ODU Connectors are Exhibiting again at ECS


ODU-UK Ltd are pleased to be returning to the Electronic Component Show on Thurs May 19th at the Kassam Stadium, Oxford. Jason Laver will be manning the stand and has several new products to demonstrate, such as:


The ODU AMC® Series T connectors





The ‘T’ stands for three locking plug variants, each fitting the same receptacle, allowing a standard bulkhead across all equipment. Simply choose the locking system that is appropriate to the function at each specific connection point.

Series T connectors offer weight savings, robustness, easy handling and fast cleaning, together with secure transmission of high data volumes – all life-critical in extreme situations.



ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections




Available as circular and modular connectors,

or a custom fully-assembled fibre-optic system.

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed,

ODU high‐performance optical connectors deliver both quality and stability, serving a wide

and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:


■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

■ Fibre-only or hybrid versions


So, if you’re facing a connector or packaging conundrum, then why not drop by Stand 41 and tell Jason about your problems – he may have an answer.

However, if you are not attending the show, then more information is available here

ODU exhibiting at ISMRM 2022


ODU Connectors are pleased to be exhibiting at the ISRM Annual Conference & Exhibition  at the London ExCeL Centre, 7th – 12th May.

This is an important international event for the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) industry and we are looking forward to meeting-up again in person.

Specifically for MRI, ODU has introduced semi-automated soldering for micro-coax, RG178 and RG316 contacts – replacing crimping and providing improved lead times.

These MRI cable assemblies also offer MR balun tuning, single / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 channel cables with high qualiy imaging and are available in small-medium batches and volume production.

ODU also offers 100% end-of-line automatic testing on each cable and assembly, including tests for insertion and withdrawal forces, hi-pot and conductivity.

Please visit stand D30 to talk to our team.

ODU – high‐tech connector solutions for modern medical technology

Consistent performance and a high degree of failure protection are of vital importance in medical technology. As an interface specialist, we can help to produce safe, functional and elegant designs for all medical equipment manufacturers.

From MRI equipment to endoscopy, we design all our connectors in compliance with the strictest regulations and applicable standards, including IEC6061-1 and MDR 2021

  • High‐speed and high‐density technology
  • Sterilisable and autoclavable
  • EMC/EMI shielding
  • Glass-fibre, hybrid and non-magnetic connection options
  • Waterproof (IP50, IP67 and IP68) and hermetically-sealed options
  • Optional cable bend-relief and cable over-mouldings

If you are not attending, then information on our medical connectors is available on our website: https://odu-connectors.com/uk/industries/medical/

ODU Fibre Optics for reliable optical connections

, ,

Whenever the highest data rates and fast, interference‐free transmissions are needed, our high‐performance optical technologies deliver quality and stability, serving a wide and demanding range of applications, with a portfolio of solutions including:

■ Expanded Beam technology for harsh environments and high mating cycles.

■ Physical Contact technology for up to 1,000 mating cycles.

■ Fibre only or hybrid versions.

■ Singlemode or multimode fibre

The Expanded Beam technology is an enhanced fiber optic solution, offering high-end transmission characteristics over many mating cycles. The excellent optical insertion and return loss performance remains unchanged, even under mechanical stress and harsh environmental conditions.

Physical Contact solutions are cost‐efficient optical connections that meet all standard requirements for fast and reliable data transmission, characterised by very low insertion loss, which makes up to 1,000 mating cycles possible.

We offer these as ready‐made complete assemblies

ODU Fiber Optic products are ideal for medical technology, industrial outdoor applications and mass-interconnect scenarios. These technologies are available in circular and modular connectors and can also be supplied as a customised fully-assembled fibre optic system

Learn more about the ODU Fibre Optic range and let our experts advise you:


NEUTRIK extends powerCON® TRUE1® TOP connector series






TOP-L power connector with new design features accepts cable diameters of up to 16 mm

Ryde, Isle of Wight, 6 April 2022. NEUTRIK has announced the addition of the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L to its market leading powerCON TRUE1 TOP range of heavy duty sealed power connectors for outdoor use, in the harshest environments and most demanding applications. powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L provides a connector compatible with the largest diameter power cables required for outdoor event and production applications, capable of accepting cable from 10 to 16 mm (0.39” – 0.63”) in diameter, making them ideal for extra heavy duty type cables.

The connectors are certified to EN 60320-1, IEC 60320-1, and UL 60320-1 when applied to appropriate cables (H07RN-F3G2.5 and SOOW 12/3, SJOOW 12/3). This allows mains cables to be assembled in accordance with UL 817, CSA C22.2 No. 21, and IEC/EN 60799. Conforming to NEUTRIK’s TOP standard, UL V0 and UL-F1-rated UV resistant materials, exceptional component quality and rugged construction are standard.

Features include breaking capability – CBC @ 16A 250VAC VDE (20 A 250 VAC) – and a patent-pending design that meets requirements preventing disassembly by hand. New HTLACA and HTLACB assembly and disassembly tools are designed for use with these connectors, and facilitate faster disassembly for periodic safety testing etc..

Commenting on the powerCON TRUE1 TOP-L, Neutrik UK Product Specialist Charlie Cook says, “As with our recent NSSC self closing caps, the new -L variant further extends the powerCON TRUE1 TOP series, making it the most versatile power connector with the widest ranging cable diameter compatibility; and the only power connector series with a product certified for 2.5mm2 H07RN-F and AGE 12/3 SOOW and SJOOW cables.”

The NEUTRIK TOP® (True Outdoor Protection) standard covers a comprehensive range of sealed power, signal and data connectors for outdoor event and production applications in the most adverse climatic and environmental conditions, mitigating their negative impact on ultimate production quality. Appropriate heavy-duty, harsh environment applications include AV, PA, lighting, signage and LED screens. The TOP series extends across the NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR product ranges, with IP65 rating and certified outdoor protection to UL 50E like UV resistance.


