Neutrik UK appointments David Morbey to new product marketing role


Ryde, Isle of Wight, 19 February 2021. Neutrik UK has announced the appointment of David Morbey to the newly created position of Product Marketing Manager; creating a full marketing role at management level for the first time within the company.

Morbey brings more than 22 years experience of pro-audio product marketing, across a wide range of sectors and applications to the new position.. He comes to Neutrik having held UK, European and international marketing and product management roles with leading industry brands, including Allen & Heath, Denon Pro, Marantz Pro, Rane Contractor and Martin Audio, and across DJ, live sound, commercial AV, Custom Install and broadcast installation applications.

Managing Director Mark Perrins states, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to appoint David to this key strategic role within Neutrik UK and I am personally delighted to be working with him once again,” Perrins previously worked with Morbey for a number of years during his tenure as General Manager at D&M Professional.

“I am truly excited to be joining a talented team at Neutrik UK,” says Morbey. “Neutrik has a long history as a market leader and innovator in the field of connectivity, and I am looking forward to helping shape brand strategy and sales growth in new and non traditional market sectors for the company’s expanding range of connectivity solutions.”

ITSA member summary 2020


As we all know 2020 was one of the most challenging years many of us can remember and this is reflected in the results of our membership.

Year on year comparisons are not necessarily reflective as the market was affected globally by a pandemic that had totally unexpected impact on every aspect of our members businesses.

In the background of all of this we also had BREXIT which had added to the uncertainty and there appeared to be a degree of “contingency stocking” taking place across many industries to protect against a no deal, in the end an 11th hour deal was reached so we all moved back from the cliff face but the true impact is still unknown. ITSA membership will be producing a report on the BREXIT deal and how it has impacted their businesses shortly.

Overall in 2020 our membership saw a UK revenue decline of around 10% but orders were down 14%, interestingly the Export data reported was very similar to this. Members revenues for 2020 had dropped back to 2017 levels.

Despite the reduction in sales for 2020 the feedback in the industry is that profitability was maintained or only minimally impacted due to short term cost savings in travel, exhibitions etc.

For obvious reasons certain market sectors saw huge negative impact, consumer was down 88% but this sector only represents a fraction of our members sales, broadcast was down 45% which is no surprise and the likelihood of this returning any time soon is virtually zero.

Distribution was also badly affected to the extent of a 15% reduction and this had a particularly noticeable impact on member sales.

There were some positives in the market with communications up 29%, probably due to investments to ensure increased demand for broadband width for home working could be supported and medical which was up 86% for obvious reasons. I would expect medical to feature heavily for the foreseeable future.

Value Add, which is a significant portion of members revenues, declined by 19% in 2020 with Fibre Optic down by 41% and Hybrid by 78%. Some of the Hybrid reduction can be attributed to members moving manufacturing elsewhere within their corporation.

For 2021 our members are looking at a possible small negative or flat first half and then potentially a stronger second half and he Government are expected to announce more infrastructure projects and incentives in the  March budget to help economy to recover. Most members are projecting that they will return to 2019 levels by the end of 2022, however, some analysts are predicting a 4 year recovery.

According to the latest data on  UK GDP the economy shrunk by 9.9% in 2020 and our members performance reflected this fairly closely. The ONS forecasts a 5.4% growth in GDP in 2021 which we feel is ambitious. Unemployment has risen to 5.9% and PSNB to £381 billion!!

For 2021 the ONS are forecasting unemployment to continue to rise to 6.7% but PSNB reducing to £202 billion. The huge debt the UK has built up due to the pandemic has to be recovered some how even though the government are talking about high net borrowing for the next decade!!

All things considered it goes without saying that there is a long road ahead for us to come out of this pandemic and for us to see markets recover.

HIS Markit/CIPS report

According to the final Markit/CIPS report of 2020 the UK manufacturing sector had a mixed end to 2020. Orders were positive mainly due to demand being brought forward to beat the BREXIT deadline and some recovery in global markets. There has been some notable impact on port delays and other logistical disruptions resulting in lengthening lead times.

