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HUBER+SUHNER UK) Ltd are recruiting for several positions from Sales Management to Project Management and Application Engineers. If you think you have the skills, experience and ability to take on one of these challenging roles go to for more information.

binder, a leader in industrial circular connectors for automation applications, announces a new panel-mount connector with a hinged cover for maximum protection when not mated.


Female panel-mount connector has a hinged cover for max protection
• Five contacts
• Rated to 32A
• IP68/IPX9K protection

binder, a leader in industrial circular connectors for automation applications, announces a new panel-mount connector with a hinged cover for maximum protection when not mated.
Designed by binder for fast and easy assembly, the Series 696 HEC female connector protects to IP67/IPX9K and can be supplied with 4+PE, 8 (4+3+PE) and 12 silver-plated contacts and features crimp termination. The contacts are rated up to 32A at 600V.
Like all binder Series 696 HEC connectors, the new hinged cover version is manufactured from a tough UL 94V-0 rated polyamide and incorporates a three-point bayonet locking system that makes for quick and secure fastening. Because it is both waterproof and dustproof, it is ideal for applications in difficult environments such as agricultural, construction, process engineering, water purification and recycling equipment, traffic and signalling systems.

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binder has made an addition to its popular snap-in 720 Series of miniature circular connectors


Twin distributor added to binder’s popular snap-in miniature circular connector family
• Three and five contacts
• Simple locking mechanism
• IP67 when mated

April 2018.. binder has made an addition to its popular snap-in 720 Series of miniature circular connectors. The new twin distributor – a single male connector into two female connectors – will prove a welcome addition among those designers and installers who need to use miniature circular connectors in today’s machine building and automation applications.
The binder 720 Series is made up of low-cost plastic bodied connectors designed with a snap-in locking mechanism and protected to IP67 when mated. binder designed the 720 Series for use in applications where a simple waterproof connection is needed in harsh environments.
The new twin distributor features 3 and 5 gold plated contacts rated up to 7A at 250V (5A at 125V).
binder 720 Series connectors come in black as standard but binder can supply other colour coded versions – red, blue and green if required. Medical grade versions in RAL 9002 are also available. The cable connectors are field attachable, have solder bucket termination and can be mated in-line for an extension piece or coupled with the solder bucket or dip solder panel receptacles.

Two metre single-ended overmoulded cable versions are also available on request in all pin configurations.

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binder release new M12 connector


Male square flange panel-mount M12 connector is positionable and lockable for easy installation
• 4, 5 or 8 contacts
• Rated up to 4A
• A Coding

binder, a leader in industrial circular connectors for factory sensor and actuator applications, announces a new panel-mount male M12 connector that is uniquely positionable and lockable which makes the installation of wires a simple and flexible operation.
The Series 763 M12 A-coded square flange male connector consists of separate housing and contact carrier which means the flange housing can be mounted and the carrier can then be subsequently installed even from various angles – which often happens during installation.
Available with 4, 5 or 8 gold plated contacts, the new Series 763 M12 panel mount connector is rated up to 250V and protects to IP68 when mated. To ensure fast and easy termination, the M12 connector handles AWG24/7 wires.

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Members attend an excellent October meeting

16 members have attended the final ITSA meeting of 2017 which was held at Missenden Abbey on the 1oth October.


1) The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.
2) The Chairman updated all attendees with his activities since the last meeting in May.
4) The Chairman gave an overview of the associations finances which continue to look solid. We will exit 2018 with a surplus which will enable us to carry out more PR/Marketing in 2019.


The members statistics for the first half of 2018 were presented. Overall 2018 has been positive for the members despite the continuing uncertainties in the market and the ongoing weakness of the £. Virtually all members saw a slowing down in the Interconnect market in the 3rd Qtr of 2018.


A very good interactive discussion was held regarding the state of the interconnect market in 2018
Most members indicated that they are still experiencing growth in 2018 although lower than 2017. The trend, however, is that the second half of 2018 will be very challenging and there was an air of caution over how 2019 might look
The first half of 2018 has seen capacity issues surface affected by both material and component issues and parent manufacturing organisations having capacity challenges to meet their global demands.
Members Distribution channels remain very positive, in particular the big catalogue distributors are performing very well.
Currency continues to cause issues putting pressure on inbound costs and subsequently market prices.
There were some very interesting comments made about the US increasing duties on certain commodities, as Donald Trump promised, and this has or will have a very negative impact on some members products going into the US.
Brexit remains on everybody’s mind and all members are trying to develop contingency plans to overcome issues such as customs blocks etc, however, no one knows what will happen. There was a general consensus among members  that it is a case of “watch this space” as events unfold in the coming weeks.
In summary the association members have had a positive  2018 so far but there are signs that the second half could be slower and may result in an overall lower growth for 2018 than was hoped for.  Most members felt that moderate growth in 2019 is likely.

The members were provided with a summary of the UK Manufacturing Market issued by Markit/SIPS.

4. UK Manufacturing Market Summary (source of data HIS Markit/CIPS survey)

The PMI data for the first 6 months of 2018 shows a level of 54.0 which is flat over the previous reporting.
Contributing companies to the PMI reported weakening output and new orders.
The softer growth trend for UK Manufacturing continued at the start of the third quarter, this has been driven by a weakening growth of domestic business that was somewhat offset by a stronger trend in exports. Price pressures also continued driven by the high input costs which in turn have lead to the steepest rise in selling prices since February.
The start of the 3rd quarter saw the weakest rate of expansion in UK manufacturing output in 16 months.
As indicated above, exports continue to do well with improved demand from mainland Europe, USA, China and the Middle East.
Despite the weakening trend employment rose for the twenty fourth month in a row, most reporting companies linked increased staffing to planned company expansions, this despite the spectre of BREXIT.
The Bank of England raised interest rates by 0.25% recently to try and reduce inflation but it is likely that further rate increases will follow as consumer credit debt continues to increase. BREXIT remains a hot topic with many ministers saying a “No Deal” scenario is very likely now.

5. Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker at the October meeting was John Ranson who ran a very lively and interactive session on “Refreshing Skills for Modern Day Sales People”.

6. Date of next meeting

The date of the associations next meeting will be the 10th April 2019.