Neutriks latest opticalCON® MTP® systems provide new high speed, higher capacity point-to-point fiber connectivity solutions


New MTP systems enable 16 and 48 data channels on a single cable, with design improvements simultaneously implemented across the opticalCON ADVANCED series.

The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 31 October 2023. NEUTRIK’s opticalCON ADVANCED fiber portfolio has been expanded with the introduction of two MTP® high speed, high capacity connectivity systems; creating a standard solution for point-to-point connections in pro AV and broadcast applications.

The singlemode opticalCON MTP®16, and the multimode opticalCON MTP®48 respectively offer 16 and 48 data channels within a single cable. These systems provide for high-speed, high data capacity, from a high reliability, low maintenance connectivity solution, capable of operating in the most challenging application environments. The additional benefits of rapid deployment and immediate playback, come with up to 24x less cabling requirement and a cost optimization per single fiber / data channel.

The MTP®16 and MTP®48 systems also incorporate several design advances inherent in the NEUTRIK opticalCON DRAGONFLY. These have simultaneously been introduced across the complete opticalCON ADVANCED fiber portfolio, and include a very light-weight, noise preventive, protective cap with the option of colour coding rings. An integrated sealing lip replaces the cap’s previous O-ring, preventing its loss during maintenance. Additionally, the push-pull ring has a new shape that both improves grip and indication of the correct connection, while the ergonomics of the anti-kink boot are improved and the previous opening on the boot is now closed; allowing for even more bending cycles and stability, ultimately providing a longer life-cycle.

Binder UK adds Genalog to UK distribution network


binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, has appointed Genalog, the ‘design-in’ technical distributor to its UK distribution network. Based in Kent Genalog offer a wide range of electro-mechanical components, cable and wire, cable assemblies and associated complementary products for markets including industrial, commercial, medical and defence.

Graham Ellis, Sales Director at binder UK, says, “With forty-five years’ experience of supplying components to the UK electronics market Genalog not only have great experience but also bring added value to our customers with their design-in capability providing bespoke solutions. Being privately owned Genalog share the same values as binder which is still a family-run company.”


Binder’s circular connector product range offers standard and rugged power, control and data connectors for automation, industrial and medical applications.

Cliff Electronics add USB Variants to Right Angle FeedThrough Connector range


Cliff RAFT connectors reduce depth required behind panels

USB-2, USB-3.1 and USB-C connectivity options

Cliff Electronics, leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and test equipment, announce new additions to their Right-Angle FeedThrough (RAFT) connector range. The Cliff RAFT connector range is ideal for connectivity in wall mounted boxes where the depth is not available for rear entry or where cable access is required from the bottom or top. They also reduce the space required for interconnection at the rear of rack panel systems and provide vertical connections for convenient top to bottom wiring.

Leaders in the design and manufacture of FeedThrough connectors, Cliff’s wide range of XLR and DualSLIMS form factor types allows designers to integrate power, audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into industrial, transport, energy storage, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, PoE and industrial applications, instrumentation and control connectivity as well as professional equipment for broadcast (studio and mobile), lighting and audio.

Three new RAFT connectors have been introduced: USB-2, USB-3.1 and USB-C. They are available in two widths to assist with product design:

  • Standard width of the popular XLR connector, 26 x 31mm, with a panel cut out diameter of 24mm.
  • The compact DualSLIMS which have dimensions of 19 × 35.5mm and fit in to a narrow 17.15 × 22.86mm panel cutout.

Other RAFT connector options available in both sizes include CAT5e RJ45, CAT6 RJ45 and HDMI.

Nickel or black metal, and black plastic bodies are available for the DualSLIM version with currently plastic only for the XLR cutout types. Mounting options include front or back panel mounting with 2.5mm plain or 3.2mm countersunk holes or M3 and #4-40 UNC threaded versions.

Cliff can supply standard, off the shelf, connecting cables suitable for use with their new USB RAFT connectors which can be used for internal connectivity, simplifying, and speeding up system assembly and facilitating easy repurposing of equipment.

Cliff’s FeedThrough connector range may be mounted on 19” rack panels with up to 16 standard XLR connectors or 20 of the DualSLIMS. Blank and pre-assembled panels are available direct from Cliff.

Nick Leppard, Technical Sales Manager of Cliff Electronics, says” Our right-angle FeedThrough connector range has been highly successful and the increasing adoption of USB for data and power connectivity means our new USB options will be very useful for our customers.”

