NEUTRIK reveals new FIBERFOX products at Engineering Design Show in the UK


Ryde, Isle of Wight, 14 October 2022. The Neutrik Group exhibited at this year’s Engineering Design Show at the Coventry Building Society Arena, in the UK, where it showed two new additions to its FIBERFOX connector series.





During the two day event – which took place on 12 and 13 October and is dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design – NEUTRIK unveiled the FIBERFOX foxBRID and FIBERFOX Rotary Joint.


The FIBERFOX foxBRID is an expanded beam multimode hermaphroditic connector module, suited to a vast array of industrial applications, including in automation, robotics and rail transportation. The innovative design – available in 2-and 4-channel variants – ensures its ability for deployment in the toughest environments where constant performance and total reliability are critical. The module is designed according to the MIL-DTL-83526 standard and fits to other FIBERFOX solutions.


Benefiting from the expanded beam technology and the precision optical alignment the system creates high immunity against dust, mud, liquids and other contaminations. The FIBERFOX foxBRID module converts a standardized LC Patch cable into an expanded beam solution. It acts as a “feed-through” and fits into industrial standard shells; e.g. Han-Modular® Harting​ and RockStar® ModuPlug Weidmüller​.





The FIBERFOX Rotary Joint is an expanded beam multimode solution with fits to standard optical ST connections. Offering IP56 protection, with two hermetically dust-tight chambers sealed by shaft seals, it is suitable for a wide range of engineering applications where rotation is a challenge, such as in robotics, renewable energy (e.g. wind turbines) and government (e.g. radar). The innovative design ensures maximal flexibility and high data rates in rotating systems.


Benefiting from the expanded beam technology and the precision optical alignment, the Rotary Joint system allows for high rotation speed and an extremely long service life of 500 million revolutions.


FIBERFOX offers considerable technical and market advantage across a vast array of applications including AV networking, lighting, touring sound and event production, video, broadcast, and in wider industrial and strategic sectors including government communications, security, transportation and energy.

ODU Connectors High-voltage connectors – treading the fine line between minimum installation space and maximum power transmission


As electronic devices continue to become ever smaller and lighter, product developers are required to shrink components whilst, at the same time, increasing their electrical output.

This requires a well-thought-out design and expertise in combining the smallest possible installation space with maximum power transmission – without compromising user safety.


For their MEDI-SNAP® plastic connector range,

ODU have developed a new contact insert suitable for high voltages up to 1,000 volts AC and 16 amps – all this in a connector with a diameter of 20mm or less.


In addition, the contact pin layout ensures that hot-plugging can generally be prevented in advance.  Lagging signal contacts detect the completely mated state and enable a compatible electronic system to do likewise. The transmission of current and voltage is interrupted immediately if any attempt is made to plug or unplug the connector while it is under power.


These high-voltage connectors are designed in accordance with DIN EN IEC 60664-1, covering the functional insulation of components and in compliance with IEC 60601-1 for medical technology, where

for 230V AC devices, the highest level of 2 MOPP (Two Means of Patient Protection) is achieved.

This connector is used, for example, in ablation catheters, where compliance with IEC 60601-1 must be ensured on the one hand, but higher currents may also flow for a few seconds.

Other high-voltage applications

In automotive battery testing, where higher voltages are applied and pollution degree 3 was also specified to meet the harsh requirements in workshops.

Reversed gender variants were developed for LED video walls to ensure that the individual screens are supplied with power, for example at concerts.

Other high-voltage connectors

The ODU-MAC® rectangular connector offers modules up to 9.5kV in pollution degree 2

These can be combined with other modules in a hybrid connector solution – connectors without switching capacity (COC) with partial discharge voltages tested in-house.

High-voltage assemblies

ODU also offers customised connectors and assemblies with matching high-voltage cables, ensuring that OEMs don’t need to worry about additional integration, saving them time, effort and, of course, money.

Everything from a single source, always matched to minimum installation space, maximum power transmission and maximum safety.


ODU-UK Ltd            tel: 0330 002 0640         email: