ODU Connectors are Exhibiting again at ECS


ODU-UK Ltd are pleased to be returning to the Electronic Component Show on Thurs May 19th at the Kassam Stadium, Oxford. Jason Laver will be manning the stand and has several new products to demonstrate, such as:


The ODU AMC® Series T connectors





The ‘T’ stands for three locking plug variants, each fitting the same receptacle, allowing a standard bulkhead across all equipment. Simply choose the locking system that is appropriate to the function at each specific connection point.

Series T connectors offer weight savings, robustness, easy handling and fast cleaning, together with secure transmission of high data volumes – all life-critical in extreme situations.



ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections




Available as circular and modular connectors,

or a custom fully-assembled fibre-optic system.

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed,

ODU high‐performance optical connectors deliver both quality and stability, serving a wide

and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:


■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

■ Fibre-only or hybrid versions


So, if you’re facing a connector or packaging conundrum, then why not drop by Stand 41 and tell Jason about your problems – he may have an answer.

However, if you are not attending the show, then more information is available here

ODU exhibiting at ISMRM 2022


ODU Connectors are pleased to be exhibiting at the ISRM Annual Conference & Exhibition  at the London ExCeL Centre, 7th – 12th May.

This is an important international event for the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) industry and we are looking forward to meeting-up again in person.

Specifically for MRI, ODU has introduced semi-automated soldering for micro-coax, RG178 and RG316 contacts – replacing crimping and providing improved lead times.

These MRI cable assemblies also offer MR balun tuning, single / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 channel cables with high qualiy imaging and are available in small-medium batches and volume production.

ODU also offers 100% end-of-line automatic testing on each cable and assembly, including tests for insertion and withdrawal forces, hi-pot and conductivity.

Please visit stand D30 to talk to our team.

ODU – high‐tech connector solutions for modern medical technology

Consistent performance and a high degree of failure protection are of vital importance in medical technology. As an interface specialist, we can help to produce safe, functional and elegant designs for all medical equipment manufacturers.

From MRI equipment to endoscopy, we design all our connectors in compliance with the strictest regulations and applicable standards, including IEC6061-1 and MDR 2021

  • High‐speed and high‐density technology
  • Sterilisable and autoclavable
  • EMC/EMI shielding
  • Glass-fibre, hybrid and non-magnetic connection options
  • Waterproof (IP50, IP67 and IP68) and hermetically-sealed options
  • Optional cable bend-relief and cable over-mouldings

If you are not attending, then information on our medical connectors is available on our website: https://odu-connectors.com/uk/industries/medical/

ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections

, ,

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed, our high‐performance optical technologies deliver quality and stability, serving a wide and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:

■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Fibre only or hybrid versions.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

The Expanded Beam technology is an enhanced fiber optic solution, offering high-end transmission characteristics over many mating cycles. The excellent optical insertion and return loss performance remains unchanged, even under mechanical stress and harsh environmental conditions.

Physical Contact solutions are cost‐efficient optical connections that meet all standard requirements for fast and reliable data transmission, characterised by very low insertion loss, which makes up to 1,000 mating cycles possible.

We offer these as ready‐made complete assemblies

ODU Fiber Optic products are ideal for medical technology, industrial outdoor applications and mass-interconnect scenarios. These technologies are available in circular and modular connectors and can also be supplied as a customised fully-assembled fibre optic system

Learn more about the ODU Fibre Optic range and let our experts advise you:


NEUTRIK extends powerCON® TRUE1® TOP connector series






TOP-L power connector with new design features accepts cable diameters of up to 16 mm

Ryde, Isle of Wight, 6 April 2022. NEUTRIK has announced the addition of the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L to its market leading powerCON TRUE1 TOP range of heavy duty sealed power connectors for outdoor use, in the harshest environments and most demanding applications. powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L provides a connector compatible with the largest diameter power cables required for outdoor event and production applications, capable of accepting cable from 10 to 16 mm (0.39” – 0.63”) in diameter, making them ideal for extra heavy duty type cables.

The connectors are certified to EN 60320-1, IEC 60320-1, and UL 60320-1 when applied to appropriate cables (H07RN-F3G2.5 and SOOW 12/3, SJOOW 12/3). This allows mains cables to be assembled in accordance with UL 817, CSA C22.2 No. 21, and IEC/EN 60799. Conforming to NEUTRIK’s TOP standard, UL V0 and UL-F1-rated UV resistant materials, exceptional component quality and rugged construction are standard.

Features include breaking capability – CBC @ 16A 250VAC VDE (20 A 250 VAC) – and a patent-pending design that meets requirements preventing disassembly by hand. New HTLACA and HTLACB assembly and disassembly tools are designed for use with these connectors, and facilitate faster disassembly for periodic safety testing etc..

Commenting on the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L, Neutrik UK Product Specialist Charlie Cook says, “As with our recent NSSC self closing caps, the new -L variant further extends the powerCON TRUE1 TOP series, making it the most versatile power connector with the widest ranging cable diameter compatibility; and the only power connector series with a product certified for 2.5mm2 H07RN-F and AGE 12/3 SOOW and SJOOW cables.”

The NEUTRIK TOP® (True Outdoor Protection) standard covers a comprehensive range of sealed power, signal and data connectors for outdoor event and production applications in the most adverse climatic and environmental conditions, mitigating their negative impact on ultimate production quality. Appropriate heavy-duty, harsh environment applications include AV, PA, lighting, signage and LED screens. The TOP series extends across the NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR product ranges, with IP65 rating and certified outdoor protection to UL 50E like UV resistance.


ODU Connectors Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in the EU


The Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which came into force on May 27, 2021, changed the requirements for manufacturers that supply medical devices to the market in the EU.

The goal of the new regulation is to increase the quality and traceability of medical devices.

Accordingly, the MDR requires medical device manufacturers to meet all relevant regulatory requirements before they can bring their product to market.


In this context, the requirements refer to the medical device itself; for example, the inclusion of accompanying information and instructions for users. In addition, the technical documentation, classification, approvals, and other issues must all be ensured.


As a specialist supplier of connectors for medical applications, ODU supports our customers with complete technical documentation, providing certified qualification and validation information in compliance with DIN EN 13485:2016,” says Mathias Wuttke – Business Development Manager for the Medical Technology Division.

This includes product information in the form of technical data sheets, test reports, and labelling of products or units.  “Furthermore, we pay attention to product-related topics such as patient and user protection, and implement them in compliance with IEC60601-1 and 

we can also implement Unique Device Identification (UDI) by laser marking.”

Additionally, In the event of any alteration to products that require a new risk analysis we communicate relevant changes to our customers “For this purpose, we have set up a dedicated office within the company to provide specific information in response to manufacturers’ inquiries.” says Mathias.

Cambion says “Obsolescence, it’s the future”.


If the future is looking black due to one of your legacy or even a series production product blighted by supplier obsolescence, then let Cambion Electronics Ltd assist and support your future aspirations in this regard.  Cambion has a pedigree in providing solutions for interconnection or inductive assemblies that have been discontinued or made obsolete, be it via reverse engineering, the manufacture of adapters or re-engineering.











Cambion is autonomous in its manufacturing capabilities with stamping, machining, moulding, automatic assembly and an equipped toolroom all under one roof at its ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS/EN9100 certified Castleton, North Derbyshire facility. Consequently, Cambion has total control over factor of production so able to swiftly take on your requirements and make them a reality in double quick time. Cambion Engineers are able to provide solutions to your requirements where standard components may not be suitable. Cambion have a long and established pedigree for high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components serving the professional, automotive, military, aerospace, and industrial markets. Cambion are committed to ongoing product development. Continual Investment, especially in the latest machinery, which has resulted in substantial manufacturing and assembly capabilities to cover a broad and comprehensive range of disciplines and technologies.

