Harting Han® ORV3: sustainable connectivity for IT infrastructure


The global demand for digitalisation infrastructure is growing rapidly. Businesses and consumers have increased their reliance on remote computing, apps, and the Internet of Things (IoT) at a remarkable speed and society has become significantly more dependent on tasks which require data centres. As data centres now form the backbone to everyday operations, it’s essential that their IT infrastructure works efficiently and any system failures are repaired quickly.

Open Compute Project (OCP)

The Open Compute Project (OCP) focuses on redesigning hardware for IT infrastructures. The goal of the working group is to make data centres more efficient, more flexible, and more quickly scalable. The project is based on an open exchange of ideas, specifications, and other intellectual property to push innovation to its limits and reduce the complexity of technical components.

In a data centre, rack Power Distribution Units (rPDUs) provide power to IT equipment. One OCP initiative is focusing on the standardisation of these racks and their easy integration into the infrastructure of data centres. Joint specifications for ‘power shelf’ input connectors represent an important step. As part of standardisation, HARTING has invested significant know-how in the specification of the ‘ORV3 OCP Input Power Connector’.

Improving scalability, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO)

With the Han® ORV3, HARTING for the first time offers an OCP-compliant AC connector, which is also available as complete power shelf v3 rack cable assemblies. Shallower rack systems enable a more compact design for the entire infrastructure, meaning data centres can significantly increase their productivity within a given footprint. As a result, HARTING’s solution supports the Open Compute Project’s goal of optimising efficiency in the construction and scaling of data centres.

The Han® ORV3 for rack systems strikes a balance between standardisation requirements and the goal of achieving maximum flexibility in the configuration of cable assemblies for different current and voltage levels. Thanks to the open standard, the Han® ORV3 reduces complexity as it consists of only a few part numbers, enabling high availability and, in cases of rack unit failures, low average repair times. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is also reduced.

The advantages of Han® ORV3:

  • Uses up to 50% less installation space in comparison with traditional rack system solutions
  • Fast scalability of data centres through the modularisation of rack systems
  • Easy servicing for the large numbers of components used in data centres
  • Reduction in complexity by minimising part numbers (SKUs) thanks to OCP conformity (Open Source System)
  • Fast configuration for different current and voltage requirements
  • Safe installation thanks to electric shock-protected contacts
  • Increased flexibility during installation because of different termination technologies: PCB and Crimp
  • Available as a pre-assembled cabling solution for power distribution from one single source

ODU Connectors State-of-the-art technologies for automotive testing


Targets from the Paris Climate Agreement require the world’s industrialized countries to massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, most vehicle manufacturers throughout the world have introduced zero-emission electric vehicles, in order to meet various government mandates.

The consequent rapid development of ever more advanced electric vehicles requires increasingly sophisticated testing procedures.

Modern vehicles have a multitude of sensors and electronic systems that interact with each other and require precise tuning. In order to meet the challenges, the use of state-of-the-art simulation and test systems in the automotive testing sector requires vibration and shock resistance in addition to high contact reliability.

From compact circular connectors to flexible modular connectors and mass interconnect solutions, the ODU product portfolio offers every connector variant required for this rigorous application – see brochure.

Also, if preferred, customers can receive the complete system solution from a single source with a dedicated point-of-contact project manager.

ODU can provide answers to all your technical concerns, such as:

■ Which connectors provide absolutely reliable results for end-of-line testing?

■ Are there customizable interfaces for hardware-in-the-loop simulations?

■ Can high voltage and current be transmitted with uncompromising user safety?

■ What should be considered for in-vehicle test equipment?

Latest – ODU has published a new downloadable white paper entitled

‘Contact Technologies for EV Charging Applications’.

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Neutrik Group extends CONTRIK Active power distribution range with ‘XO’ designated products for all-weather application environments


The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 27 June 2023. The Neutrik Group has introduced a range of products, from its CONTRIK brand of portable power distribution systems, especially designed for deployment in harsh all-weather application environments.

The range of Xtreme Outdoor (XO) / Active designated products includes Power Container, Power Rack and Power Turtle systems. Designed and precision manufactured, using high quality electrical and electronic components, in the EU, they are intended for mobile entertainment production applications, including video walls, stage lighting and audio installations. The XO designation denotes the extensive environmental protection features, additional to CONTRIK’s usual certification standards, guaranteeing high levels of mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection. These include enhanced protective housings and self-closing caps. Protection up to the IP65 level against particulate and liquid ingression, with CEE / cPot in mated condition. The ‘Active’ label refers to the products featuring active components like circuit breakers.