Cliff Electronics add BNC Connector to “SLIMS” range of Narrow FeedThrough Connectors


Widely used for RF, Test and Measurement and Security

Cliff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, announce the addition of a BNC connector version to their popular SLIMS FeedThrough Connector range. Widely used for RF, Test and Measurement equipment and security systems the BNC version is available in both 50Ω and 75Ω impedances.






The narrow form factor of Cliff’s SLIMS range is widely used by audio, broadcast, data and communications systems manufacturers in the USA and becoming more popular in the UK and rest of Europe for increasing panel density and for products being exported to North America. Other applications for the new SLIMS BNC FeedThrough connector include education and laboratory devices.

Cliff’s SLIMS connector rage offers a more compact alternative to their very popular 26mm wide XLR form factor product range, the new SLIMS connectors are just 19mm wide allowing up to 20 to be mounted in a 1U, 19” rack panel, rather than just 16 of the existing XLR design.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, other SLIMS versions available are the widely used data connector types RJ45, HDMI and USB 2 and 3. Supplied in either a black plastic shell or nickel silver metal, SLIMS connectors may be mounted to the front or rear of control panels, have assembly options of 3.2mm plain holes, countersunk holes or 2.5mm plain self-tap holes. The mounting holes are on the central vertical axis of the connector.

Cliff’s FeedThrough connectors allow standard, off the shelf, connecting cables to be used for internal connectivity, simplifying and speeding up system assembly and facilitating easy repurposing of equipment.

Leaders in the design and manufacture of FeedThrough connectors, Cliff’s wide range of XLR form factor types allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast (studio and mobile), lighting, audio, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, PoE and industrial applications, instrumentation and control connectivity.

The most popular connectors in Cliff’s FeedThrough range are CAT 5e RJ45, CAT 5e Shielded RJ45, CAT 6 RJ45, CAT 6 Shielded RJ45, HDMI Female – Female, USB 3.0 A-A, USB 2.0 B-A and USB 2.0 A-A. All widely used in data and audio-visual applications.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, says” The new BNC version of our SLIMS FeedThrough connector opens a wide new marker for us in RF, wireless and security systems. Our FeedThrough connectors allow systems designers to integrate many different types of connector on to a standard 19” rack panel with just one type of cut out and use off the shelf connecting cables, greatly simplifying assembly.

The complete range of standard and FeedThrough connectors available from Cliff may be found on their website at https://www.cliffuk.co.uk/products/feedthrough/index.htm and are available from major international distributors.

For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, email end_of_the_skype_highlightingsales@CliffUK.co.uk or visit Cliffuk.co.uk

LightCONEX Optical Interconnects for OpenVPX and SOSA-aligned Applications


Optical plug-in and backplane module connectors compatible with VITA 66.5 draft standard





Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated connectors, cable assemblies, fibre optics and radio frequency components has announced the release of its new LightCONEX® optical plug-in and backplane module connectors compatible with the VITA 66.5 draft standard and aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard for VPX systems within rugged embedded computing applications and sensor systems.

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™) Consortium is developing a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open systems architecture, based on key interfaces and open standards established by industry-government consensus.  Smiths Interconnect has been a leader in the VITA 66.5 standard development under OpenVPX and is an active member of the SOSA™ consortium, which references the VITA 66.5 draft standard.

Building on the recognized reliability and robustness of the optical modules of Smiths Interconnect’s Reflex Photonics® technology, LightCONEX active blind-mate optical interconnect system is a revolutionary solution for VPX systems that incorporates an optical transceiver into the plug-in module connector. The optical interconnect meets military standard requirements for shock, vibration, and harsh environmental conditions.

Tullio Panarello, Vice President and General Manager of the Fibre Optics and Components Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect, commented: “The LightCONEX family of optical interconnects is the answer to the stringent size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements of today’s SOSA-aligned Defence applications. It offers flexibility, light weight, very high bandwidth, and forward compatibility with developing standards, while addressing the challenges of high bandwidth port density and volumetric density on the plug-in card”.

The LightCONEX blind-mate optical interconnect system includes a fixed plug-in connector and a floating backplane connector compatible with the VITA 66.5 standard. The low-profile plug-in transceiver connector is screw-mounted on the board edge through an electrical interposer, saving board space and eliminating fibre cable handling. The backplane connector has a spring-loaded MT to ensure a secure MT to MT mating connection under extreme shock and vibration conditions.

LightCONEX VPX optical interconnects offer the following differentiating benefits:

  • Increased volumetric density by incorporating 10G or 25G edge-mounted transceivers into the plug-in interconnect
  • Port bandwidth density of up to 700 Gbps full-duplex in a half-width aperture
  • Easy VPX board assembly and rework by eliminating fibre pigtail on edge-mount transceiver
  • Rugged interconnects capable of 500 mating cycles and qualified to MIL-STD-1344A for shock and vibration

SOSA is a trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.


ODU Connectors Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in the EU


The Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which came into force on May 27, 2021, changed the requirements for manufacturers that supply medical devices to the market in the EU.

The goal of the new regulation is to increase the quality and traceability of medical devices.

Accordingly, the MDR requires medical device manufacturers to meet all relevant regulatory requirements before they can bring their product to market.


In this context, the requirements refer to the medical device itself; for example, the inclusion of accompanying information and instructions for users. In addition, the technical documentation, classification, approvals, and other issues must all be ensured.


As a specialist supplier of connectors for medical applications, ODU supports our customers with complete technical documentation, providing certified qualification and validation information in compliance with DIN EN 13485:2016,” says Mathias Wuttke – Business Development Manager for the Medical Technology Division.