ODU toolmaking is put to the test


For the first time, ODU GmbH & Co. KG took part in the 2021 German industry competition “Excellence in Production” and was one of the top finalists  – something to be proud of.






Reinhold Hechfellner with some of his toolroom team

For 18 years, the WZL machine tool laboratory at RWTH Aachen University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology have presented the best tool and mould manufacturers in the German-speaking countries with the “Excellence in Production” industry competition.

This year 265 companies competed and ODU paricipated for the first time.

All participants initially fill out a two-stage questionnaire and then receive site visits.

Eleven finalists from the tool and die industry are selected in four categories, based on detailed comparison and visits to the respective companies.

ODU were finalists in the category ‘best in-house tool shop with 50+ employees’.

In their submission, ODU demonstrated production on modern robot-integrated production lines, utilising its own injection moulds, overmoulding tools, stamping and progressive dies as well as assembly tools up to fully automated systems.

Ultimately, the category winner was ZF Friedrichshafen, but the jury also selected Robert Bosch in the Czech Republic and ODU from Mühldorf for a certificate.

Calling our category a lion’s den sums it up pretty well. We were in direct comparison with larger companies. We were there for the first time, but we did well and, above all, are broadly positioned – from punching tools to automatic machines, we make everything and have thus been able to hold our own”, said Reinhold Hechfellner, Head of Global Tools at ODU.



Save time and money!

In areas with a high degree of automation and short cycle times, speed is of the essence.




With maximum failure protection and numerous transmission variants, the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line is specifially designed for automatic docking.

Now, with the addition of a quick-change head, this connector range also becomes a potential game-changer.

With the ODU-MAC® quick-change head, you can save valuable time and simultaneously extend your connector’s service life. With just two screws, the interchangeable part of the connector can be easily replaced, making it ready for use again in a matter of seconds. The cable assembly on the base part remains unchanged as the exchanged part is removed from the front.

This extends the potential service life of the connector and the quick-change head –

from a minimum of 100,000 mating cycles to a maximum of 10 million mating cycles.

Thanks to the ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology, the Silver-Line also offers excellent vibration resistance and the modular connectors are characterized by a compact and sturdy universal design.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from seven different docking frames and adjust the length as needed. Then, simply assemble these with the desired modules – our configurator makes this easy – for more information click here





Neutrik Group announces global multi-brand reorganization


8 October 2021. In a major reorganisation of its global operations the Neutrik Group has restructured as a multi-brand company with an extended portfolio of products. A major global player in the interconnectivity segment, the group now develops, designs, manufactures and globally distributes innovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and systems under the NEUTRIK, REAN and CONTRIK brands.

The reorganisation has been undertaken over several months and has significantly expanded and further diversified the group’s product offering across a breadth of technologies and applications; including both within and beyond the entertainment and broadcast production sectors the company has traditionally dominated. Further expansion is being undertaken across AV, lighting, Ethernet, fiber optic and power applications globally throughout healthcare and wider industrial sectors, where the company has been building supply chain relationships for some time.

Commenting on the corporate restructuring, Chad Trevithick, CEO Neutrik Group, stated, “Our proud history as a family-owned business, rooted in the principality of Liechtenstein, means that our continued success does not require a specific focus on technology; but rather in continuing to provide our passionate employees with a work environment that inspires their creativity and innovation.”

Under the new structure NEUTRIK continues to offer premium copper connectors, innovative fiber optic systems and robust field-ready, high performance digital audio network devices.

REAN, a Neutrik Group owned brand since the early 2000’s, has been repositioned as a global supplier with an extensive portfolio of ultra-robust, high reliability connectors for designers of audio, video and lighting products, offering unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a global supply chain and highly experienced regional sales network. Additionally, the REAN portfolio has been expanded to include new IP65 rated Ethernet, XLR and RJ45 connector series.

CONTRIK extends the Neutrik Group product offering with a portfolio of power distribution systems that includes an innovative equipotential bonding system and high-quality professional application power cables.