ODU launch Robust, fast and scalable solution for mobile command posts


Today’s global security challenges are subject to fundamentally new frameworks.

The emergence of new risks and threats, continue to affect the geo-political security situation. Applications with integrated C4ISTAR systems, such as the aircraft, satellites, ships, and ground vehicles, gather immense quantities of information.

The synchronization, consolidation, and distribution of the collected data usually takes place in specially equipped vehicles, or rapidly-relocatable container systems. These create infrastructure for emergency services within a very short time, even in remote regions. Mobile command posts or FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) require reliable data, signal, and power connections.

The ODU AMC® Series T  – is specifically designed for users and manufacturers of military vehicles and subsystems – easy to use, extremely robust, and scalable.

The Expanded Beam Performance version of the ODU AMC® Series T is an advanced fibre-optic connector system that ensures high-end transmission characteristics over a large number of mating cycles, remaining unchanged even when subjected to mechanical stress and harsh environmental conditions.          This connector combines the advantages of conventional expanded beam, such as insensitivity to dirt, scratching and vibration, with the low insertion loss of a physical contact (<0.3 dB for multi-mode glass-fibre).                                                                                           Compared to conventional expanded beam technologies, it allows three to four times the density of fibres to be integrated into the same connector shell size. Accordingly, the number of interfaces and overall footprint can be reduced, while at the same time, enabling the secure transmission of high data-volumes to be increased by a factor of four.

The ODU AMC® Series T also offers an innovative 3-in-1 locking mechanism.       The appropriate locking variant (break-away, push-pull or thread-lock) is selected for the plug at each connection point, but the bulkhead receptacles remain the same across all the equipment, thus providing total flexibility, according to the needs of each user. The reliability and flexibility of these connector systems, with separately sealed electrical and mechanical components. – combined with their weight savings, robustness and ease of handling – can be critical survival factors