The PMI index rose to 57.5 in December which was a 3 year high, however, this is mainly due to longer lead times and a substantial increase in stocks.

Manufacturing output rose for the seventh consecutive month but job cuts continued to increase for the eleventh consecutive month.

As with our membership there was a surge in orders at the end of last year but this mainly reflected customers bringing forward orders to guard against potential disruption due to the end of the BREXIT transition period.

It was reported that manufacturers experience substantial disruption to supply chains in December. Raw material shortages, port delays, freight capacity issues (air, sea and land) and BREXIT concerns all created the perfect storm.

Input costs rose at the quickest rate in two and half years reflecting shortages, vendor price rises, increased transportation costs, BREXIT uncertainty and exchange rate factors all leading to manufacturers increasing their prices.


We have just exited a year like no other, however, looking at our members data it seems we may have weathered the initial storm reasonably well. Whilst we have hope on the horizon with the vaccine roll out we are still looking at 2021 being a flat or minimal growth year for the UK interconnect market. A very positive aspect is that members parent companies continue to  plan investments, developments etc and it is really heartening that they seem to be taking this difficult period to look to the future and plan ahead.

We reamin confident that our members and their parent companies will come through this strongly and maybe with a different type of focus on “business” in the future.

As an association we have also weathered the storm, we continued to produce PR articles that have been very well received by the press and has given our association a definite profile lift, we continue to support the umbrella project for RoSH exemptions into the EU, a number of which directly affect connector manufacturers and are currently in the consultation period.

We gained another associate member in the form of ASTEC precision during 2020.

I think we should be pleased with how the association has continued to be promoted and the fact that we remain with a very solid footing for 2021 and beyond.

Telegärtner UK certified to AS9120


In order to assure that Telegärtner is in a strong position to support customers in the Aerospace and Defence industries, Telegärtner UK has undergone a thorough audit process and been accredited to AS9120. This combined with Telegärtner Slovakia’s AS9100D certification will enable Telegärtner to offer a wide range of interconnect components and cable assemblies to Telegärtner Group customers in the Aerospace and Defence industries worldwide. Additionally, Telegärtner UK has become a fully registered supplier on the JOSCAR supplier accreditation register, which is a collaborative tool used by the Aerospace, Defense and Security industry for pre-qualification and compliance information.


“Telegärtner UK gaining AS9120 certification demonstrates our commitment to offering existing and potential customers a high level of confidence in our supply chain systems. A globally recognised standard providing access to the Aerospace and Defence sector provides Telegärtner UK with wider scope to offer broader solutions whilst mitigating risk to the customer. Fitting perfectly with Telegärtner Slovakia’s AS9100 certification this enables us to offer a comprehensive Telegärtner Group formula within this market.”, stated David Norrington, Deputy Managing Director of Telegartner UK.


“As a result of real team effort from everyone within the company, it is great to be able to announce that Telegärtner UK has achieved AS9120 certification, which hopefully reflects on what will be a positive 2021. Alongside being certified for AS9120 Telegärtner UK also completed ISO9001 recertification and as a company and department it is great to start the new year this way.“, said Alex Mills, Telegärtner UK Quality Engineer.


Alongside the supply of interconnect components for Aerospace and Defence requirements, Telegärtner can offer a wide range of cable assemblies manufactured according to AS9100D requirements. Assembly capabilities cover coax, multiwire, data and panel assemblies, wiring looms and overmoulded assemblies, each manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. In order to serve also non-Aerospace and Defence customers, Telegärtner Slovakia will also be running their ISO 9001 Quality Management system alongside AS9100, which will allow Telegärtner Group to continue offering the competitive rates for customers in all industry sectors while also being able to offer manufacturing that meets AS9100D standards. With rapid prototype and pre-production service paired with highly skilled production staff who work to IPC620C standard, Telegärtner Slovakia is able to offer high quality solutions and assist customers with all cable requirements.


“Swissmetal Industries is back on track”.


SWISSMETAL INDUSTRIES SA Since avoiding receivership during the summer of 2019, André Rezzonico and his management team have managed to get this flagship enterprise back up and running. Despite the impact of COVID-19, Swissmetal Industries, a specialist in copper alloys has regained market share and continues to pursue its quality strategy focused on customer service.

