Telegärtner’s virtual theme world will be enlarged by two attractions. From May 2021, modern cabling solutions and product information will be presented interactively in two new application areas – School and Residential.

Stuttgart, 5th May 2021 – In November 2020, Telegärtner products and application examples could be explored online and interactively in a three-dimensional world for the first time. With the virtual world, Telegärtner wants to present product information realistically and in an impressive way and make it tangible.

With the new application areas, Telegärtner wants to present further product solutions digitally as well as realistically. Visitors can inform themselves about products and solutions in a playful way. With the expansion of the Telegärtner World, the experience factor is to be increased even further.

The focus in the second release is on structured building cabling in order to be able to present solutions for the increasing demand for high-quality network technology. The new application areas can be visited from May 5, 2021. At the beginning, visitors can expect a spectacular light show. Afterwards, all applications and product information can be explored at any time in a realistic, virtual environment. New to discover are the residential and school areas, but there are also further additions to the existing applications – Office and Antenna. A highlight of the Telegärtner World will be IT cabling and network solutions for schools. Telegärtner will present a variety of solutions to help shaping and pushing digitalization in schools.

The theme world is permanently online and can be visited at any time since November 24, 2020.

Digital services save time in design 2D/3D CAD data, data sheets, type sheets and certificates are available


Efficient data management in engineering can help save time and money during the design phase. New digital services are now available to simplify the data management of HARTING products and solutions.

Behind every electrical engineering project are many individual components and a wide range of data: 2D/3D CAD data, data sheets, type sheets and certificates are all part of the documentation trail. “Comparatively more time is spent on article research and the collection, conversion and storage of related documents than on the design itself,” says Andreas Wedel, Director of Digital Transformation at the HARTING Technology Group. That is why he and his team are working on new functions that will improve the data management for HARTING’s products and solutions.

Wish lists and digital notes in the online catalogue

“Many of our customers still use the old HARTING catalogues, not so much out of nostalgia, but because they are full of notes and bookmarks,” explains Wedel. “We wanted to make this practical way of working also possible in our online catalogue.” The option to add items to your own wish list has been available in the HARTING eShop for a long time. Thanks to a new update, it is now possible to add text notes to individual HARTING articles. These notes can be managed and filtered via the myHARTING customer portal.





Saving time with data packets

Additional functions are aimed at the rapid provision of product data and documents that are necessary for electrical design. The design data, data sheets and type sheets for all individual components often add up to hundreds of documents. Previously, these had to be downloaded from the provider (including HARTING) in individual steps. Using the new data manager, product data for up to 50 HARTING articles can now be obtained in a single step from the HARTING website as a collected data packet.

50 different 2D/3D data formats for direct download

Up until now, HARTING has provided design data for its products in STEP and JT formats. In practice, however, significantly more formats are used. Therefore, many HARTING customers still had to convert the data into their desired format. With the new MultiCAD download function, native 2D/3D CAD data is now available for download in over 50 different formats. This means that HARTING articles can be processed immediately in the desired data format for design purposes. This MultiCAD function is currently available for over 13,000 items in the HARTING online catalogue.

Customer portal offers many options

This new functionality can be found in the myHARTING customer portal, which already provides many e-commerce services. “Anyone who is professionally involved with our products and solutions can easily register and use all the services at myHARTING free of charge,” explains Andreas Wedel.

Neutrik AG acquires Connex Gmbh headquartered in Oldenburg, Germany

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Schaan, March 5, 2021. With this most recent acquisition, the Neutrik Group strengthens its expertise in connectivity solutions.

CONNEX produces and develops high-quality components for professional event industry and demanding industrial applications. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in Oldenburg/Northern Germany. The product portfolio comprises solutions for mobile or stationary applications. These include power distribution systems, fiber optic solutions, video products, ethernet components, splitters, patching systems, stage boxes, cabling and measuring devices.

CONNEX focuses not only on standardized products, but also develops individual solutions and delivers comprehensive consulting services and support in the implementation of projects.

“We are very excited about the growth of our Group. Connex Gmbh is going to enable us to expand our activities to further areas of application and to strengthen our leading position in the market”, says Chad Trevithick, CEO at Neutrik Group.

Telegärtner UK appoints David Norrington as the new Managing Director


After over 13 successful years of leading the company, Robert Mulley is stepping down as the Managing Director of Telegärtner UK and David Norrington takes over as the new Managing Director from 1st March 2021 onwards.


‘After over thirteen years, I have decided to reduce my workload and therefore will step down as Managing Director of Telegärtner UK in the end of February. I leave the company in the capable hands of David Norrington and the Management team and I wish David and his colleagues the best for the future’, said Robert Mulley.


David Norrington has been an employee of Telegärtner UK (formerly Quadrant Connections Limited) since 1993, starting as an Assembly Operator, moving on through various technical roles in the business whilst studying Business Management to become the Operations & VP Managing Director in 2008. David’s 33 years of experience in the industry and the excellent work he has done during his 27 years at Telegärtner UK, makes him the perfect choice to lead the company to further growth and success in the future.


‘I am very proud to be taking on the role of Managing Director of Telegärtner UK. I believe we have a strong team in place to successfully take the company forward. Our commitment to our customers, providing excellent quality and service, is an integral part of our business identity and we are working hard to develop new opportunities. These guiding principles will ensure we continue moving positively towards the strategic goals of Telegärtner Group and to the future’, stated David Norrington.