Power Container Xtreme provides a rugged, reliable and especially powerful distribution solution, ideally suited to the most demanding applications such as video walls. The housing concept is exceptionally well adapted to handling and transportation with integrated handles and connector protection and the ability to easily stack multiple units. Along with NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE1 OUTs, Harting E16 multi-pin OUTs drastically reduce cabling volumes and effort. Onboard power metering and cPot grounding are featured, while separate protection with RCBO circuit breakers on each OUT channel protect against overload, short-circuit and electric shock.

Power Rack Xtreme is a powerful and highly reliable distribution solution ideally suited to integration in outboard electronics and amplifier racks. Circuit protection is provided by individual miniature circuit breaker (MCB)s on each OUT. Variants provide alternative Shuko and powerCON TRUE1 OUT configurations.

Power Turtle Xtreme is an ingenious ultra-compact, lightweight, ultra rugged solution for rapid, mobile applications; including the quick and easy extension of larger power networks. Despite its reduced form factor, a CEE32A connector facilitates high capacity power input and daisy chaining. Separate MCBs provide protection on each of 6x powerCON TRUE1 OUTs. The units are fully lockable and stackable with various versatile mounting options.Employing automated precision manufacturing processes within the EU, together with high-quality components and materials, CONTRIK systems offer unsurpassed levels of quality, safety and reliability, and provide for reductions in cabling costs, complexity and man-hours. CONTRIK’s state-of-the-art multicore solutions further reduce complexity and cable volumes for demanding mobile and outdoor applications; these include pre-assembled multicore cables, Power Containers and Power Racks with multicore outputs, and highly protected multicore Turtles for distribution and daisy chaining.

Carefully designed housing concepts ensure high levels of protection, and ease of handling and transportation. Extensive testing for mechanical (IK) and environmental (IP) protection ensures these systems are designed, constructed and designated to operate fully reliably in ‘Xtreme Outdoor’ conditions. Like all other CONTRIK power distribution systems the XO models feature CONTRIK’s exclusive Easylen® housing material, uniquely providing high levels of flame retardancy, temperature resistance, UV protection, corrosion insensitivity, non-conductivity, and protection from mechanical impact (up to IK 10+).






CONTRIK is a brand of the Neutrik Group and a provider of professional power distribution systems, equipotential bonding systems and premium power cables; designed, engineered, and manufactured in Europe. CONTRIK offers outstanding products; developing innovative and sustainable systems with safety, in all situations, the top priority. CONTRIK products are extremely robust, incomparably reliable, and last a lifetime. Used extensively throughout professional AV and lighting event land touring, and broadcast and film location production sectors, CONTRIK systems also meet the most rigorous requirements in construction and wider industrial engineering applications; wherever power distribution needs to be mobile, robust and fully reliable.


NEUTRIK silentPLUG: new and improved


The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 21 June 2023. NEUTRIK is launching a redesigned, new form-factored, improved and upgraded version of its patent-pending silentPLUG instrument ¼ inch jack plug. The new design replaces the previous model and offers performance, ergonomic and aesthetic improvements over the original iteration of this product.



The silentPLUG automatically mutes (shorts) an instrument (guitar) cable to avoid pops and squeals when changing the instrument (guitar) under load. The integrated (patent pending) silent switch is based on REED-technology and guarantees a lifetime beyond 1,000 mating cycles.

The new version – designated NP2XX-SILENT – features a new two compound housing, with a new rugged metal shell enhanced with a rubberized overlay for improved shock protection and a better haptic experience when handling. Hermetically sealed switching contacts 
ensure a longer functioning lifespan for the connector.


NEUTRIK uprates its speakON range of audio connectors


New features improve operational protections and ease of assembly





The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 14 June 2023. NEUTRIK has expanded its speakON range with upgrades to its 2-pole and 4-pole audio cable connector portfolio in the form of the new NL2FXX and NL4FXX. These new models affirm NEUTRIK’s continuing commitment to the highest quality standards of engineering and performance, and meeting the latest international standards and safety regulations. Thus making it easy for our customers to design-in our products to support a trouble-free certification process.

