binder M12 connectors as SMT variants for efficient, automated processes


Several M12 connector series from binder are available in versions for surface mount technology (SMT). On the one hand, they are advantageous for integration into space-critical designs, on the other hand, the good automation capability in further processing offers enormous savings potential.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, offers products from several M12 series as surface mount devices (SMDs). They are suitable for further processing in fully automated processes, such as for the particularly dense, double-sided assembly of PCBs. These are used in automation technology devices, sensors and actuators as well as in robotics.

SMDs: Space-saving and economical to process

In the course of miniaturizing electronic assemblies, surface mounting has proven itself in component assembly with high component density. In contrast to the classic through-hole technology (THT) or through-hole reflow (THR) process, the SMD contact pins are placed directly on the surface in the SMT process and connected using solder paste instead of being inserted through the PCB and then soldered. This allows significant space savings to be made: for example, many connectors can be mounted with very small distances in one plane, as is required for passive/active sensor distributors in automation technology.

SMDs are usually supplied on so-called blister tapes (tape & reel) – a type of packaging that is suitable for automated further processing by the customer. In addition to space-saving PCB assembly, this ability to automate production is a significant advantage of surface mounting. It is characterized by its cost-effectiveness, especially for large quantities or when several connectors are to be processed on one PCB. Furthermore, advantages can be achieved in terms of heat dissipation and signal integrity as well as a reduced susceptibility to errors during assembly.

SMT product variety from binder

The binder SMT products are available in versions with 4, 6 and 8 contacts and with different codings. They are available in both shielded and unshielded versions. The M12 connectors are also available in different versions – for example as a set with different flange housings, as a built-in part in blister packaging or tape & reel packaging for automated processing.

In detail, these are A-coded M12 connectors from the 713/763 series, B-coded components from the 715/766 series and connectors from the 825/876 series with D-coding and the 876 series with X-coding.

Depending on the coding, the M12-SMT variants are suitable for different applications: A-coded for sensors and DC power, B-coded for Profibus and D- and X-coded for 100 Mbit and 10 Gbit Ethernet respectively.

All M12 products from binder provide industry-relevant protection acc. to IP67 against the ingress of dust and water. The binder variants are based on the current market standards with regard to the PCB drilling pattern, which means that switching to binder products requires little effort.

ODU Connectors at DPRTE 2024


ODU are looking forward to exhibiting at DPRTE, Farnborough 27th March 2024,

so as to show-off their latest developments in military connector technology.

ODU has a long pedigree in soldier communications, with their Advanced Military Connector (AMC) range being specifically developed for this market.

Now this range has been considerably extended to offer connectors for all varieties of military equipment

                                                                                  Image courtesy of Thales

The ODU-AMC® T-Series Connector – Beyond 38999.

Three locking variants of plug [push-pull, break-away or screw-lock] can fit the same receptacle, giving space-envelope savings over comparable density MIL-38999M Now, in-vehicle OEM’s can fit the same bulkhead fitting across all equipment, leaving the locking preference to the plug-in equipment.

Even Higher Data Rates

DPRTE will showcase the ODU AMC® Series T Expanded Beam Connector, combining advantages of a classic expanded beam – insensitivity to dirt, scratches etc. with the high-performance attenuation of a physical contact (< 0.3 dB).

Improved Power Connector

ODU AMC® NP – Quick disconnect, robust break-away, high performance:

Minimum 2000 mating cycles, improved power contacts with USB 2.0© capability.

IP68 20m / 120mins. Ideal for apps such as PDU‘s, CWB’s and C4ISR peripherals

Compatible with NATO STANAG 4695, Nett Warrior and GOSSRA

Supplier Partner

ODU offers a complete service – connectors, cable, over-moulding, watertight-potting and metalwork – shipped to line. However, the company’s skill-set includes one further special ingredient – flexibility – the ability to sit down with the customer and design a way out of a problem, produce a connector that is truly fit-for-purpose and  deliver on-time and within budget.                                                                                                                   So, if you’re faced with a connector or packaging conundrum, then why not drop by stand 152 and tell them about it – they may have an answer.


