Hartings new Han® solution for easier field termination


HARTING’s Connectivity+ solutions are an important element in energy transformation. Alongside the need to work sustainability, HARTING is responding to additional challenges from its customers. The shortage of specialists and skills can be countered by making the installation of electrical equipment as simple and safe as possible. HARTING is expanding the greatest variety of connection technologies on the market to include its new Han® Push-In technology, which requires no tools at all. As a result, assembly times in the field are reduced by up to 30%.

Fast on-site termination

Depending on requirements, an intelligent combination of different connection technologies delivers the best results. Han® Push-In now further extends this portfolio.

The new technology simplifies the handling of components during maintenance work in environments with limited room for manoeuvre, such as in wind turbines. It is particularly well suited to applications where a high degree of flexibility is required, such as when changing tools on machines. Thanks to Han® Push-In, this can be done simply, quickly and without the need for tools.

The connection technology behind the Han® Push-In protected modules DD/E/EE/C/CC represents a refinement cage clamp springs which are particularly well suited to field termination due to their speed and ease of use. With push-in technology, the stranded wire for the connection can be inserted directly into the contact chambers. An internal clamp spring ensures a high-strength contact. If ferrules are used, the connection can be established without tools. In the case of stripped stranded wires, all you need for installation is a screwdriver.

Advantages of Han® Push-In:

  • Up to 30% less assembly time with direct insertion of the conductor into the contact chamber
  • Easy handling due to tool-less termination
  • Cost savings compared to alternative termination technologies
  • Maximum flexibility: termination can be made for ferrules, stranded wires and solid conductors
  • Plug compatibility with identical products with other termination technologies
  • Safe installation thanks to electric shock-protected contacts
  • Increased flexibility during installation because of different termination technologies: PCB and Crimp

Neutrik Group highlights its connectivity solutions for media content creation and production applications at MPTS2023








The Media Production & Technology Show

Olympia, London, 10 – 11 May 2023

Stand #D25

Join the Neutrik Group at The Media Production Show on stand #D25 to learn all that is new in connectivity and discuss your project requirements

The Neutrik Group, Schaan, Liechtenstein; 8 May 2023. The Neutrik Group invites attendees at MPTS2023 to join it on its stand in London’s iconic Olympia where it is showcasing its expanding portfolio of signal and power connectivity solutions, across its NEUTRIK®, REAN® and CONTRIK® brands, covering the breadth of broadcast content creation applications and technologies.

Visitors can view a range of new products and discuss their specific needs with the group’s UK team. Among these are NEUTRIK’s growing portfolio of fiber optic connectivity solution comprising its opticalCON®, opticalCON MTP® and FIBERFOX HMA systems. In addition the group will also be displaying a range of new ‘airtight’ XLR and Ethernet chassis connectors from REAN, crucial in the manufacturing of lighting and loudspeaker assemblies. As well as new IEC/UL60320-1 compliant powerCON connector systems from NEUTRIK, an all-new range of high-quality portable power distribution products from CONTRIK features rugged protective construction and a range of advanced circuit protection features, including full CDC functionality and CEE32A high power capacity input and daisy chaining.


NEUTRIK introduces latest-standards compliant powerCON cable connectors


Ryde, Isle of Wight, 4 May 2023. NEUTRIK has introduced the new powerCON XX series of single-phase (3 conductor) lockable, rugged power connectors with Circuit Breaking Capability, certified to comply with the latest relevant worldwide device safety regulations for mains supply connectors.

powerCON XX further extends NEUTRIK’s unique position as the only supplier of fully 60320-1 compliant indoor and outdoor power connectors covering the range of 6 to 16mm cable O.D. and wire gauges of AWG12 to AWG16, respectively 2.5mm2 to 1.5mm2; with variants NAC3FXXA/B-W-S supporting cables of 6 to 12mm, and NAC3FXXA/B-W-L supporting 10 to 16mm diameter cables.

The connectors blue power-in and grey power-out colour coding is coupled with discrete power-in and power-out keying to prevent the intermating of power cables. The simple, reliable twist locking system works together with NEUTRIK’s unique locking bushing and strain relief features to provide an exceptionally robust interconnect; wherein dual component bushing additionally improves cable kink protection.

Together with NEUTRIK’s general standards of high quality, robust and reliable construction, these features provide for an exceptionally rugged connector component, with an ergonomic design that features a slip-proof two-compound molded housing that is easy to assemble, with the strain relief mechanically locking with the insert to align with the housing.

powerCON XX connectors are fully compliant with latest device standards, such as IEC62368-1, IEC60799 or UL817, in the EU, UK, US and Canada, and meet relevant global safety regulations for mains power connectors in accordance with IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60320-1, relating to true breaking CBC functionality. Certification to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60320-1 assures powerCON XX as components for cord sets according to IEC 60799 and UL817 (when used in combination with NEUTRIK NAC3MPXXA and NAC3MPXXB receptacles), as well as for other equipment according to IEC 62368-1.

Commenting on the introduction of the new powerCON XX series connectors, Neutrik Head of Marketing Communication
, Stefan Frick says, “With the launch of powerCON XX series, NEUTRIK underpins it’s status as the leading connector manufacturer in the entertainment industry, being the first and only manufacturer offering fully IEC/UL60320-1 certified mains power connector products.”



binder Plug&Play portfolio of ready-to-connect connectors

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Customized connectivity for mobile machines

Mobile machinery in agriculture and construction challenges automation specialists. Proven technologies such as Deutsch DT or AMP Superseal meet state-of-the-art automation components here. The Plug&Play portfolio offered by binder provides individual connectivity solutions with robust, ready-to-connect and, as required, pre-assembled connectors.C

binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, offers ready-to-connect connector solutions for the Deutsch DT, AMP Superseal and AMP CPC model series – in combination with connectors from the binder portfolio – as part of its Plug&Play product selection. Connectors pre-assembled with cables are also available if required. In addition, cable switches with wiring options particularly tailored to different applications enable connector systems of different designs to be combined flexibly with one another. In this way, customized connectivity solutions can be created for use in mobile machines. On the user side, these reduce the cabling effort and ensure tamper-proofness.