This includes product information in the form of technical data sheets, test reports, and labelling of products or units.  “Furthermore, we pay attention to product-related topics such as patient and user protection, and implement them in compliance with IEC60601-1 and 

we can also implement Unique Device Identification (UDI) by laser marking.”

Additionally, In the event of any alteration to products that require a new risk analysis we communicate relevant changes to our customers “For this purpose, we have set up a dedicated office within the company to provide specific information in response to manufacturers’ inquiries.” says Mathias.

Cliff 4mm Shrouded Panel Sockets mate with shrouded or unshrouded plugs


Cliff Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectivity solutions, manufacture PCB mount 4mm shrouded sockets

which can mate with both safety shrouded and unshrouded plugs. The right-angled design reduces strain between the PCB and the lead, increasing reliability and product lifetime.







The sockets are suitable for a wide range of applications including automotive diagnostic, industrial, medical, music industry, instrumentation, education, and bench and hand-held electrical testing equipment.


The Cliff range of 4mm test sockets are designed for mating with industry standard 4mm plugs and available in black, red, green, blue, brown and yellow. Contacts are gold plated socket and rated at 1000V, 24A, CAT III.


John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments, “4mm connectors are a low cost, simple to terminate and reliable connectivity solution for a very wide range of applications in the electronics, electrical and music industries.”


Cliff Electronics can supply jack sockets, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks and leads and waterproof connectors and are leaders in the design and manufacture of standard and FeedThrough connectors which mount into an industry standard XLR, 23mm cutout.


Cliff’s full range of standard and FeedThrough connectors may be found on their website www.cliffuk.co.uk and are available from major international distributors. For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, or email end_of_the_skype_highlightingsales@CliffUK.co.uk

ITSA reports “bumper year” for connector sales


UK connector sales hit record numbers in 2021, as the sector enjoyed what has been described as “a bumper year,” by John Biggs, Chairman of the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA).

On average ITSA members reported 2021 sales up over 17% on 2020, and revenues back at 5% over pre-pandemic levels.

Outstanding revenue growth of up to 40% was reported by some ITSA members, bookings were also on a roll with some members pushing up to 60% growth year on year.

2021 orders advanced 37% year on year and are 18% up on pre-pandemic levels.

Virtually every market sector contributed to this stellar performance.

Connector suppliers benefitted from increased sales in automation driven by investment in warehouses to meet increased online sales.

The trend to working from home and remote working during the pandemic buoyed demand from data centre equipment suppliers.

Medical electronics has been another stand out for the connector business, alongside traffic management, test and measurement, and mass transportation.

Broadcast is also finding its feet again as the government lifts Covid restrictions, paving the way for a revival in the events business.

John Biggs adds, “The Mil/Aero market has a lot of activity, but this has not resulted in increased revenues yet. The rail market has seen some recent growth, but this does tend to be project specific.”

Coaxial connectors have been making the running amongst the product sectors with sales soaring 33%.

Fibre optic connectors and circular connectors for harsh environments contributed handily reporting mid-teens double digit growth.

“Overall, our members have enjoyed a bumper year, and most are back at or slightly above 2019 pre-pandemic levels, comments John Biggs.

A book to bill ratio of between 1.1:1 up to 1.4:1 and a strong order book suggests 2022 will start at a gallop.

ITSA members indicated that this level of demand isn’t sustainable throughout 2022 and they expect demand to slow as we move through the year.

Most are budgeting for between 5% and 10% sales growth in 2022.

Supply Chain Issues

Getting their hands on raw materials is still proving a headache for ITSA members. Specific problem areas in the global supply chain include cables, fasteners and other raw materials. Long lead times and further incoming price increase are also having an impact.


The healthy market for connector products has stimulated investment by ITSA member companies in acquisitions and a continued investment in design and manufacturing facilities, following on from a positive trend of investment that has happened over the past two years despite the pandemic.

Electronic publications with PR




ODU Connectors Robust docking solution with high mis-alignment compensation


The ODU-MAC® Silver-Line includes modular connectors for docking systems.

A new addition to the line-up is the P4+ frame, which effortlessly overcomes tolerance compensation challenges, ensuring a durable interface for at least 100,000 mating cycles.





The P4+ frame at a glance:

  • Compensation : axial 1mm, radial +/- 4mm
  • Mounted floating on both sides
  • 100,000 mating cycles minimum
  • Optional grounding up to 10 mm²
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Cable assembly included

Eight robust frame types are available in the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line and the new P4+ frame offers an impressively increased tolerance compensation with a radial play of +/- 4 mm, ensuring optimal compensation for mis-alignment – now making even more extreme centring tasks possible.

Modular and ready for immediate use

The docking frames are available in custom lengths to suit the required modules, thus allowing the transmission of different media via a single connector. Choose a combination of signals, power, high-current, high-voltage, RF signals (coax), air or fluids, data transmission, and fibre-optics. Get your hybrid connector as a complete solution including cable assembly – your interface will then be ready for immediate use.

Robust in any environment

Uses for the P4+ frame include docking applications in industry, test & measurement engineering, as well as end-of-line testing and mechanical engineering.

One obvious use, for example, is as a charging interface for autonomous vehicles or for automatic docking during battery replacement. Furthermore, these ODU-MAC® Silver-Line frames have already proven their durability and robustness in military vehicles

Cambion says “Obsolescence, it’s the future”.


If the future is looking black due to one of your legacy or even a series production product blighted by supplier obsolescence, then let Cambion Electronics Ltd assist and support your future aspirations in this regard.  Cambion has a pedigree in providing solutions for interconnection or inductive assemblies that have been discontinued or made obsolete, be it via reverse engineering, the manufacture of adapters or re-engineering.











