binder Product optimization: M12 panel mount connector


Compact design featuring assembled wires

 An advanced sealing concept, safety features, and sustainable materials characterize latest enhancements to the binder panel mount connectors in M12 size. Users in process, sensor, and drive technology also benefit from optional shielding and customization.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, is expanding its M12 portfolio to include panel mount connectors with a continuous M12x1 mounting thread, which are now equipped with assembled wires. In addition to the previously offered dip-soldered versions, this variant is now available in a second termination type. With these products, binder is targeting applications in automation technology, such as process automation, sensor and actuator technology, and robotics. Here, the panel mount part is particularly suitable for installation in confined spaces, as it can be attached directly from the front. Larger fastening threads for the coupling nut typical with M12, such as M16x1.5, are not required with this product.

Sealing, fixation and anti-rotation device

As part of the product redesign, the binder engineers have integrated a new type of sealing concept. The connector body is pressed into the panel mount connector sleeve on the connection side rather than the male connector side as before. Thus, the seal is made on the front side instead of on the rim of the male connector body, which ensures constant tightness of the design under industrial conditions.

The male panel mount sleeve made of lead-free brass is a sustainable solution from an ecological point of view. It has also been provided with a specific inner contour to securely fix the male receptacle. This contour also acts as a receptacle anti-rotation device.

Options in design and manufacturing

On request, the body of the male panel mount connector can be pressed into the sleeve in 45° increments according to customer specifications. Molding is possible, but not necessary. For use in electromagnetically exposed environments, a shield plate may also be attached to the sleeve on the connection side.

The panel mount connector can optionally be attached with an anti-rotation device by means of a flattening on the M12 thread.

M12 background

Since their market launch more than four decades ago, M12 connectors have maintained their leading role in automation field device connectivity. The classic use is for industrial sensor/actuator installations, now supplemented by robotics, industrial IoT, and 5G infrastructure.

M12 connectors are subject to the DIN EN IEC 61076-2 standard and, thanks to standardization, in principle replaceable across manufacturers. This interoperability is the key to the widespread acceptance of the M12 format in factory and process automation.

In addition to performance improvements in transmission rates and signal quality, current developments in the M12 format are focusing primarily on robust and reliable function, reduced dimensions, user-friendly handling, and sustainability. In this context, binder’s product optimization represents an important step in the future-oriented expansion of the binder portfolio for industrial automation.


Fields of application:

  • Automation technology
  • Robotics
  • Process technology
  • Sensor and actuator technology


  • Mounting thread: M12x1, continuous
  • Termination: assembled wires
  • Molding and shielding plate as options

Male panel mount connector may be pressed into the sleeve in 45° increments

Fischer Connectors achieve JOSCAR registration


Demonstrating commitment and credentials to defense, aerospace and security sectors through the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register











At a time of global geopolitical upheaval and subsequent rearmament, the defense and security market is highly competitive and its supply chain is under pressure. When suppliers in this industry access the procurement and prime contractor network of a given region or country, it is important to be able to demonstrate the quality of one’s products and their compliance with the most stringent standards. As a member of the UK’s Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) for over four years, Fischer Connectors has been able to consolidate its position as a trusted partner in the UK aerospace, defense, and security supply chain, thanks to easy access to prime contractors and efficient procurement processes. This accreditation, which is renewed every year, is also proving its worth on the international stage.

Trust, reliability and adherence to strict standards are paramount in the aerospace, defense and security sectors. This is particularly true when the procurement process is complex, demand is high, and lead times are long, making the supply chain even more challenging.

In the UK, Fischer Connectors has been supplying high-performance MIL-SPEC connectors, cable assemblies and electronic solutions for several decades. Since September 2019, our company has been an accredited supplier to the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) to strengthen its partnerships in the UK aerospace, defense and security industry and supply chain.

“The JOSCAR accreditation facilitates Fischer connectors’ access to the supply chain used by UK prime contractors, allowing us to strengthen and expand partnerships with key UK buyers, fostering trust and collaboration,” explains Joao Rocha, Managing Director of Fischer Connectors UK. “It serves as a testament to Fischer Connectors’ commitment to quality and reliability, reinforcing its reputation as a preferred supplier to mission-critical sectors.”