The challenge: Integrating the well-established with the new
With their increasing degree of automation, agricultural and construction machinery is becoming a more and more important field of application for advanced sensors and actuators. In addition to inclination, position, or level detection, typical applications include actuators or valve controls. Furthermore, displays, lighting, operating devices, and diagnostics modules have to be connected within the mobile machines. From tractors and their attachments to combine harvesters and crop choppers to excavators, cranes, or dump trucks, the safe and fast connection of all these automation components is becoming immensely important.

Connector types such as the Deutsch DT, and the Superseal and CPC series from the manufacturer AMP have become established in such applications. The ISOBUS according to ISO 11783, which is standardized worldwide in agricultural technology, also defines certain interfaces here. Consequently, integrating advanced sensor/actuator technology with the industry-proven connection technologies is a key challenge for machine engineers.

In order to ease this task for system integrators, binder offers both Deutsch-DT, and AMP Superseal and CPC connectors as part of its Plug&Play portfolio, in addition to its own series. This provides the user with the ability to combine a wide variety of connector types as needed. For use in agricultural and construction machinery, the products meet IP67 protection degree requirements when mated. They are equipped with a process-safe cable overmold to relieve the wires from tension forces. Featuring cables suitable for power track chains, the connectors are perfect for use on moving assemblies.

The demand for individual solutions, tailored to the respective field of application, is very high in this market. The Plug&Play portfolio provided by binder supports this individualization by allowing various connector systems – in overmolded form – to be combined to create customized solutions. This already applies to quantities as low as 1. Since splitter cables are often in demand in addition to simple patch cables, the range also includes cable switches with a wide variety of wiring options.

Flexible Plug&Play solutions
The binder Plug&Play portfolio offers the possibility to realize overmolded Y distributions with ratios of 1:2, 1:4, 1:6 and 2:6. Users are free to choose the connector types. The variability of connection provides them with a wide range of options. The maximum possible pin counts vary, depending on the distribution ratio, between 8 and 18. Cable diameters range from 3.5 mm to 10 mm, and the largest possible wire gauge is either 0.5 mm² (1:2) or 1 mm².

About binder
binder, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Germany, is a family-owned company characterized by traditional values and one of the leading specialists for circular connectors. Since 1960, binder has been synonymous with the highest quality. The company works with more than 60 sales partners on six continents and employs around 2,000 people worldwide.

The binder group includes the binder headquarters, 16 affiliated companies, two system service providers as well as an innovation and technology center. In addition to Germany, the binder sites are located in Austria, China, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

The Plug&Play portfolio offered by binder facilitates the flexible combination of advanced sensor and actuator technology with the connection technologies established in mobile machines. 
Fields of application:

  • Mobile agricultural and construction machinery


  • Models: AMP Superseal, AMP CPC, German DT
  • Ready-to-connect and, if required, pre-assembled
  • Customizable in overmolded versions
  • Cables suitable for power track chains
  • Pin count: 2-pin to 6-pin (Superseal), 4-pin to 37-pin (CPC), 2-pin to 18-pin (DT)
  • Rated voltage: 24 V (Superseal), 250 V (CPC, DT)
  • Protection degree: IP67

ITSA Members report sales up by 12% over Q4 of 2022


Members report sales up by 12% over Q4 of 2022 however orders are flat and BtoB is 1.00

Headline statistics: –

  • Revenues are up 12% versus Q4 of 2022.
  • Significantly member’s revenues are now 13% over pre-pandemic levels.
  • 2023 orders have started flat over 2022.
  • Members key markets continue showing some market decline in Communications  and Mass Transport , however most markets have bounced back with Data Processing, Utilities  &T&M all significantly up.
  • Distribution remains a major contributor to members growth. 2023 has started with an upturn of +12% which is a significant indicator of future growth.

 ITSA members have enjoyed a strong start to 2023 with most technologies and markets performing well and revenues up 12% against Q4 of 2022 and ahead of the same time last year, however, bookings slowed again and BtoB was flat at 1.0:1.

The strong order book carried into 2023 should result in positive revenues in Q2 but there may well be a slowdown.

As indicated above, some UK markets continue to perform well with Data Processing, Broadcast, Utilities and T&M leading the way, all with significant double-digit growth.

However, this continues to be offset by declines in Comms and Mass transport both of which showed significant declines. Members Mass Transport revenues have now declined for three quarters in a row.

At a product level every area has grown in Q1 with only Coax showing a small drop. Circular connector products continue to thrive with another +13% increase in Q1 and are now almost back to the highs of pre pandemic levels.

Overall, 2023 appears to have started positively for ITSA members but with orders dropping we may see a flattening out in Q3/4, members confirmed this view at our April meeting.

There are conflicting market reports coming out now with the CIPS UK manufacturing index remaining below 50 and the IOD report indicating growth. There still seems to be a question over are we or are we not in a severe recession? The IMF have been less than complementary about the UK economy, but history has shown that their analysis is usually far too pessimistic.

Interest rates are rising but remain at a very low level and inflation seems to be easing, however, the UK is facing a considerable number of industrial disputes which is having a real negative impact on confidence levels.

2023 will certainly be a challenge but I do believe our industry remains resilient.