When André Rezzonico and his business partner Pierre Steiger took over the assets (excluding real estate) and activities of the Baoshida Swissmetal Ltd on 1 August 2019, they knew they were embarking on a complicated adventure. It wasn’t easy to regain the trust of customers, but he also knew that despite everything, the quality of the products remained intact and that the customer base counted some leading companies. “As CEO of Lemco Precision SA, I was well-placed to know this, since my company is one of Swissmetal’s major customers”, he emphasizes.

A year and a half after he secured the rescue of the company – renamed Swissmetal Industries Ltd – of which he is Chairman of the Board of Directors, André Rezzonico has no regrets: “My goal of restoring the company’s image remains intact. I am an industrialist at heart, and I love a challenge, but it takes time and, indeed, André has faced many challenges over the past 18 months. Firstly, in the autumn of 2019, with a drop in orders for connector technology. Although a sector marked by cyclical variations, this decline was not expected… “Such a situation is never pleasant when you’re still recovering, but in the end, we managed to hold out”. Aviation business in the doldrums in keeping with the economy, Swissmetal has suffered the consequences of the coronavirus. Not surprisingly, firms in the aviation switch gear industry suffered the most during the year. André Rezzonico expects an improvement in 2021, but it will probably take until 2022 or 2023 for things to return to normal in this sector. André remains upbeat: “You can always find something good in every situation: you have to stay open and listen to the customers, look for solutions, diversify your activities, and become more versatile. You mustn’t be defeatist… on the contrary, you have to go for it!”. In order to get the company back on track.

André restructured Management by appointing a two pronged team consisting of Angelo Di Silvio as Head of Production, and Thomas Chicoine as Head of Sales. “It’s essential for these two areas to work as a team You mustn’t be defeatist… on the contrary, you have to go for it!” ANDRÉ REZZONICO to implement our purchasing, production, and sales strategy. Even though we have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, this strategy, together with our action plan to improve the productivity of our machines and streamline our processes, has helped us to stay on course and even regain market share in 2020 in Switzerland”, for 2021, he expects growth, with developments in France and the United States, in particular: “This year, we are aiming for sales of 40 million €euro”. To regain the aura that Swissmetal once enjoyed, the Chairman of the Board of Directors is banking on a premium positioning in a niche market with high value-added alloys. And to prevail, it is not only necessary to strive for excellence, a successful industrial and commercial strategy is also required. which is indeed the case: “Swissmetal offers a triple-A product range for a base of triple A customers”. Despite the difficulties encountered, André Rezzonico is convinced that Swissmetal is on the right track and predicts sales of 100 million €uro within five years or so.

Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO Mic Preamp Control Added To Yamaha CL/QL Series


Ryde, Isle of Wight, 2 February 2021. Neutrik, the leading supplier of robust and reliable

professional connectivity solutions for audio, video, and data, is pleased to announce that with the recent version 5.6 firmware update for its CL/QL digital mixing console series, Yamaha has added preamp remote control options for Neutrik’s new NA2-IO-DPRO DANTE™ audio network device.


“There’s no doubt that the future within the Pro AV market is based on interoperability between different devices within an application. We have found the perfect partner with Yamaha to enable this feature for better ease of use and enhanced customer experience,” says Florian Frick, Product Manager for Neutrik.





With the CL/QL firmware update Yamaha added this specific support for Neutrik’s small but powerful I/O solution, adding more flexibility in a network setup for Line, MIC and AES signals.


“Yamaha is delighted to have been able to integrate control of the NA2-IO-DPRO into the CL/QL series with the release of our V5.6 firmware,“ says Motome Tanaka, Yamaha Manager, Marketing and Sales Group. “This collaboration further extends the options for CL/QL systems. In combination with the R series, customers can make their systems even more flexible.“


Using the DPRO on a truss for example is a convenient way to establish ambient miking with short cable runs; remote controlling it via Yamaha CL/QL consoles is a real improvement for a Pro AV work environment.