Cambion is autonomous in its manufacturing capabilities with stamping, machining, moulding, automatic assembly and an equipped toolroom all under one roof at its ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS/EN9100 certified Castleton, North Derbyshire facility. Consequently, Cambion has total control over factor of production so able to swiftly take on your requirements and make them a reality in double quick time. Cambion Engineers are able to provide solutions to your requirements where standard components may not be suitable. Cambion have a long and established pedigree for high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components serving the professional, automotive, military, aerospace, and industrial markets. Cambion are committed to ongoing product development. Continual Investment, especially in the latest machinery, which has resulted in substantial manufacturing and assembly capabilities to cover a broad and comprehensive range of disciplines and technologies.

Easy to handle ODU MEDI-SNAP® now also in size 3.5


The ODU MEDI-SNAP®  has proven itself as a reliable, touch-proof solution for demanding applications in medical technology, test & measurement and industrial electronics.





Now, in the new size 3.5, this classic connector offers hybrid technologies as well as high-density solutions, and at the same time is flexible enough to allow rapid adaptation to customer’s individual needs.

Hybrid, high-density, flexible

The signal-only version accommodates 41 contacts, while hybrid inserts offer signals in combination with power and fluids. Customized solutions for media such as coax or fibre-optics also possible.

Key features:

  • Maximum performance in the smallest installation space
    • Space for up to 41 signal contacts
    • Media such as signals, power and fluids combined in one interface
    • Solutions for coax and fiber optics also available
  • User-friendly, safe and reliable due to
    • Easy connection by push-pull locking system
    • Highest patient protection according to IEC 60601-1: 2 MOPP, 2 MOOP
  • High flexibility
    • Wide variety of media inserts and pin layouts due to modular design
    • Optional PCB termination for high-density apps enables easiest assembly
    • Various options available: Sealed/unsealed straight plugs in combination with sealed/unsealed receptacles for front/rear panel mount
  • Minimal possible weight due to plastic housing

ODU also offers flexible complete systems consisting of push-pull connectors, cables with matching termination and optional labelling.

Whatever your application, ODU-UK Ltd can help solve your connector problems – why not get in touch: sales@odu-uk.co.uk or www.odu-uk.co.uk or tel: 0330 002 0640

New Cat5e RJ45 Feedthrough Connector and Plug Carrier from Cliff Electronics has protection to IP65 for rugged applications


Cliff Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectivity solutions have added a new Cat5e RJ45 Feedthrough Connector to their very successful FT range which all fit into an industry standard XLR connector 24mm diameter panel cut out. In addition, a compatible, secure, snap-in lockable XLR style Plug Carrier is available to facilitate the connection of an RJ45 plug (not supplied) or cable assembly.

The new Cliff RJ45 FT Jack is a rugged nickel-plated diecast zinc metal construction offering protection to IP65, providing a dust tight and water-resistant connector for rugged applications and is supplied with an integrated dust cover for continued protection when not in use. Rated at Cat5e the socket is suitable for both Fast Ethernet (10/100) and Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) data communications.


Widely used in IT systems, consumer and audio/broadcast products Cliff’s female RJ45 Feed Through Ethernet sockets meet the wiring standard for using an 8P8C connector as defined in Part 68 of the FCC rules and are generally mounted directly on a device or on an I/O patch panel. The all-metal design reduces the effects of EMI, has a dielectric strength of 1K VDC, frequency range from 1-100MHz, contacts are rated at 1.5A/50V, lifetime is greater than 1000 mating cycles and operating temperature range is from -30°C to +80°C.


John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments, “Wired Ethernet networks remain popular in both industrial and domestic environments as they can offer more stable, interference free and faster data connection than wireless and reduce the risk of data being hacked. Our FeedThrough RJ45 Jack has a wide variety of applications for safe data connectivity for OEMs around the world and brings another variant to our very flexible FT connector range.”


Cliff are leaders in the design and manufacture of standard and FeedThrough connectors which mount into an industry standard XLR, 23mm cutout allowing 16 connectors, from a wide range of variants, to be conveniently mounted on 19” rack panels which Cliff can supply pre-assembled. Applications include audio, broadcast, AV and communications installations, medical, education and research and industrial control.


The recently introduced space saving DualSLIM FeedThrough connector series is just 19mm wide allowing 20 connectors to be assembled on a 19” rack panel. In addition to the applications above the DualSLIM is commonly used for NUC computers and mini-PCs, such as Raspberry Pi.


Cliff’s full range of standard and FeedThrough connectors may be found on their website www.cliffuk.co.uk and are available from major international distributors. For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, or email end_of_the_skype_highlightingsales@CliffUK.co.uk

Neutrik are expanding and recruiting Market Sales Engineers


Are you an experienced and successful Sales Engineer?

Do you have over 5 years’ experience in interconnect or component sales?

You may be just what Neutrik UK is looking for.

The Role

Neutrik UK Ltd is now looking to expand and diversify and are looking for dynamic and experienced UK Market Sales Engineers, who will preferably be qualified to BTEC level or higher in a commercial or technical discipline.

The ideal candidate will have over 5 years’ experience of interconnect or component sales for either a connector manufacturer or distributor. The key focus markets are industrial, medical, military etc and you must be able to demonstrate experience of selling into these markets.

The ability to identify opportunities and work with not only buyers but engineers and design teams to develop long term relationships and consistently grow sales is also a key requirement.

These are key roles with the responsibility for not only managing existing customers but identifying and securing new opportunities in order to consistently grow revenues, achieving and surpassing sales budgets and targets in the UK whilst ensuring there is full alignment between the UK and corporate strategy. The successful candidate must be able to show a successful track record in growing core businesses whilst establishing new opportunities in the markets defined. Experience of “value add” sales will also be of benefit.

