ITSA associate member Lemco, announces new manufacturing site


Lemco Précision SA is proud to announce the opening of a new manufacturing branch
at Bioggio, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, as of October 1st, 2023.
Lemco Précision SA completed an asset-based transaction with US-headquartered
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CIT) to take over the entire staff of Tri-Star
Electronics Europe’s Bioggio manufacturing plant, acquire some manufacturing
equipment and conclude a new lease related to the Bioggio location.
This transaction enhances our group operations and secures the availability of high
skilled personnel for both conventional Swiss cams screw-machines and transfer
machines. This material addition of skilled manufacturing staff will contribute to meeting
our clients’ current and future increasing needs, thereby laying a solid foundation to the
continuing growth of Lemco Précision’s group.
We will from end November 2023 to the end of March 2024 transfer to our new
manufacturing branch in Bioggio (i) certain cams machines presently located in our
Monthey (Valais) plant and (ii) certain transfer machines presently located in our
Vionnaz (Valais) plant.
Accordingly, cam and/or transfer operation steps of defined parts will be operated from
our Bioggio branch using the same machines. The list of transferred parts will be
provided separately by our customer service team. There is no impact on form, fit or
function. Partial FAI will be provided on request.

LEMO UK renews ISO 13485 certification for medical device quality management


LEMO UK is pleased to announce the successful renewal of its ISO 13485 certification, a globally recognised standard for quality management systems within the medical device industry. This accomplishment demonstrates LEMO’s dedication to upholding the highest quality and compliance standards in this specialised field.

ISO 13485 is a global standard for medical devices, addressing the entire device lifecycle, including design, production, installation, and servicing. Its purpose is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical devices for their intended applications.

Following the comprehensive ISO audit process with the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), LEMO successfully adhered to all the necessary quality management regulations and requirements. As a result, the renewed ISO 13485 certification is valid for three years, commencing on the 16th of October 2023.

This accreditation empowers LEMO to continue advancing and enhancing its interconnection solutions and services within the expanding medical technology market. LEMO’s collaboration with customers striving to create groundbreaking medical devices is mutually advantageous, as they recognise the significance of connectors manufactured to the exacting ISO 13485 standards, saving time, and creating a clear path from innovation to the commercialisation of their products.

The renewal of ISO 13485:2016 certification is just one example of LEMO’s ongoing commitment to quality and safety in the medical device industry.

Find out more on our MEDICAL industry page

LEMO is proud to present its new website


LEMO is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website, designed to enhance the online journey like never before. Our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction has led us to revamp our digital presence.






A fresh look, revised content and user-friendly features are just some of the benefits of the new LEMO website. The platform offers a sleek, intuitive interface that simplifies navigation, making it easier than ever for our customers to explore our world and stay informed about our latest updates.

Optimising the online experience was at the heart of the project, and, thanks to the new product search functions, customers can easily browse our extensive catalogue of solutions and find exactly what they are looking for, responding to each unique customer need.

All LEMO products have been precisely detailed to support complex customer requests. Descriptions have been integrated to highlight the many benefits of the product range, offering a complete and enriching experience.

Much more than just a modernised interface, the new site is a portal for direct communication between LEMO and its audience.

Cliff Electronics offers wide range of Control Knob Options Customisation available


CLIFF Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of components and connectors for audio, broadcast, instrumentation, medical, lighting and vending applications offer a wide range of control knobs to suit those and many more applications.

Rotary Control Knobs  suitable for use with rotary switches, potentiometers or encoders are moulded in black nylon, ABS or PP, with or without skirts and some models can be supplied in white or grey colours. Other custom-made colours can be produced, subject to order quantity. Some models can accept optional diamond spun or coloured caps and marker dots are standard on some models. The standard dot or line position is opposite the set screw or “D” flat, and versions are available with push on or screw fixing.

The K Series offers a wide of options, from the retro-look K4 “chicken head” pointer knobs, to a range of aluminium clad plastic models with a bright aluminium diamond turned finish protected from tarnishing and corrosion. The K85 push fitting round knob has a transparent version for use on illuminated rotary encoders.