Joao Rocha, Managing Director of Fischer Connectors UK: “The JOSCAR certification is a crucial factor in securing contracts, expanding market reach, and increasing our competitiveness on a national and international scale.”

Navigating the procurement process can be complex and time consuming, especially for businesses operating in highly regulated industries such as defense and security. With JOSCAR accreditation, Fischer Connectors streamlines this process for both itself and its customers. The centralized JOSCAR database provides easy access to Fischer Connectors’ compliance documentation, certifications, and audit reports, facilitating efficient supplier evaluation and selection. This streamlining of procurement processes saves time and resources for all parties involved, resulting in smoother transactions and improved business outcomes.

At the same time, through JOSCAR, Fischer Connectors demonstrates its commitment and credentials to this demanding industry internationally. With UK prime contractors operating in other regions of the world, the JOSCAR accreditation serves as a further qualification for the supply chain of military technology and equipment manufacturing supply chain worldwide.

“Over the years of our membership, we’ve experienced the importance of having the JOSCAR accreditation open doors to new opportunities for Fischer Connectors,” Joao Rocha continues. “With JOSCAR, our company gains access to a broader network of potential customers and partners, both domestically and internationally. Many major buyers and primes require suppliers to be JOSCAR-certified as a prerequisite for doing business with them. This makes certification a crucial factor in securing contracts, expanding market reach, and increasing our competitiveness on a national and international scale.”

The JOSCAR registration mark is yet another official seal of approval for the world-renowned quality and ruggedness of Fischer Connectors products for critical industries.

As a reminder, our company’s high-performance, Swiss-quality connectivity solutions meet the rigorous demands of military operations, withstanding water ingress up to IP68 / IP69, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration. They comply with the highest standards in the connector industry, such as IEC, EIA, MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-810, and some of Fischer Connectors products are specifically designed to be compatible with Nett Warrior and NATO STANAG 4695 and 4851 components.

A wide range of benefits

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses across various industries are constantly seeking ways to distinguish themselves, streamline processes, and build trust with their customers and partners.

JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is an accreditation system for suppliers that operate in the UK defense, aerospace and security sectors. JOSCAR enables registered prime contractors such as BAE Systems, Leonardo, NATS, QinetiQ and others to confidently trade with pre-qualified organizations and provides access to a centralized supplier database.

The JOSCAR Registration Mark is valued by some of the largest purchasers in the aerospace, defense, and security community and indicates that the accredited organization has gone through the process required to demonstrate its commitment and credentials to the industry.

JOSCAR certification therefore serves as a powerful tool for driving business success in these industries. It offers its members many benefits, from strengthening supply chain relationships to enhancing market access and streamlining procurement processes.

Strengthened supply chain relationships

JOSCAR serves as a centralized database where suppliers can demonstrate their compliance with industry standards and regulations. By achieving JOSCAR certification, businesses signal their commitment to meeting the rigorous requirements of key buyers and primes in the aerospace, defense, and security sectors. This fosters trust and confidence among partners, leading to more collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.

Enhanced market access

For organizations operating within the aerospace, defense, and security industries, gaining access to new markets can be a significant challenge. The JOSCAR certification can open doors to new opportunities by increasing visibility and credibility within the marketplace. Many major buyers and primes require suppliers to be JOSCAR-certified as a prerequisite for doing business with them. By obtaining certification, companies can expand their reach and compete for lucrative contracts on a national and international scale.

Streamlined procurement processes

JOSCAR certification streamlines the procurement process by providing a standardized platform for suppliers to showcase their qualifications and credentials. Buyers can easily access supplier information, including compliance documentation, certifications, and audit reports, through the JOSCAR database. This simplifies supplier selection and evaluation, saving both time and resources for all parties involved.

Demonstrated commitment to quality and compliance

Achieving JOSCAR certification demonstrates a company’s unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and compliance. The rigorous certification process requires suppliers to adhere to stringent industry standards and regulations, ensuring that products and services meet the highest levels of quality and reliability. By obtaining JOSCAR certification, organizations not only mitigate risks associated with non-compliance but also enhance their reputation as trusted and reliable partners within the supply chain.