These are exciting opportunities for the right candidate to join the company at a time where it is setting its growth strategy for the next 2-3 years.

These are a home-based roles as you are expected to spend the majority of your time on face-to-face customer relationships.

The successful candidate must be a self-starter and dynamic sales professional with a can-do attitude. The ability to both work on their own and as part of a team is vital as is the ability to recognise and develop profitable customers, markets and application solutions.

These positions report into the UK Sales Manager.

Neutrik is an innovative international interconnect corporation with over 40 years of know-how and experience in the manufacture and development of innovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and solutions.

The company was founded with the idea to create innovative products utilizing the latest mechanical and electrical know-how and state of the art manufacturing, this mission still holds true today. The company are recognised as a world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of coaxial, power and circular connectors with applications in the Audio and Industrial markets.

The group consists of strategically placed global subsidiaries together with a network of exclusive distributors in over 80 countries which provide global sales and technical support.


If you are interested please forward, in complete confidence, your C.V together with a covering letter clearly outlining how you fit the criteria to John Biggs jbiggs.itsa@btinternet.com or if you would like to know more please call me on 07768 147677.

Applications for these roles will close on Friday the 14th February.

ITSA announce another new member to their expanding network


We are delighted to welcome Astute Electronics as the latest member of ITSA.

Astute represent some significant interconnect manufacturers and this together with their matching industry and value add focus means that we are further strengthening our position as the “Voice of the UK Interconnect Industry”

Commenting on the appointment, John Biggs, ITSA Chairman said “I am delighted to welcome Astute as a member of ITSA, I have seen Astute grow as a business over many years but in particular I have seen them develop a significant portfolio of major interconnect manufacturers and this will add further significance to ITSA’s  representation of the UK Interconnect Market”

Peter Sullivan Astute’s Interconnect Business Development Manager, a 38-year connector veteran said ‘I have known ITSA (previously the BCMA) since my early days in the connector industry. It has always been an association dedicated to representing, supporting, and developing its members. Astute Electronics are delighted to be the first distributor with a dedicated interconnect team to be joining this great association’.

ITSA members end a challenging year on an incredibly positive note.


2021 has been another exceptionally challenging year for ITSA members, with the pandemic continuing to affect all walks of life, our members have continued to adapt in order to maintain their businesses and protect their staff.

In many ways, regardless of how the pandemic develops further, it is unlikely our members will revert to the “old way” of conducting business for the foreseeable future if at all.

What the last 2 years have show is that we can adapt and be innovative about conducting business and continue to be successful.

We are now heading to the end of 2021 and despite everything ITSA members have enjoyed a bumper year with revenues highly likely to be back at 2019 levels, or just above, and even more impressive are the very strong forward order books. This has been achieved against a backdrop of not just COVID but also increasing costs in all areas including, incoming materials, energy and utilities, transportation, employment etc. We have seen the recent reports that inflation is running at 5% or more and this does not look like stalling without some further intervention from the Bank of England.

None of the above success could have been achieved without the support of our members loyal customers, suppliers, partners, and employees and on behalf of ITSA we would like to thank everyone for their loyalty and support in 2021 and look forward to continuing to collaborate with you in 2022 and beyond.

ITSA is incredibly positive about the year ahead and would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2022.


Best Wishes                                                               Best Wishes

John Biggs                                                                 Peter Hannon

Chair                                                                           Vice Chair

ITSA                                                                            ITSA

Smiths Interconnect launches new PCB connector for rail and industrial applications


Intercompact Series optimized and qualified for next generation Electronic Control Units

Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave, optical and radio frequency products for demanding applications announced today the release of its new Intercompact Series, a light weight, compact signal and ethernet PCB connector solution designed and qualified to provide a stable connection in demanding rail and industrial applications.


The Intercompact Series is Smiths Interconnect’s answer to the rail and industrial market growing demand for compact, high-speed, and reliable connectivity for ECU boxes, in the respect of severe material and electric current requirements.


“The new generation of Electronic Control Unit boxes requires a sophisticated interconnect solution able to support steadily all I/O signals​ that the advanced devices handle.“ said Mark Kelleher, Vice President and General Manager of the Connector Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. “The new Intercompact Series is designed to offer a dependable interconnect solution that is more compact than those currently available in the marketplace, offering significant space and weight savings to our customers” he added.


The Intercompact Series is an innovative solution for PCB to PCB and floating mouting rack and panel applications currently offered in both signal and Ethernet versions.

Designed to meet the requirements of the rail and industrial environments, it is also suitable for other demanding markets such as defence, space and test & measurement.


The Intercompact Series offers:

  • 60 and 41 way signal configurations with Hypertac® Hyperboloid contacts.
  • 42 ways signal and 1 or 2 high speed quadrax 100 Ohm contacts as Ethernet versions. Additional contact positions can be offered depending on the specific application requirements.
  • Compliance with the main European Railway standards (EN45545-2, NF F61030, EN50155:2017, STM-S-001ind.D and more).
  • Compliance with MIL-C-28748 and MIL-STD-202-301 standards and EIA and IEC standards for Contact Resistance and Environmental
  • Insulators in Liquid Cristal Polymer material for an optimized insulation resistance in severe environmental conditions.

NEUTRIK extends fiber optic connectivity solutions with FIBERFOX


14 December 2021. The Neutrik Group has announced the addition of the FIBERFOX range of expanded beam technology connectivity systems to NEUTRIK’s portfolio of fiber optic solutions.






Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83526 military specifications – enabling multiple interconnections with other expanded–beam solutions – the NEUTRIK FIBERFOX Fiber Optic Connection System is the ideal solution for use in harsh environments, with performance of the expanded beam fiber optic connectivity being exceptional in wet, dirty, dusty, high and low temperature environments.


