binder 709/719 series: Snap-in portfolio features new overmolding


Safe to use and contamination-proof

Metering and handheld operating devices in hygiene-critical application areas, such as in medical equipment, require designs optimized for safe handling as well as resistance to dirt. binder has therefore equipped its 709 and 719 snap-in series with a new overmolding that supports single-handed mating and unmating, but also improves resistance to contamination.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, is offering its 709- and 719-series products with a new overmolding for the straight versions. The connectors featuring snap-in locking are characterized by high retention forces – measured against their size – but can still be quickly mated and unmated. These properties are beneficial in metrology and medical-device-technology applications, for example, which are subject to enhanced functional safety requirements.

Safety properties improved

Both in instrumentation and in medical technology, it is often important to protect devices and their interfaces against contamination from the environment, so binder engineers have developed a triangular overmolding design that features no gaps, grooves, or undercuts allowing dirt to accumulate. This significantly increases the applications’ resistance to contamination. Furthermore, the straight product variants are very easy to handle thanks to the new type of overmolding, making one-handed mating and unmating safe and comfortable.

When developing the new overmoulding, the product designers at binder succeeded in maintaining the properties at the same high level as the previous version, despite the new design without special kink protection. The kink protection ensures that the strands do not break under mechanical stress – when the cable kinks. This was proven in advance by means of bending tests.

Product series at a glance

The 709 and 719 snap-in series offer users the benefits of a fast and secure locking system with high retention forces. The products are available as male and female cable connectors with or without strain relief. The 3- to 5-pole series have been designed for wire gauges up to 0.25 mm2 (up to AWG 24) and soldering or dip soldering termination. The IP40-protected products achieve a mechanical lifespan of 100 and more mating cycles.

Fields of application:

  • Measurement technology and instrumentation
  • Medical-device technology


  • Protection degree: IP40
  • Pin count: 3- to 5-pin
  • Termination: soldering, dip soldering
  • Rated voltage: 60 V
  • Rated current: 3 A
  • Operating-temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Lifespan: >100 mating cycles