Competitive advantage

In today’s competitive business landscape, differentiation is key to success. JOSCAR certification provides a unique competitive advantage by setting certified suppliers apart from their counterparts. With JOSCAR certification, businesses can distinguish themselves as preferred partners for major buyers and primes, giving them a competitive edge when bidding for contracts and opportunities. This can lead to increased market share, revenue growth, and long-term sustainability in an ever-evolving industry.


Expanding Capabilities: LEMO UK Introduces Injection Moulding Machine










LEMO UK has enhanced its cable assembly production capabilities by integrating a Babyplast Injection Moulding Machine. This addition enables the manufacture of cable assemblies with custom over-moulded bend reliefs, precisely tailored to meet the unique customer requirements.

Key customer benefits:

  • Enhanced Durability: Over-moulding bend reliefs improves the durability and longevity of cable assemblies, ensuring reliable performance. Having the capability to optimise the material choice dependant on the cable characteristics and end-use requirements, means we can offer improved  performance based on the specifics of a unique application.
  • Customisation: Our customers can benefit from the ability to customise their cable assemblies with over-moulded bend reliefs to suit specific application end-use requirements.
  • Streamlined Supply Chain: By offering this additional service in-house, customers can enjoy a more streamlined supply chain and quicker turnaround times.
  • Quality Assurance: Customers can have confidence in the ISO-certified quality of the over-moulding process and the final product, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Advantages of outsourcing cable assembly:

Outsourcing cable assembly manufacturing provides numerous advantages. By partnering with LEMO, a leader in the industry, businesses not only save money but avail from engineering design support, fast prototyping, shorter production lead-times, and fast delivery. LEMO guarantees reliable, high-performance connectivity from our state-of-the-art ISO-certified manufacturing facility in the UK supported by LEMO’s network of manufacturing subsidiaries located around the world. Need help with a project? Contact us.

ODU Connectors Exhibiting at Battery Cells & Systems Expo – 15-16th May at NEC


ODU will be demonstrating products specifically designed for battery applications, such as:

ODU-MAC® Power ConnectorFor high-current and high-voltage

A modular interface ideal for testing storage systems, battery cells, inverters, charging stations, and electric drivetrains.

  • Up to 600 amps per connector (with 2 bridged contacts using busbars)
  • IP2X touch protection
  • Low mating and de-mating forces thanks to ODU LAMTAC® Flex
  • Tolerance compensation +/- 4.0 mm
  • 2 or 3-pin version including PE connection
  • Minimum 10,000 mating cycles

The ODU-MAC® Power Connector is also available as a compact hybrid block, which can be used in an enclosure for manual mating. This version is also compatible with the……

ODU-MAC® Black Line Mass Interconnect Solution 

ODU Mass interconnect systems are used for automated testing, with

reliable measurements ensured by ODU’s well-proven contact technology.


A highly flexible configuration of interfaces is enabled by incorporating modular connectors.


A complete package is available,

offering a customized total solution with everything from a single source, including cable assembly.


So, if you have connection issues, then why not stop by Stand 1130 for a chat.


ODU-UK Ltd                                          tel: 0330 002 0640   

email:                 web: 

Cliff Electronics extends VHDCI Cable Range


Shielded and EMC Cable protected for Defence, Aerospace and Space applications

Cliff Electronics leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, have extended their range of industry standard VHDCI (very-high-density-cable-interconnect) “Centronics” style cables to meet the requirements for interconnecting connecting instrumentation in industries such as Defence, Aerospace and Space

A new 0.5m length has been added to the existing range of 1 and 2 metre versions. Commonly known as a “Centronics” type data cable all are terminated with standard D-Shaped connectors.

VHDCI cables are used in high performance data transfer applications supporting the latest SCSI style interfaces as well as for connecting peripherals such as portable disc drives, RAID data storage, HIL (Hardware in the Loop) applications, tape backup drives and CD-ROM players as well as printers to computers. Although USB cables are now more commonplace, parallel cables are still required for many uses including connecting to legacy devices.

The VHDCI cable connector is very small and allows placement of four wide SCSI connectors on the back of a single PCI card slot. It uses the regular 68-contact pin assignment with the male connector (plug) on the cable and the female connector (“receptacle”) on the equipment panel.

Other key specifications include.

Operating current 0.5A maximum per contact.

Operating voltage maximum 30V AC (RMS)/DC.

