ODU Connectors:- A complete profession under stress


According to the MLP Health Report 2022, even without the pandemic and other crises, a worrying trend is emerging, with declining revenues, rising expenditures and an increased shortage of professional health care workers. Good care is only possible with a sufficient skilled staff and it is increasingly difficult to recruit and retain them.

To combat this shortage, better working conditions such as more time for patients, the furthering of higher education and better remuneration are important.

On the technical side, increasing demands are also being placed on medical equipment.

A medical device now rarely operates stand-alone – it is connected to other systems and is constantly exchanging data. High volumes of important information must be available quickly, fail-safe and in a reliable manner.

No matter how technologically advanced, ease-of-use is a top priority. The risk of errors caused by misleading or ambiguous design elements must be avoided. Correct operation of the medical device is often a question of life and death, which is why it is so important that devices are safe, error-free and quick to operate.









plastic connectors are widely used in the medical sector, providing

high performance in the smallest possible installation space.

These connectors are touch-protected, fulfilling the requirements for 2 MOPP and 2 MOOP in accordance with IEC 60601-1. Available as push-pull or break‐away, each connector can be mated to the correct socket, with individual mechanical coding and with seven colour-options supporting safe and intuitive operation via visual mapping.

ODU MEDI-SNAP® connectors are available in sizes 1, 2 and 3.5 with the largest version providing up to 41 signal contacts.

Optimal ease of use with maximized patient protection, allowing users to focus on what’s important: The patients.

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ODU Connectors had record year in 2022


At their recent annual press briefing, ODU management announced growth of 15% in 2022 to over €280m – a new record turnover.

Outlook for 2023

Although further growth is planned for 2023, ODU is cautious. There is a war going on in Europe, the supply chains are far from being fully intact again and some customers still have high stock levels. With regard to China, there are still many open questions concerning Covid, and the Taiwan issue has not been clarified.

So yes, ODU is looking ahead with confidence and optimism for 2023, which has started well, but the company remains cautious about spending money.


One reason for being confident is because of the massive additional capacity that has been created in recent months. In Mühldorf, the existing site is now fully utilised with two new buildings erected. At the second European production site in Romania, the production area was expanded by 30% through an extension.

Additional investments in Mexico for the North American market and also a little in China rounded-off a massive investment programme.

Now areas like the Mühldorf canteen are bursting at the seams!” says Managing Director Kurt Woelfl.


The customers ODU works with are in very robust markets. The medical market is an example of this. In addition to numerous connectors, many of which were specifically developed exactly according to customer requirements, ODU also now produces more and more complete systems, including cables, in every conceivable shape and design.

Just as the customer needs it,” emphasises Denis Giba, Managing Director and Sales Manager. “These customised customer total solutions are what make ODU what it is, what we enjoy. To keep it that way, the task is to inspire our demanding customers, who then become loyal business partners to ODU for many, many years. That’s what drives ODU and that’s what ODU is sticking to. Even if, as now, there are a few additional uncertainties in the markets“.

ODU-UK Ltd    tel: 0330 002 0640    email: sales@odu-uk.co.uk       www.odu-uk.co.uk