binder announce M16 connectors are AISG-compliant for 5G roll-out


Leading industrial circular connector manufacturer binder announces an M16 connector that is AISG C485-compliant and therefore suitable for application in the latest 5G wireless networks. binder has been producing M16 connectors for many years and is an established supplier of ASIG-compliant connectors for both 3G and 4G networks.
The AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) defines the communication interface for “remote electrical tilt” (RET) of the mobile phone antenna. The ASIG standard has been re-defined for 5G and binder has made available 8 pole versions which are compliant.




The new AISG C485-compliant 423 and 723 series M16 connectors are available both as cable connectors and as cable sockets – as well as flange versions – in a shielded version. The connectors meet the requirements of IP68 protection when connected thus offering maximum reliability even in adverse external conditions.
Cable assemblies fitted with these M16 connectors connect the mobile phone base station to an electric motor mounted on the base of the antenna.
In a cellular mobile phone network there is only a finite number of connections a cell can accommodate at one time. When a particular mobile cell is busy the remote electrical tilt system adjusts the antenna array mechanically to make the cell smaller. At the same time the antenna in neighbouring cells is adjusted to make them bigger to support the busy cell.
According to binder, the number and variety of applications for the M16 connector has greatly increased over the years thanks to lower contact resistance, higher pin count and improved levels of protection. This latest application is the perfect example of the M16 connector’s ability to meet new performance and environmental challenges.

Cliff launch Reliable Professional Jack Sockets Offer Switching Options


Cliff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, offers manufacturers of professional audio and broadcast equipment their industry standard ¼” S1VS series of compact vertical PCB mounting jack sockets with a range of switching contacts.

The high quality ¼″ (6.35mm) jack sockets feature a threaded metal “nose” for rugged through-panel mounting, secure connection of locking plugs and grounding to system chassis, have a durable nylon body for superior performance and are supplied with mounting hardware unassembled.

Four versions of these tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) jack sockets are available offering different switching options; Stereo models FM6700 with normally closed contacts for tip and ring, FM6701 with closed contact at tip only, FM7603 with no switching and mono version FM6704 with a normally closed contact at the tip. Solder connection or PCB mounting is facilitated by a multi-purpose tag which simplifies product design and manufacturing inventory.

Key specifications of the Cliff S1VS series of jack sockets include minimum life expectancy of 10,000+operations, operating temperature from -10⁰C to +70⁰C, maximum contact current 5A and minimum withstand voltage of 1000VDC minimum. The compact vertical mounting design has a 24mm stand-off to provide high packing density and the body is designed for auto-insertion.


John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Cliff have been supplying jack sockets to major global manufacturers of audio systems, amplifiers and effects pedals for over 40 years and continuously develop and improve our products to ensure we lead the way in reliable and cost effective audio connectors.”

All versions of Cliff’s ¼” jack sockets are in full production and available direct from Cliff and via major Distributors in the UK and Europe

Career opportunities in the Interconnect industry


Are you a graduate engineer? Are you looking for career opportunities that are rewarding and challenging? Are you an innovative thinker and flexible? then the Interconnect industry may be for you. Many of our members are regularly recruiting for qualified engineers to help them in their business growth plans.

Our association boasts a membership of some of the largest interconnect companies operating in the UK and many of these are part of global interconnect companies. Anyone joining these companies will be working with industry leading organisations who are innovative and dynamic.

If you are up for the challenge why not send your CV to the association Chairman, John Biggs at and this will be shared with our members.

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain


ITSA welcomes two new Associate Members


We are delighted to announce that the association has welcomed Lemco Precision and Swissmetal Industries as the latest companies to join as Associate Members.


Lemco Precision SA  is a leading Supplier of high precision machined pin and socket contacts into the Connector Industry and they offer a fully integrated solution with respect to in-house machining, heat treatment, plating, assembly and forming.

Swissmetal Industries SA is known worldwide for its comprehensive range of high performance Copper and Copper Alloy materials into the Connector Industry. Swissmetal have a reputation for being at the forefront of new material developments within the Connector Industry.