Cliff’s right-angled FeedThrough connectors and the rest of their wide range of standard and FeedThrough connectors available from Cliff may be found on their website at and are available from major international distributors.

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In the new age of warfare, the more battlefield data available to field commanders, the better.

If the real-time position of every soldier is known, as well as the exact status

of weaponry and the proximity of the enemy, then dynamic adjustments to

the battle plan can be readily made, potentially avoiding loss of life..

Today’s ‘Next Generation’ soldier has the equipment to make this possible.

A previous ODU whitepaper “Harsh Military Environments Demand Tough Solutions” discussed the importance of connector durability in the battlefield environment, and introduced the ODU AMC® Series T connectors, specifically designed for military applications.

In this latest whitepaperEnd-to-End Connectivity for Next Generation Soldiers

we introduce ODU AMC® High-Density (the original High-Density connector, in service since 2013) now with a new high-power insert – and the newer ODU AMC® NP connector – describing the roles they play in enabling secure end-to-end connectivity.

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binder rugged power and signal interface featuring quick locking


The new Power Bayonet Connector PBC15 from binder is suitable for power supply and signal linking of devices via just one cable. Important features of the compact connector with quick locking include its high power density and easy-to-use design, which is tailored for fast wiring and installation.

PBC15 – Power Bayonet Connector

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, presents the Power Bayonet Connector PBC15. Its size corresponds to an M15 thread. Thus, in the field of power supply connectors, the PBC15 bridges the gap between the widely used M12 and M23 designs. The compact, yet robust connector is suitable for power supply particularly to three-phase motors or frequency converters. It features 3 power pins, for example to supply the 3 live phases of a 3-phase motor, 2 additional pins for signal transmission, as well as a Protective Earth (PE) contact.

The PBC15 design is specified within the DIN EN IEC 61076-2-116 standard. The quick-lock ensures simple, fast, and reliable locking by means of a quarter turn. Termination is provided by screw clamps. The PBC15 is initially available from binder as wireable female or male cable connectors, in each case as an unshielded or shieldable variant.

Fields of application

Thanks to the rated values of 630 V and 16 A for the power interface, the circular connector is suitable for the power supply of small to medium-sized drives. With rated values of 63 V and 10 A, the signal pins can be used, for example, to control brakes or to query operating parameters such as temperatures. The shieldable variants of the Power Bayonet Connector are prepared for use in environments exposed to electromagnetic interference. Typical applications are in the fields of intralogistics, factory and process automation, as well as machine engineering.

Design features

The compact design of the PBC15 is a unique feature: on the one hand, it offers very little space for an isolation appropriate to the voltage levels. On the other hand, the high currents require wire gauges of up to 2.5 mm2 and sufficiently large contacts in order to be able to ideally connect the wires. Nevertheless, the engineers at binder succeeded in designing the PBC15 in such a way that convenient assembly by means of the screw clamp terminals is possible.

Another challenge arose with the coupling of the PE pin, which is designed here as the center contact, to the connector housing. The connection was established by means of a spring plate which was pressed together with the PE contact inside the contact body, thus forming a secure connection to the housing.

Philipp Zuber, product manager with binder, says: “With the PBC15, we have succeeded in creating a power-dense and easy-to-use connector that is ideally suited for small and medium-sized 3-phase motors. With the high ampacity of its 3 power contacts and with its 2 signal pins, the connector is extremely versatile in supplying power to automation components and drives. The quick locking as well as the screw clamp termination allow users to easily and quickly wire and install the connector.”


Until now, electrical connectivity for small and medium-sized 3-phase drives has often been characterized by products from different manufacturers that have featured different designs for connecting the same motor. Those products are not interchangeable. A committee of various companies, also including binder, developed a standardization proposal to create a uniform interface for this application field. This proposal was published in April 2022 as the official draft standard DIN EN IEC 61076-2-116. The Power Bayonet Connector from binder complies with this design standard, which allows customers to achieve a substantial level of independence from individual suppliers when developing their applications.

Fields of application:

  • Automation technology
  • Intralogistics
  • Machine engineering


  • Locking system: M15 quick lock
  • Termination: screw clamp
  • Wire gauge: max. 2,5 mm2
  • Cable outlet: 7 to 14 mm
  • Pin count: 5+PE (3 power, 2 signal)
  • Contact plating: silver
  • Rated voltage: 630 V (power), 63 V (signal)
  • Rated current: 16 A (power), 10 A (signal)
  • Protection degree: IP67