New features of the NL2FXX and NL4FXX include a locking bushing that protects against unintended opening – uniquely providing locking bushing and strain relief for cable diameters of 6 mm to 12 mm
 in the S variant connectors, and 10 to 16 mm
 in the L variant connector
 – and a unique two compound housing to improve the handling in daily operation.

The new connectors are easier to assemble, as the strain relief chuck mechanically snaps to the insert and aligns with the housing; allowing for faster, smoother assembly of the connector.

Other superior features include:

  • Up to 37 A rms current rating
  • IEC 61984, UL 1977 and CSA C22.2 No.182.3 certification; ensuring component acceptance for cable assemblies and equipment in compliance with various AV and IT international safety standards, such as IEC/UL 62368-1.
  • Superior quality NEUTRIK manufacturing, robust construction and reliability.
  • Simple and reliable twist locking system
.Improved kink protection with two-component bushing.

binder launch angled variants of the 720/770 series


Designed for tight installation spaces

Plastic angled connectors with snap-in locking are sensitive to faulty handling and thus challenging in design terms. For the 720 miniature series, binder has developed a safe and robust field-attachable angled version addressing applications with restricted installation conditions. An angled solution is now also available for the miniature NCC 770 series – featuring variable direction of the cable outlet.

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, has complemented its 720 and 770 product series by field-attachable angled variants. Such compact angled connectors are used in device, building, and plant engineering: Particularly where secure electrical connections need to be established in confined spaces, the angled versions of the 720/770 series with snap-in or bayonet locking provide a reliable and space-saving alternative to the straight versions.

Background: operational safety as a design priority
In the case of the 720 snap-in series connectors, the electrical connection is fixed mechanically by snap hooks engaging in an appropriate slot, thus locking the interface. However, this type of locking is susceptible to incorrect handling: If the connector is pulled off at an angle to its axis rather than axially, this can destroy the plastic snap hooks, depending on the amount and direction of the pulling force. In order to prevent this application fault, the product developers at binder have inserted a threaded ring between the contact body and the angled housing. Even when force is applied at an angle to the connector axis, the snap hooks are thus protected against damage and the connectors can withstand loads far in excess of the standard requirements.

By means of the additional threaded ring, two further design requirements could be met:

  • The concept enables binder to also offer the 770 series as an angle variant using many identical parts.
  • The contact body can be rotated in steps of 90° allowing the user for choosing the direction of cable outlet.

Cable routing is problematic for housings angled at 90° in general. As known from other product series, bending the cable by 90° is often difficult. Therefore, an angle of 100° was chosen for the new housings, which considerably simplifies cable assembly.

The angled connectors in detail
The new angled versions of the 720 snap-in series are used for example in lighting technology installations, greenhouse heating systems, and e-bikes. The series is specified for rated voltages from 60 V to 250 V, and currents from 2 A to 7 A. For the 3- to 12-pin interfaces, cable termination is achieved by soldering. They comply with protection degree IP67 (mated) and can withstand more than 500 mating cycles.

NCC (Not Connected Closed) angled connectors of the 770 series with bayonet locking are used, for instance, in compact handheld control panels, in medical homecare devices, and in laboratory metering instruments that have to be installed in a particularly space-saving manner – for example, in the immediate vicinity of a wall. The 8-pin interfaces are also equipped with solder terminals; rated voltage and current are 175 V and 2 A, respectively. In addition to IP67 when mated, the female panel mount connectors also achieve IP67 protection when unmated thanks to binder’s NCC technology. The connectors withstand more than 5,000 mating cycles.

In addition to black, the connectors of both the 720 and 770 series are available in red, green and blue colors as well as in white (RAL 9002), which is typical for medical applications.

Fields of application:

  • Lighting and heating technology, e-mobility (720 series)
  • Mobile and laboratory instrumentation, medical technology, laboratory metrology (770 series)


  • Locking system: snap-in (720 series), bayonet (770 series)
  • Termination: solder
  • Pin count: 3-pin to 12-pin (720 series), 8-pin (770 series)
  • Rated voltage: 60 V to 250 V (720 series), 175 V (770 series)
  • Colored versions
  • Variable cable outlet
  • Protection degree: IP67 (connected)
  • Mating cycles: > 500 (720 series), > 5,000 (770 series)