ODU-UK Ltd                                          tel: 0330 002 0640   

email:                 web: 

ODU Connectors:- Defence Industry Supply Chain Challenges – strategy for connectivity solutions


Ensuring supply capability in the defence sector currently requires challenging measures, especially in times of geopolitical uncertainties, diplomatic tensions and increased demand.

One significant aspect that influences manufacturers is dependence on their own sub-suppliers. This requires a strategic diversification of the supplier base in order to strengthen resilience.

The rapid development of new technologies requires continuous adaptation of equipment and systems. The associated shorter development cycles make it necessary to proactively manage supply chains.

Defence companies are now faced with the need to reassess the risk of once established global supply chains compared to regional or even purely national approaches.

ODU’s risk mitigation strategy 

ODU’s connectivity solutions are an integral part of the global military and security industry and as such require an adequate risk strategy. At ODU, this means a strategic focus on minimising risk and ensuring delivery capability. The focus is on the following measures:
■   Vertical integration

Maximum vertical integration allows efficiently produced projects with specific requirements. Around 80% of the manufacturing steps along the production and development process take place in-house. This vertical integration is particularly important for make-or-buy processes in the context of risk mitigation.

■   Ensuring redundant production and delivery capability

ODU implements redundant supply chains and production processes in its own production facilities in Germany, Romania and Mexico. In addition, cooperation models are developed with external partner companies and duplicated production of certain systems is ensured. This fulfils customer requirements for multi-sourcing capability.

■   Proactive supply chain planning

ODU supports customers in the planning and integration of connection solutions into their systems at an early stage in order to procure critical components and provide initial product demands within agreed lead-times. Risk-minimized supply chains, especially for critical components, ensure success.

“This risk mitigation strategy not only ensures the security of supply chains, but also enables a flexible and timely response to changing geopolitical conditions. ODU remains committed to providing high-quality and reliable products for global defence customers.”

ODU-UK Ltd                                          tel: 0330 002 0640   

email:                 web: 

LEMO UK to Showcase High-Performance Interconnect Solutions at Security and Policing Trade Show










LEMO UK, a leading provider of high-performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for security, defence, and emergency services, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Security and Policing Trade Show, scheduled to take place from March 12 to 14, 2024, at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Hosted by the Home Office’s Joint Security & Resilience Centre (JSaRC), Security & Policing offers a world‐class opportunity to meet and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with UK and overseas Government officials and senior decision makers across the law enforcement and security sectors.

With a commitment to providing high-quality connectivity solutions, LEMO specialises in state-of-the-art connectors and cable assemblies that cater to a diverse range of applications and environments. From safeguarding critical infrastructure to enhancing emergency response capabilities, LEMO’s products are trusted by professionals across various sectors.

Visitors are invited to Stand B104 to meet the LEMO team, discuss their specific challenges, and explore custom connection and cable solutions throughout the 3-day event. LEMO partner with a diverse range business across the United Kingdom and Ireland providing tailored services, from design support to full customer delivery, at its purpose-built 42,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Worthing, West Sussex.

To register for your free ticket to Security and Policing please visit m

For more information about LEMO, please visit

CAT6 IDC Connector latest addition to Cliff Electronics FeedThrough Connecter Range


Cliff Electronics announces a CAT6 Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) to their very popular range of Feed Through connectors. The new connectors provide a panel mounted ethernet (RJ45) 8-way connector, commonly used in network applications, that users can hardwire internally using the IDC contacts at the rear. The IDC system is ideal for all on-site wiring in applications such as ethernet networks, audio and broadcast.

The new CAT6 IDC FT joins the existing wide range of Feed Through connectors from Cliff that can be assembled into an industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel cut-out in an enclosure or 19” rack panel and is also available in the DualSLIM narrow mounting hole design for where space is limited or more connectors are required on the panel. Using industry standard panel cut-outs for their FeedThrough Cliff simplifies system design and assembly and improves system aesthetics.

All other Cliff FeedThrough connectors use ready-made cables on either side of the panel when in use. The new CAT6 IDC version allows hardwired connections to be made.