Effectively maintenance free with a theoretical unlimited lifetime, FIBERFOX can withstand in excess of 10,000 mating cycles without maintenance or insertion loss and can be cleaned using just clean water and a lint-free cloth. IP68 compliant – certified waterproof up to a depth of 6m – the connectors feature a screwed locking mechanism.


Capable of both front- and rear-mounting, the connector eliminates the need for adaptors and female and male mating halves. The system is available in 2-channel and 4-channel variants, with either configuration compatible with the other configuration, and other MIL-DTL-83526 specified systems.


FIBERFOX offers considerable technical and market advantage across a vast array of applications including AV networking, lighting, touring sound and event production, video, broadcast, and in wider industrial and strategic sectors including defence, security, transportation and petrochemicals.


ODU toolmaking is put to the test


For the first time, ODU GmbH & Co. KG took part in the 2021 German industry competition “Excellence in Production” and was one of the top finalists  – something to be proud of.






Reinhold Hechfellner with some of his toolroom team

For 18 years, the WZL machine tool laboratory at RWTH Aachen University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology have presented the best tool and mould manufacturers in the German-speaking countries with the “Excellence in Production” industry competition.

This year 265 companies competed and ODU paricipated for the first time.

All participants initially fill out a two-stage questionnaire and then receive site visits.

Eleven finalists from the tool and die industry are selected in four categories, based on detailed comparison and visits to the respective companies.

ODU were finalists in the category ‘best in-house tool shop with 50+ employees’.

In their submission, ODU demonstrated production on modern robot-integrated production lines, utilising its own injection moulds, overmoulding tools, stamping and progressive dies as well as assembly tools up to fully automated systems.

Ultimately, the category winner was ZF Friedrichshafen, but the jury also selected Robert Bosch in the Czech Republic and ODU from Mühldorf for a certificate.

Calling our category a lion’s den sums it up pretty well. We were in direct comparison with larger companies. We were there for the first time, but we did well and, above all, are broadly positioned – from punching tools to automatic machines, we make everything and have thus been able to hold our own”, said Reinhold Hechfellner, Head of Global Tools at ODU.

HARTING’s Han® 1A: flexible power, signal or Ethernet connections in tight spaces.


Simplify the installation of your machinery, automation and transportation cabling and connectivity.

HARTING’s Han® 1A connector is designed for power, signal or data transmission via a single compact design format housing. The range comes with angled or straight bulkhead mounting, as well as a panel surface mounted fixing frame for cable-to-cable mating.  All achieved through its snap-in latch/lever locking mated plastic IP20/IP65 housings.

The Han® 1A can accommodate power (10A to 16A @ 400V), signal (0.5A / 48V to 4A / 250V) and Ethernet data (M12 Cat 5 D-Code or Cat 6A X-Code insert) connection solutions, minimising BOM requirements and allowing lower piece stock costs.  It also simplifies interface panel design through one standard panel cut-out. Snap-on colour coding clips allow part differentiation.

The Han® 1A Ethernet data version offers significant advantages over recognised M12 cabling solutions whilst allowing the use of their industry recognised and proven inserts.

The inline free or cable to cable mounting frame mating allows the M12 Cat 5 D-Code or Cat 6A X-Code inserts to be mated without the optical alignment concerns of the normal M12 housing connectors.  Hence, they offer the benefit of easier handling in tight, difficult to access spaces. This can be particularly beneficial behind thin panels in applications such as train carriage cabling.

Another key advantage for such transportation applications is that the cable-to-cable housings offer either IP20 snap-in latch or an additionally vibration resistant IP65 lever locked mating solution.

Finally, you get the extra benefit of saving weight per mated pair, thanks to the lightweight plastic housings, thus supporting the reduction of the train’s carbon footprint.

For more details on the Han® 1A connector range please visit: https://www.harting.com/UK/en-gb/solutions/han-1a



Save time and money!

In areas with a high degree of automation and short cycle times, speed is of the essence.




With maximum failure protection and numerous transmission variants, the ODU-MAC® Silver-Line is specifially designed for automatic docking.

Now, with the addition of a quick-change head, this connector range also becomes a potential game-changer.

With the ODU-MAC® quick-change head, you can save valuable time and simultaneously extend your connector’s service life. With just two screws, the interchangeable part of the connector can be easily replaced, making it ready for use again in a matter of seconds. The cable assembly on the base part remains unchanged as the exchanged part is removed from the front.

This extends the potential service life of the connector and the quick-change head –

from a minimum of 100,000 mating cycles to a maximum of 10 million mating cycles.

Thanks to the ODU SPRINGTAC® contact technology, the Silver-Line also offers excellent vibration resistance and the modular connectors are characterized by a compact and sturdy universal design.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from seven different docking frames and adjust the length as needed. Then, simply assemble these with the desired modules – our configurator makes this easy – for more information click here





ITSA sees connector orders surge


Business is booming in the UK connector market says the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA). At its recent quarterly meeting (the first face to face for two years) member companies reported increases in sales between 8% to 20% year on year and UK orders are now up over 43% on 2020 and up 16% on 2019.

ITSA members’ book to bill ratios are now an average of 1.08:1 in 2021.

Overall ITSA members’ sales are up an average 14% YTD versus the same period in 2020 and even more interesting is that members are now tracking up 5% versus 2019

“Even higher levels of growth are being recorded in some market segments,” says John Biggs, ITSA chairman. “Test and measurement grew 31%, broadcast is up 32% and mass transport rose 18%.”

The medical market saw a reduction of 11% over 2020 but it is still up 63% over 2019.

Value Add sales surged again in the third quarter of 2021 and members are now reporting a growth of 45% driven by Fibre Optic, up 90% and Coaxial solutions up 67%.

Distribution continues to be very buoyant with sales now up 71% over 2021 and up 36% over 2019, and that’s a good barometer of market activity,” adds Biggs.

