest version of the M8 cable connector is among the smaller sizes in the constantly expanding binder range and increases binder’s presence into application areas where size and performance will constantly increase in the future. In addition to the basic properties of M8 connectors such as compact size and low weight, the new 718 Series connector, which is available now, differs mainly from other approaches in its application areas by a new type of 360° shielding.

Fields of application and product properties

The shielding concept, used for the first time in this environment, ensures particularly reliable EMC shielding without interference. This property in the M8 format makes the circular connector useful primarily in applications such as sensor technology, laboratory equipment and drive solutions. As with many connectors in the binder portfolio, this product can also be implemented as a customized design. binder offers four versions of the new cable connector with 3, 4, 6 or 8 pins. Degree of protection IP 67 is provided in all versions of this model as is a mechanical lifetime of more than 100 mating cycles.

The rated voltage and rated current differ depending on the number of pins. The 3-pin and 4-pin versions offer 60 V and 2 A up to 4 A, depending on the conductor cross-section. The 6-pin and 8-pin designs can handle up to 30 V and 1.5 A. The cable is optionally available in PVC or PUR. In addition, the cable length can be configured to customer requirements.

Important component of a growing spectrum

With the constantly growing portfolio of compact cable connectors, binder can provide enhanced products primarily to those application fields requiring a great degree of flexibility in a small space and whose importance in the future will continue to increase greatly. Finally, binder is developing a 12-pin M8 connector that has already proven itself capable in measuring equipment applications and in automation.

“With the continuous further development and expansion of circular connectors, even for the smaller sizes such as M5 or M8, we are very well positioned in the areas of factory automation and miniaturization,” stated Guido Werner, Product manager in the Sales department at binder since 2013.