With the rear cover removed connecting wires are pushed into the corresponding numbered and colour coded slots and then terminated using an IDC tool, the cover is snapped back for safety and to provide a degree of strain relief to the cable. The IDC connection method guarantees each connection being made quickly, accurately and securely using a simple tool with no soldering or crimping required.

The Product Development Team at Cliff Electronics comments” IDC connection technology is a very popular, secure and simple connection method for permanent wiring of a wide range of equipment. Mounting the commonly used Cat 6 IDC connector on the same industry standard XLR connector frame as the rest of our very successful Feed Through mounting connectors means it can be assembled along with other Feed Through connectors in a panel with the same cut-out required for all of them. We can also supply all our Feed Through connectors pre-assembled into rack panels offering systems integrators fast and convenient system assembly.”

Cliff’s XLR  and Slim format Feed Through connectors are widely used in audio and broadcast systems and are finding increasing popularity with instrumentation, medical and industrial applications due to the format’s flexibility, security and reliability.

Cliff’s Feedthrough connectors now provide Analogue, Digital and Optical Feed Through connectivity in formats including DisplayPort, Firewire, RJ45, HDMI and 50 and 75 ohm BNC versions, USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A “gender change” sockets high speed USB Type – C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations – A-A, A-B and B-A. Also available are all popular data and Ethernet connectors including LC and SC fibre (Duplex & Simplex, APC, MM, OM3, ST and US Conec MTP), UTP and FTP RJ45s in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), Toslink, RCA Phono and blanking plates.

Cliff Electronics are market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors, leads, test lead sets and accessories for a wide range of markets and supply major international OEMs. As a UK manufacturer Cliff can respond quickly to customer’s needs for both standard products and custom designs. Cliff manufactures audio, optical and power connectors and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts and connection blocks, motors, fans and assembly aids. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including test and instrumentation, audio, instrument and power.

Cliff’s XLR and Slim footprint FeedThrough connectors are available direct from Cliff and via major Distributors in the UK and Europe. For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375,






For further information contact.

Cliff Electronics Ltd.

Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2PF, England

+44 (0)1737 771375

binder 709/719 series: Snap-in portfolio features new overmolding


Safe to use and contamination-proof

Metering and handheld operating devices in hygiene-critical application areas, such as in medical equipment, require designs optimized for safe handling as well as resistance to dirt. binder has therefore equipped its 709 and 719 snap-in series with a new overmolding that supports single-handed mating and unmating, but also improves resistance to contamination.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, is offering its 709- and 719-series products with a new overmolding for the straight versions. The connectors featuring snap-in locking are characterized by high retention forces – measured against their size – but can still be quickly mated and unmated. These properties are beneficial in metrology and medical-device-technology applications, for example, which are subject to enhanced functional safety requirements.

Safety properties improved

Both in instrumentation and in medical technology, it is often important to protect devices and their interfaces against contamination from the environment, so binder engineers have developed a triangular overmolding design that features no gaps, grooves, or undercuts allowing dirt to accumulate. This significantly increases the applications’ resistance to contamination. Furthermore, the straight product variants are very easy to handle thanks to the new type of overmolding, making one-handed mating and unmating safe and comfortable.

When developing the new overmoulding, the product designers at binder succeeded in maintaining the properties at the same high level as the previous version, despite the new design without special kink protection. The kink protection ensures that the strands do not break under mechanical stress – when the cable kinks. This was proven in advance by means of bending tests.

Product series at a glance

The 709 and 719 snap-in series offer users the benefits of a fast and secure locking system with high retention forces. The products are available as male and female cable connectors with or without strain relief. The 3- to 5-pole series have been designed for wire gauges up to 0.25 mm2 (up to AWG 24) and soldering or dip soldering termination. The IP40-protected products achieve a mechanical lifespan of 100 and more mating cycles.

Fields of application:

  • Measurement technology and instrumentation
  • Medical-device technology


  • Protection degree: IP40
  • Pin count: 3- to 5-pin
  • Termination: soldering, dip soldering
  • Rated voltage: 60 V
  • Rated current: 3 A
  • Operating-temperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Lifespan: >100 mating cycles