Future order books are strong, and ITSA members continue to experience extraordinary demand in 2021 but feel that this is not likely to continue into 2022 at the same level.

Costs and prices on the rise

This good news has to be seen in the context of increased costs affecting all industries – and connector makers are not immune.

Raw materials are more expensive, and transportation costs are rising steeply. For example, the cost of a container to transport product from the Far East has risen from £2,000 to £18,000 in the past year.

Energy prices are on the increase as are employee costs as companies strive to fill vacancies to cope with order demand.

“This is not just a result of Brexit,” asserts John Biggs. “Apart from increased red tape, Brexit seems to have had a minimal impact. The issue is a global one and everyone is facing the same increases in costs.”

This is also supported by the IHS/Markit CIPS report for UK manufacturing, which instanced supply chain delays, rising material and labour shortages as constraints on businesses.

While suppliers have absorbed some costs, price increases have been imposed on customers, ITSA members confirmed.

Lead times, double ordering a concern

A major concern for ITSA members is lead times

“They are having a major impact on member companies with some raw materials having up to 1-year lead times – although this is rare,” explains Biggs.

ITSA members are also concerned that there has been double of even triple order booking in the order pipeline. This could lead to cancellations in the future.

Covid could be a game changer

ITSA members also addressed the COVID elephant in the room.

Working practices have changed and ITSA chairman John Biggs revealed that most members believe industry will not return to the old way of everyone in the office.

“Many have implemented hybrid working policies,” he comments. “It would also seem that face to face sales/design/application meetings may not return to pre COVID levels but this did vary between member companies, whatever happens moving forward one thing is for sure and that is we have entered a different way of conducting business which will impact all members, their customers and the markets for some time to come.”

All members were positive about 2022 and beyond and most expected moderate growth to continue.

About ITSA

The Association’s origin can be traced right back to the early 1980s when it was fashionable to include specific interest groups within the Electronic Components Industry Federation or ECIF. Being fundamental to everything that is technology based, interconnection was a natural choice for an interest group and so the Connector Manufacturers Association (CMA) was established.

Through several changes, the CMA became the Interconnection Business Forum or IBF which itself stopped functioning around 2005. In 2008, ITSA was formed by several ex. CMA and IBF members as the British Connector Manufacturers Association and was relaunched in 2017 to more accurately reflect the activities of its members. It is the only dedicated trade industry body for interconnect technology companies operating in the UK.

ITSA has a presence on several standards bodies where the aim is to influence both current and future changes to standards affecting the interconnection sector. These include the appropriate BSI standards committees as well as RoHS compliance and exemption groups like the Oko Institute and the RoHS umbrella group.

Editorial Contact:

John Biggs



Tel: 07768147677

Email: jbiggs.itsa@btinternet.com

ITSA appoints Mick Elliott as its new PR and Communications specialist


We are delighted to announce that Mick Elliott has been appointed to handle PR and marketing communications for the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA).

Industry veteran Elliott has been covering the UK and Ireland electronic components industry for the past 45 years working for Electronics Weekly, EPN and for Electronic Specifier.

Says Elliott, “I am delighted to take this post with ITSA. The Association plays a progressive role in promoting the interconnect components industry in the UK and Ireland as well as providing an authoritative voice and wise counsel to industry standard bodies and the UK government.

Commenting on this exciting appointment, John Biggs and Peter Hannon (Chair and Vice Chair) said “We are absolutely delighted to have Mick Elliott as ITSA’s new PR and Communications agent, Mick is extremely well known in the industry and with his extensive experience we are certain that ITSA will get even greater exposure and recognition”

ITSA announces its latest Associate Member


ITSA are delighted to welcome the Connector Geek as its latest Associate Member.

The Connector Geek is David Pike, a veteran of the UK connector industry with over 30 years working in both the manufacturing and distribution sectors.  Connector Geek provides the interconnect industry with high quality content that bridges the gap between traditional marketing and engineering documentation.

David is passionate about connectors and is keen to support the interconnect industry in the UK.  He is very excited to be joining ITSA, both to advance the awareness of connectors and to help nurture the future leaders of our industry.

Commenting on this latest addition to ITSA’s growing associate membership portfolio, John Biggs, ITSA Chairman said, “We are delighted to welcome the Connector Geek to our association membership. With David’s extensive experience in the connector industry and his far reaching contacts we are certain that both organisations will benefit enormously”

Neutrik Group announces global multi-brand reorganization


8 October 2021. In a major reorganisation of its global operations the Neutrik Group has restructured as a multi-brand company with an extended portfolio of products. A major global player in the interconnectivity segment, the group now develops, designs, manufactures and globally distributes innovative electrical and electronic interconnect products and systems under the NEUTRIK, REAN and CONTRIK brands.

The reorganisation has been undertaken over several months and has significantly expanded and further diversified the group’s product offering across a breadth of technologies and applications; including both within and beyond the entertainment and broadcast production sectors the company has traditionally dominated. Further expansion is being undertaken across AV, lighting, Ethernet, fiber optic and power applications globally throughout healthcare and wider industrial sectors, where the company has been building supply chain relationships for some time.

Commenting on the corporate restructuring, Chad Trevithick, CEO Neutrik Group, stated, “Our proud history as a family-owned business, rooted in the principality of Liechtenstein, means that our continued success does not require a specific focus on technology; but rather in continuing to provide our passionate employees with a work environment that inspires their creativity and innovation.”

Under the new structure NEUTRIK continues to offer premium copper connectors, innovative fiber optic systems and robust field-ready, high performance digital audio network devices.