Products of note include:

  • K21 – available in various shaft fittings and cap colours with optional marker line or dot and a removeable coloured cap. The K21 knob is widely used on mixer desks for audio/broadcast applications.
  • K87 series offers a rubberised soft-touch rotary control knob available with or without a moulded colour top and marker line. A wide range of colours means it can be used on equipment where colour coding is required.
  • K88 range of cost effective, space saving skirt-less knobs are extremely versatile for many applications, offering multiple mounting options for different shaft types. Separate caps enable multiple colour and marker line options.
  • CS Series Slider and Push Button Control Knobs for use with motorised faders and controls including electrically conductive versions are now widely featured on audio and lighting desks. Rectangular, round and square versions are available with the option of parallel or right-angle marker lines on rectangular designs.

Many of Cliff’s control knobs are manufactured in the UK and may be customised to meet specific requirements without costly NRE and large minimum order requirements.

Cliff Electronics manufactures a wide range of FeedThrough, audio and power connectors, terminal posts, test leads and accessories. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including audio, instrument and power. Cliff products are available from major international distributors.

For more information call +44 (0)1737 771375, email or visit

ODU Connectors Small quantity overmoulding for medical technology


As an interface specialist, ODU develops total systems as well as standard connectors for medical applications – from MRI-devices to endoscopy,  developed to the strictest regulations and applicable standards.

In applications involving high currents or temperatures, where high data-rates are transmitted via copper or fibre-optics and where sealing is important – it is not enough to simply offer a high-quality connector and disregard the cable assembly.

With a complete solution from a single source, ODU can guarantee the reliability of the total cable assembly.

Custom overmoulding

In the medical industry,silicone-moulding is used because it enables absolutely resistant, yet flexible, connection of the cables to the connector. Silicone overmoulding cannot be peeled off or detached even after the required autoclaving cycles (steam sterilization at up to 134 °C and 3,040 mbar).

Biocompatibility with regard to cytotoxicity (outgassing) is tested to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and confirmed by an external testing laboratory.

Advantages of ODU cable assembly

  • Tested quality of the complete solution (data rates, liability, etc.)
  • Fast availability
  • Fair pricing (incl. cost reduction vs separate acquisition)
  • Length neutrality (within the frame of standard-compliant signal transmission)
  • No minimum purchase quantity
  • Customized overmoulding possible (even for samples or small quantities)
  • Reduction of effort, as the supply chain is limited to one contact person and only one part number needs to be managed by the customer


Fischer KEYSTONE™ Tactical Hub: Expanded cable assembly portfolio connects more soldier digital gear


Saint-Prex, Switzerland | October 25, 2023 Fischer Connectors released an expanded set of cable assemblies for the KEYSTONE tactical hub, including three cables for L3 Harris, Silvus and Bittium tactical radios and two device cables for Safran Vectronix’s MOSKITO TI target locator and STERNA True North Finder.

Designed to US Army Next Generation Hub (NGH) standards, Fischer KEYSTONE™ gives dismounted soldiers an easy way to manage the flows of data (USB 2.0 and SMBus) and power (100 W – 5 A max) between sights, sensors, night vision devices, radios and digital equipment.

“Reliable, simple, does what it’s expected to do: that’s the feedback we receive from customers who have field-tested Fischer KEYSTONE,” explains Olivier Thormann, Product Manager for Fischer KEYSTONE. “Soldiers already know how to use it – they clip it on, plug it in, and it just works.”

More extensions to the Fischer KEYSTONE tactical connectivity solution are coming in 2024. The next KEYSTONE hub – Fischer KEYSTONE™ 4 – is a 4-port hub designed for soldiers who need only basic power and data connections. KEYSTONE 4 will be showcased on Fischer Connectors stand 5 L 085 at Milipol in Paris, France, from 14 to 17 November 2023.



Full technical specifications in Fischer KEYSTONE™ Tactical Connectivity Solution


NEUTRIK further extends fiber portfolio with FIBERFOX EBC25 and FIBERFOX X-TREME EBC25


NEUTRIK widens its HMA expanded beam connectivity solutions with a new ruggedized jam-nut chassis design and extreme environment ‘hardened’ cable assemblies.






The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 7 November 2023. NEUTRIK further expands its fiber optic connectivity portfolio with the introduction of two new variants of its HMA expanded beam multimode connector system.

Available in 2- and 4-channel configurations, FIBERFOX EBC25 is a ruggedized development of its FIBERFOX HMA expanded beam multimode fiber-optic connector system. FIBERFOX EBC25 chassis is a jam-nut design, intended to meet a vast array of network, audio, video, lighting and broadcast applications, in all manner of industrial, defence and civil engineering environments, wherever consistent levels of performance and reliability are mission critical.