Both Lemco Precision  and Swissmetal Industries see themselves as leaders not followers in the Contact / Connector Industry.

Commenting on the new Associate members, John Biggs, Chairman of ITSA stated “We are delighted to welcome these two very highly regarded companies as associate members of ITSA.  As established suppliers of high quality, high specification components into the interconnect industry they already play an extremely important role within our members product sets and markets and I am certain that they will be able to make significant contributions to the associations ambitions moving forward”


ITSA Members quarterly meeting


The Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association held is last meeting for 2019 on the 9th October at Norton Park near Winchester.

The meeting was well attended and we had a full agenda for the day.

An important announcement at the meeting was that ITSA had been invited to join the RoHS Umbrella Industry project where we will be able to contribute to and influence decisions regarding RoSH exemptions which are vital to our industry. For further information please see the press release on our web site News section. Members were also advised that the association was now a registered stakeholder with the Oko Institute which again gives us a voice regarding RoHS exemptions.

Members discussed the current state of the UK interconnect market and without exception it appears that 2019 will be a very challenging year. Both concerns about BREXIT and the general global economy are negatively impacting business across most markets and the inflow of new orders has slowed considerably. It would seem that the European electronics market as a whole has only grown by around 1-2% in the first half of 2019 but interconnect appears to be performing better and the UK would seem to be out performing some other major EU countries, the UK interconnect growth in 2019 is looking to be around 3-5% by year end. Notwithstanding this there is cautious optimism for 2020.

At this meeting members approved a PR/Marketing plan for the association commencing in January 2020 which will further enhance the profile and awareness of the association.

The Chairman reported that there had been an increased interest in membership of the association at both full member and associate member level and he hoped to be able to make some announcements towards the end of 2019.

The meeting closed with members enjoying a networking lunch.

The next planned meeting will be on the 2nd April 2020 and we will be holding this at Hitchin Prior

ITSA Joins RoHS Umbrella Industry Project


October 2019 — ITSA – Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association has joined the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (“RoHS”)* Umbrella Industry Project (“the Umbrella Project”)**.

John Biggs, Chairman of ITSA commented “We are delighted to announce that ITSA has joined the Umbrella Project as part of ITSA´s mission and continued efforts to provide a favourable operating environment for the benefit of interconnect technology companies and a dynamic network for exploring and co-operating on mutually beneficial opportunities. Key to ITSA and its members´ continued success is active participation in unprecedented cross-industry global initiatives and forums, such as the Umbrella Project, which enable participants to have discussions and decide any action or position the global industry wishes to adopt with regard to key matters, and influence current and future changes to standards affecting the global industry, including the continuing technical adaptations of existing Exemptions to the European Union (EU)’s RoHS Directive substance restrictions”

Bodo Eilken, Infineon Technologies & Chair of the Umbrella Project added “The Umbrella Project warmly welcomes ITSA as a new Umbrella Project partnering association. We are excited about the potential of ITSA and its members to contribute to the Umbrella Project´s discussions and work underway. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with ITSA and its member companies in the journey of RoHS Exemptions’ technical adaptations, and beyond”.
* The EU’s RoHS Directive sets the benchmark and remains the most prominent sector-specific legislation on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. It has also served as a model for similar laws introduced in multiple jurisdictions around the world and it continues to rapidly evolve, including on-going and forthcoming policy and regulatory developments requiring continued enhanced leadership, engagement and collaboration across the global industry, and beyond.
** The Umbrella Project is an unprecedented cross-industry initiative, currently involving 53 partnering industry associations globally, aimed at fostering cross-industry dialogue on the adaptation to scientific and technical progress of existing Exemptions from the RoHS Directive substance restrictions and global industry alignment on technical substitution possibilities. Where necessary, dialogues result in joint global cross industry applications to the European Commission for renewal of selected existing Exemptions, or parts thereof, under the conditions laid down in the RoHS Directive. Participants in the Umbrella Project have been key contributors to the current Directive, including the continuing Exemptions’ technical adaptations, to everyone´s benefit.