REAN, a Neutrik Group owned brand since the early 2000’s, has been repositioned as a global supplier with an extensive portfolio of ultra-robust, high reliability connectors for designers of audio, video and lighting products, offering unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a global supply chain and highly experienced regional sales network. Additionally, the REAN portfolio has been expanded to include new IP65 rated Ethernet, XLR and RJ45 connector series.

CONTRIK extends the Neutrik Group product offering with a portfolio of power distribution systems that includes an innovative equipotential bonding system and high-quality professional application power cables.

Neutrik Group announces global launch of REAN brand of audio, video and data connectors


1 July 2021. The Neutrik Group has announced the launch of REAN, a global brand marrying over 45 years precision engineering know-how with the group’s own dedicated state-of-the-art production facilities.

REAN offers designers of audio, video and lighting products a comprehensive range of connectors featuring ultra-robust, high-reliability designs, that promise unrivalled cost-performance ratios, backed by a truly global supply-chain and experienced regional sales network.

An extensive worldwide portfolio of connectors incorporates a full range of ’standard’ professional XLR, ¼” Jack, XLR/Jack combo, Ethernet, Power Connector, 3.5mm, Phono, DIN, and Dual Banana plug solutions, and the new Z Series of IP65 rated XLR and RJ45 Ethernet connectors. These are specified for outdoor applications, resistant to water and dirt, and optimised for use in lighting and digital signage   applications.






Neutrik Group CEO Chad Trevithick stated: “REAN enables the group to bring its engineering experience and expertise to focus on a new, much broader client base, enabling those customers to more readily specify quality connectors across a much wider range of product designs, offering the end user a performance connectivity solution, industry trusted and globally supported.”







Product is now available from stock, with the range set to expand significantly over the course of 2021.

ITSA – Connector sales growth escalates in Q1 of 2021

  • Member sales increase by 15% in Q1 compared to Q4 2020
  • Distribution, Broadcast and Industrial all show double digit growth
  • Fibre sales up 57% recovering the Q4 downturn
  • Circular up 28%
  • Value add recovers by 22%

2020 was, in many ways, a year to forget with the COVID pandemic severely affecting members revenues and BREXIT just adding to the uncertainty. The third lockdown over the winter just emphasised how unpredictable the pandemic has been, however, the huge success of the vaccine roll out in the UK has brought much needed confidence back to the markets and a far greater degree of certainty for the recovery of the UK economy.

A final agreement on BREXIT was reached between the UK and the EU late in 2020 and the transition has been far from plain sailing. ITSA has carried out a survey of its membership of how it has affected their businesses and the outcome of this will be released in the next few weeks.

A positive note relates to forecasts being produced for UK GDP growth in 2021/2 with 2021 expecting to see 5.7% and 2022 5.6% and unemployment reducing to 5.8%. Economists are suggesting that these forecasts may well be exceeded and that the UK economy could see one of the strongest recoveries in Europe.

Year on year comparisons are not necessarily reflective as the market was affected globally by a pandemic that had totally unexpected impact on every aspect of our members businesses.

ITSA Members report sales up by 15% in Q1 of 2021

ITSA members sales were up an average of 15% when compared to the last quarter of 2020 but there were some big differences between each member with the range covering +7% to +25%. With members enjoying a positive book to bill of between 1.04:1 and 1.06:1 over the past two quarters this bodes well for continuing improved revenues. With improved revenues and stronger long term order books our members could well enjoy a significant  boost this year.

Industrial, Broadcast and Distribution all see significant growth

With growth of 23% in Industrial, 20% in Broadcast and 14% in Distribution, three of our most significant markets are fuelling members revenue growth, however, Mil/Aero was flat which was a surprise and it will be interesting to see how this progresses into the rest of the year.

Value Add had a very poor end to 2020 but has really bounced back in Q1 2021 with both Fibre Optic and Coax improving by 16% but Copper Assemblies outstripped this by some way with an increase of 42%, this may be partly project specific.

Both the OEM and the Distribution sectors saw double digit growth of around 15%.

At the end of 2020 members were projecting a Q1 2021 being either flat or a small negative, this has not happened and for the most part all members are in a much better position than expected.

Overall ITSA members have enjoyed and extremely positive start to 2021 and most are projecting a return to 2019 levels by 2022.

With the current estimates of the UK connector market we believe that ITSA members represent 21% of the total market.

UK Manufacturing at a decade high in March

According to figures published by  HIS MARKIT/CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI, the UK manufacturing sector continued to recover in March with a PMI of 58.9, The upturn in the UK manufacturing sector gained further momentum at the end of the first quarter. Output and new orders increased as intake improved from both domestic and overseas markets, however, the sector remained beset by severe supply chain and logistics issues..

Output increased for the tenth consecutive month and at the fastest rate since last November.

Higher output has been linked to improved order intake, the vaccine roll out and the planned removal of lockdown restrictions. New business was a key driver with levels being the highest for over 3 years. This demand is coming from both domestic and overseas customers.

Supply chain issues remained a constraint on UK manufacturers causing disruption of raw material deliveries, production schedules and onward logistics to customers all as a result of COVID 19 restrictions but also disruptions caused by post BREXIT issues at ports, carriers and low stocks.

Most manufacturers maintained a very positive outlook for the year ahead with only 6% expecting some kind of contraction.


2021 has started very well for all members and if all of the forecasts and projections are right then this year could see a significant recovery in the overall economy and markets. There is, we believe, a tremendous amount of pent up activity and with consumers having spent very little over the past 12 months we should see some significant activity in a number of areas including “Entertainment, Technology i.e. mobile phones, computing, white goods etc” and this could also be fuelled by a lot of people continuing to work remotely.

Investments by members parent companies continue and we have noted that acquisitions are being announced more frequently which is extremely positive.

As an association we continue to grow and enhance our profile and we have already gained another new Associate member in the form of Batten & Allen a component manufacturer.