The FIBERFOX EBC25 series has an improved temperature resistance of -46°C to 71°C, and the connector’s dimensions are fully compliant with the specifications of the MIL-DTL-83526 standard, ensuring its compatibility with other connectors using that standard. No special cleaning or measuring tools are required, enabling easy maintenance in the field, with the FIBERFOX EBC25 system IP68 rated in both mated and unmated states. Its wear-free connectors are capable of up to 10,000 mating cycles without any maintenance. Cables are directly expandable with no couplers required; FIBERFOX’s easy to use bulkhead mounted connectors uniquely convert a standardized LC patch cable into an expanded beam solution.

FIBERFOX X-TREME EBC25 is an especially ‘hardened’ cable assembly variant that additionally offers a cut-proof, rodent resistant double jacket glasses yarn cable construction. Exceptional cable retention is achieved by the use of aramid yarn, and the entire cable design is encased by a black PUR outer jacket; making the cable assembly ideal for use in the harshest outdoor applications, able to withstand far greater environmental impact.

FIBERFOX X-TREME EBC25 cable connectors come pre-assembled, with the finished cable available in standardized lengths, packed either on GT450, HT582 or SK4812 cable reels or air spool.

FIBERFOX EBC25 and FIBERFOX X-TREME EBC25 join NEUTRIK’s rapidly expanding fiber optical connectivity solutions portfolio, comprising the FIBERFOX HMA expanded beam, opticalCON LITE, opticalCON ADVANCED, opticalCON HYBRID MED and opticalCON DRAGONFLY series.

binder Power connectors for the North America market


Power supply components intended for control cabinets on the North American continent must meet the specifications of the UL 2237 standard. Engineers at binder have designed panel mount parts with K and L coding as part of the M12 series 824 and 823, which comprehensively follow these requirements.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, offers K- and L-coded panel mount parts within its 824/823 product series, which are intended for power applications in the North American market in compliance with the UL 2237 standard. These include 5-pin male and female panel mount parts featuring screw locking that meet the protection degree criteria of IP68. Electrical and plant engineering as well as industrial controls are the main application areas for these M12 components.

UL 2237 – panel mount parts for North America

The use of electromechanical interfaces for voltage and power transmission in control cabinets of the North American applications market requires approvals according to UL 2237. This standard specifies testing guidelines for connectors, cables, cable glands, and fuse elements, such as the Grounding (Bonding) Path Current Test: this procedure stipulates the PE path (protection earth) to withstand a current of 190 A for the wire gauge AWG16 or 300 A in the case of AWG14 for four seconds without interrupting. AC applications also require an abnormal-overload test to be carried out at 1.5 times the rated current – where the PE path fuse must not blow – as well as an additional connection of the PE pin to the component housing.

Panel mount parts featuring K and L coding

According to the DIN EN 61076-2-111 standard, K coding indicates 5-pin M12 connectors for power supply to AC applications such as drives or frequency converters. The rated voltage and current limits are specified at 630 V(AC) and 12 A, respectively. The L coding also refers to a 5-pole mating face but is particularly designed for DC applications up to 63 V(DC) and 16 A. These include, for example, smaller motors or fieldbus devices in the industrial-automation sector.

824 and 823 panel mount parts at a glance

The 5-pin panel mount parts of the binder 824 and 823 series with K coding (pin count 4+PE) and with L coding (pin count 4+FE, functional earth) feature M12 screw locking. The termination types are single wires. Both the K- and L-coded components were designed for wire gauges AWG16 and AWG14. For the AC components with K coding, the requirements of UL 2237 were implemented via a PE connection to the threaded ring. UL 2237 approval is currently being prepared.

The mechanical lifespan of the panel mount parts is rated at >100 mating cycles. The temperature limits are -40/+85 °C (Series 824) and -40/+105 °C (Series 823).

Fields of application:

  • AC and DC power supply of automation components in industrial system and plant engineering
  • Control cabinet integration for the North America market


  • Locking system: screw
  • Pin count: 5-pin (4+PE, 4+FE)
  • Termination: single wires, THR
  • Wire gauge: AWG16, AWG14
  • Protection degree: IP67, IP68