Enhanced EMC Shield.

EMI protection, ferrite core: Ø17.5mm x 28.5mm x Ø12mm.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, says” Our new 0.5m length VHDCI cable meets the need for connecting equipment mounted in racks or other close proximity systems where it effectively becomes a patch cable. It will be welcomed by system integrators who need to keep interconnect cabling to a minimum”.

Cliff Electronics are market leaders in the design and manufacture of standard and FeedThrough connectors for audio, broadcast and industrial systems including Fibre-Optic.

Cliff is also a leading suppliers of jack sockets, DC power connectors, terminal binding posts, test connectors and leads, optical jacks and leads and waterproof connectors.

The full range available from Cliff may be found on their website at

Cliff products are available from major international distributors, for more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, email or visit


binder Custom connectivity solutions Innovations beyond the standard


Although standard products from the binder portfolio suit most applications, they do not fit all of them. In such cases, the Neckarsulm-based manufacturer’s solution expertise comes into play: namely in the form of exclusive connectors that are perfectly tailored to the application. Customers benefit from binder’s exceptional vertical integration as well as six decades of experience in design and engineering. Examples of customer-specific developments can be found for instance in the medical-device and plant engineering sectors.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, develops and manufactures specialized connectivity solutions according to customer requirements. The focus is on use cases with special demands that exceed the typical scope, so that none of the binder catalog products meet all the criteria. Such applications can be reliably implemented with customized solutions from the Neckarsulm-based specialist. binder has extensive know-how and more than 60 years of experience in the design and development of connectors – and has been creating individual connectivity solutions together with customers and according to their ideas for just as long.

Vertical integration and quality expertise

For the benefit of its customers, binder offers design, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and automation from a single source. Through its affiliated companies, the manufacturer has additional expertise in stamped, turned, and cast parts as well as in galvanics, PCB design, and component assembly. Furthermore, binder’s customized products are qualified in the company’s own laboratory.

With the help of Failure Mode and Effects Analyses (FMEA), critical design and production challenges are identified at an early stage. Sample assemblies and preliminary tests in the binder lab support the optimization and quality assurance of custom products as well as the monitoring and approval of pilot series production by the quality project managers. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 + AC:2018 + A11:2021 certifications underline binder’s competencies in terms of quality and environmental management.

Applications – medical and more

The target markets for binder’s tailor-made products are as diverse as the company’s customers. Examples of applications can be found in sanitary and medical device technology, industrial automation, as well as metrology and controls. A typical requirement in medical device engineering, for example, is that connectors must not be identical. An interface has to be unique to prevent mismating. In addition, resistance to certain liquids can already be considered during the design phase when selecting the components’ materials. Potential medical applications include respiratory and dialysis equipment, instruments for ultrasound and electrotherapy, as well as infusion pumps and contrast agent injectors.

Examples from medical-device

For applications in patient monitoring, binder has developed a modular 12-pin connector system consisting of a panel mount plug and eight panel mount sockets (970 series).

Reliability was the key design criterion. While the sockets were integrated into the housing of the patient monitor, the plugs were part of the pluggable parameter modules. Concentric arrangement of the contacts ensured the plug connection was centered automatically when mating – without the need of removing the protective cap.

Conclusion: High-quality, reliable … and highly individual

When realizing customer-specific development projects, all binder corporate divisions involved operate in a flexible and extremely customer-oriented manner. Thanks to their outstanding experience and technological capabilities, binder is able to develop and manufacture highly individualized connectors for different target markets according to customer specifications – providing excellent supply reliability and at the highest level of quality.About binder
binder, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany, is a family-owned company characterized by traditional values and one of the leading specialists for circular connectors. Since 1960, binder has been synonymous with the highest quality. The company works with more than 60 sales partners on six continents and employs around 2,000 people worldwide.

The binder group includes the binder headquarters, 16 affiliated companies, two system service providers as well as an innovation and technology center. In addition to Germany, the binder sites are located in Austria, China, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.


Fields of application:

  • Automation Technology
  • Instrumentation
  • Metrology and controls
  • Sanitary technology
  • Medical technology


  • Tailored according to individual requirements
  • With a high level of vertical integration
  • Qualified in the binder lab
  • To the highest quality standards
  • With excellent supply reliability